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  • Why do Japanese serve small portions?

    Ok i know Japan is archipelago thats why meat in Japan is expensive.... but why oh why do you get small portion of food? The only satisfing food in japan is Ramen .... but eating ramen on a summer is not really good... I went to this Yakuniku place and i could not belive how small the portions are... there were 3 of us and the food just disapered quickly ... good thing it was eat all you can (tabehodai)

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  • Is it really hard to study Japanese outside Japan?

    Well just got back from Japan a few days ago ... and i love it there .. its like i dont want to come back to london anymore ....

    Ok ... Im planning to study Japanese in London ..... there offering a night class near Marble Arch..... do you think it is advisable??? Should I just buy those CD learning tools? or should i just wait for my Cuz to come back from Japan this Oct. and have a 1 on 1 study???

    I really like to learn Japanese ... it was qute difficult to interact with others ... i tought that people in tokyo are able to understand english ... but now i've proeven that it is verry rare to se Japanese who can understand english (or willing to talk to gaijin) ... but that wont stop me!!!!! i'll be back next Aug!!!! i really enjoyed the festival there ...

    Thanks to all who help me dis last few months eps Cryn and Tokyo Mommy

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  • How can i got to Yokohama from Tokyo?

    how can i get to yokohama from tokyo... how far is it? and how many hrs will it take by train?

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  • Why Japan? Why are we interested about it?

    Why Japan? why are we interested about it so much (I mean we gaijin's). That question poped in to my head after reading CYN question:;_ylt=AiZj0...

    After reading CYN's question I started to think, Yeah why Japan? Why im i so into Japanese Culture, Jpop, and Anime. Then I realize the roots of this intrest - When I was a young I alywas watch this show called 'Japan Video Topics'. It was a show about Japan made to attract tourist. Then there was this Anime boom when I was in Philippines that made me learn more about Japanese Culture. To be honest as well i'll include Japanses girls and Japanese fassion (especially Cosplay!).

    So how about you?

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  • What would Japanese girls think if I like Otsuka Ai?

    Well thsi kinda awkward but I like Otsuka Ai, I mean her songs. What do you think if a Japanese girl ask me what kind of music i am in to then i'll answer Otsuka Ai, Orange Range, L'arch en ceil, and ketsumeishi.

    I was planning to impress some Japanese to take them to the karaoke and sing some Jpop. (note: i don't plan to sing any of Otsuka Ai's songs)

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  • be there wireless connection problem?

    So I got a 'Be there' subscription for 8Mb but why is it verry slow on my loptop and it said that my 'IPV6 Connectivity: Limited' and my speed is only 54mbps.

    How can I relov this problem to make my internet a lot faster? i should be really getting 8mb. but how?

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  • Is it worth it to Get a JR pass?

    Im going to japan in aug. and planning to get a JR pass. but my friend said that its not worth it if i only go to 3 places...... I was only planiing to go to kyoto, sendai, and hiroshima.

    Can I use the JR pass in Bullet trains(shinkansen)?

    Can I also use this in busses and traind in tokyo?

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  • Bon Odori festival Where and When???

    I heard that the 'Bon Odori festival' is held on Aug 13-15 but thats in Kanto region.

    I want to know if there are any 'Bon Odori festival' in tokyo and when... ill be in tokyo from aug - 3 to aug 16.

    i like to go to osaka on aug 15 but im afriad i might miss my early flight on aug 16

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  • When is the summer festival in Tokyo? And what is it called?

    This is the festival where you can go to like a temple where most of the people are wearing yukata. I've read a lot of this in manga and i heard that it in the first week of august.

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  • When is the hanabi or yukata festival in japan?

    When is the hanabi or yukata festival in japan? Coz im planning to go to tokyo this August. I want to know where in tokyo and when (exact date please).

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