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Stacey and Corey

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We are Stacey and Corey. We live in Saint Louis, MO and are 20 years old. We have a lot of experience in a lot of different subjects and enjoy offering our best advice. Corey excels in psychology, the environment, music, politics and other subjects. Stacey excels in animals, music, anatomy, relationships and other subjects. We are owned by one diva cat, seven wonderful gerbils and a shy mouse. We would love to meet new people and answer any questions that we can!

  • Is there any way to fix a sticky middle button on my Ipod?

    I don't want to hear "you have to send it in"or any of that crap, I wouldn't have asked if that is the answer I wanted. I want to know if there is some way that I can fix it myself? It seems like some dirt or something got in there. Any ideas?

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  • Is sound dampened in colder temperatures?

    I sleep in an unfinished basement and i have noticed since it is colder out now, my bed springs don't make as much noise. Is that due to the temperature of the metal or does it have to do with sound dampening cold air? I didn't do too good in science and I'm now making it up with real life experiences. Thanks for the help!

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  • Surge protectors and "ghost energy"?

    If one has a few things plugged into a surge protector and you turn off that surge protector does that stop the use/waste of "ghost energy"?

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  • Is there any way to transfer your songs from an old iPod to a new one?

    I just wanted to know if there was any way that I could buy a new iPod and then put all of my music from my old one on it. I no longer have 90% of it on my computer so there is no easy way. I guess what I really need to know is if there is a way that I can get my music off of my iPod and back onto my computer. Thanks for any info!

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  • Are there any good forums?

    Are there any good forums for pet lovers?

    I belong to eGerbil forum for gerbils already and I love it.

    I would like a forum that has all pets....I have 1 cat, 10 gerbils and 1 mouse!

    I have already tried petshub and petpeoplesforum

    and stuff like that.

    I want one that people go on every day and respond.

    Thanks :)

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  • Question about FIV positive cats?


    I have a question about an FIV positive cat. I know that FIV is only transmittable through saliva (one cat biting another) can a FIV positive cat go outside for a walk on a leash?

    My cat may be positive for FIV. She was always an outdoor cat and has been indoor/outdoor for the past year and she was at the vet and was tested 3 times for FIV...two of them were negative, one was positive. They are going to retest her in 3 months.

    I will keep her inside if I must but she is a wild outdoor cat at heart and loves to be out during the day and she is always contained in our yard. She can't leave the yard. I will not let her outside by herself anymore though, just in case another cat comes around. It has been very hard keeping her happy and keeping her inside the house at the same time...she terrorizes us with yowls and scratches and she hurts herself.

    She is leash trained and enjoys walks. Is this still okay?

    I asked the vet and she said it should be alright but to maybe get a second opinion too.

    P.S. - Do not tell me that "indoor cats live longer"...I know they do, but she isn't an "outside" cat. She goes out with ME and she used to go out in the back yard but she was contained. Also, do not tell me to euthanize my cat. If you don't know what FIV is, then don't answer this question :)

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  • is anyone else having problems with the new version of Itunes?

    I recently downloaded the latest version of Itunes because it more or less forces you to and it absolutely does not work for me. I found out that I can download an older version but you have to uninstall the new one. i am worried about losing my music that i have not burned onto C.D's. Will I lose any of it or is there something else i can do?


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  • Best camera for the price?

    I am looking for a camera anywhere from $200 under.

    Here is what I am looking for...

    - high quality, crisp pictures

    - great non-flash photos

    - great motion photos

    I have already tried a Sony Cybershot and it didn't do the job. Have tried a Samsung. Everyone is recommending the Nikon L18 but from personal experience, it didn't do the job either!

    Are there any Canons that are definitely worth the buy? All of the Canons to try at the store say "No memory card" so I can take a picture but I can't look at it. Bummer.

    I enjoy taking nature MACRO is definitely a plus. I also take photos of my six gerbils and they move non stop so something with a good motion sensor would be great.


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  • I have a cat who eats far too much?

    I have a female, spayed cat who is indoor/outdoor (outdoor on a leash) who is 3 years old.

    Back in the beginning of September, she weighed 12lbs. She is a big cat so that was an alright weight for her.

    Now, she is up to 15lbs.

    I had followed the vet's orders and given her 1/2 cup of dry food per day but now she has outgrown that amount and will do anything to eat more. She terrorizes my gerbils, will run around the house at the early hours of the morning and will also jump on stuff and knock over things to get food.

    She gets about a cup a day but evened out through the day so she doesn't eat it all at once. This is not enough for her anymore.

    She is due to go to the vet in a couple weeks for a re-weigh for her flea treatment so I am going to ask the vet then.

    She is on a very special diet -- she has feline IBD and also has IBS and sensitive stomach. She cannot have chicken. She eats a turkey diet because she will not eat lamb, deer or rabbit.

    The vet said that eventually, she could have an overactive thyroid or something. Could this be why she is eating more and gaining more weight?


    NOTE: - She is also on a holistic diet, not that Science Diet crap or Friskies.

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  • whereare there good places to look for arrowheads near the St. Louis area?

    i want to go looking for arrowheads and other things like that somewhere kinda close to the St. Louis area (preferably not four hours away).

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  • Can you help me evaluate this speed test?

    I took a speed test from and these were my results.

    I used the closest recommended server, Owensboro, KY and that is around 200 miles away from me.


    Ping: 257 ms (seems way high)

    Download: 1279 kb/s (that is fine, is usually around this)

    Upload: 132 kb/s (seems a little low)

    Is there anything I can do to fix this? How does it look?

    Thank you.

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  • I need some help with Yahoo Messenger/Mail?

    Every time I try and open Yahoo Mail, it comes up with the Set Associations error message. I have gone into the Set Associations (in Vista) and everything is how it is supposed to be.

    Is there any other way I can fix this? This didn't happen when I used Firefox but now that I am using IE again, it is happening. Please do not suggest me use Firefox, I can't anymore.


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  • I need somebody who is excellent with computers and network (dns and winsock) to help me.

    Alright. I have tried everything in the book! I have downloaded a DNS helper, have reset my TCP/IP settings and winsock settings, have cleared my cache for every browser I have used. I have reset my router and modem and changed the IP addresses on both of them. I have renewed the IP address on my computer and the other computer AND I have flushed the dns in the command prompt like I was advised to do.

    I have told my ISP about this and there is nothing they can do. They say that it is a computer's problem, not the service's problem. The signal strength is good and the connection on both ends is fast and excellent they said.

    So, I have Vista Home Premium. I have used IE, Firefox and now I am using Safari.

    It always comes up with either "Cannot display page" or "Cannot find the host server" ....and when I highlight the link and hit enter again, it automatically goes to it.

    Please, help me out on this. It doesn't really do it much on the desktop but it has done this on my laptop all the time.

    I have Avast! Antivirus and Spybot Search and Destroy spyware and adware remover and I have removed everything that they said was bad.

    Any other ideas? I am losing patience with this. It isn't so much that it happens almost every time, but it interferes with my work at home!

    Thank you.

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  • Some fun thing for my mouse?

    I have a mouse who is about six months old and quite the porker.

    He has never been really friendly so he doesn't get out of his cage much to exercise. I had a wheel in his cage but he never used it and used it as his potty place.

    I had a running ball for him but he just sat in it and didn't move very much.

    Getting him a friend his not an option, plus, he is already accustomed to living on his own.

    What are some fun things I can make or do for my mouse? He always looks frightened and bored.


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  • Internet will not connect on PC

    I have both a laptop running Vista and a desktop running XP and they used to both work just fine.

    I configure something with the firewall, ip setting, or whatever I do and it works on the PC but everytime I restart the computer, it comes back as not able to connect. Sometimes it says limited to no connectivity.

    I get a perfect signal on my laptop. This is a wireless router but my PC is not being connected wirelessly. It is plugged in to the computer.

    I have done the router and modem turn off and wait thing, and to no avail.

    Sounds like something keeps getting reset every time I restart the computer!

    All firewalls are off...

    Any ideas?

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  • Windows Vista Home Premium Question

    How come you cannot do a full system recovery on Vista Home Premium? It says you can only do it on Professional. There has to be a way that you can do this to make it like it was when you bought it.

    I am not talking about System Restore. That just restores your computer to an earlier date...does not take away files and completely wipe everything.

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  • What does this mean?

    I have asked a couple of questions over the past two days or so but I still can't figure this out. I tried downloading the Acrylic DNS proxy program for the computer but it is only compatible with Windows 2000/XP and I have Vista.

    My internet is going quite slow at times, with download speeds at a slug's speed...

    Sometimes when I click on my homepage and any other page, this is what comes up. I am going to type exactly what it says. I have checked all of these problems and the only problem it may be is a DNS problem. I need a free program that is compatible with Vista if that's the case. Anyway, this is what it says:

    "Address not found"

    -"Firefox can't find the server at"

    "The browser could not find the host server for the provided address.

    -Did you make a mistake when typing the domain?

    -Are you certain this domain address exists? Its registration may have expired.

    -Are you unable to browse other sites? Check your network connection and DNS server settings.

    -Is your computer or network protected by a firewall or proxy? Incorrect settings can interfere with web browsing"

    It isn't just firefox, either. IE will say "Cannot display page"

    When I hit "Try Again" it usually goes to the site.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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  • Does this happen to you?

    I have recently downloaded Firefox 3 after having problems with my internet. Suddenly things are all better now so I re-installed Firefox.

    Sometimes when I click on a web page (my bookmarks) or type an address into the address bar, it comes up with Firefox cannot open this page and gives me a list of reasons like,

    -did you type in ww instead of www?

    -are you connected to the internet?

    stuff like that but none of it is the problem. I click "Try Again" and it goes to the website immediately.

    I have uninstalled and reinstalled this and it has not made a difference. Firefox is a great browser but I cannot deal with that all the time!

    Let me know any ideas on what to do.


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  • Help with my internet?

    I have been having problems with the internet for a few days now. It has been really slow and the download times are horrendous! This is an actual connection problem I believe. It is not my browser. I am not sure what contacting my ISP (AT&T DSL) would do...would they be able to make it faster for me?

    A normal file that takes about 55 seconds to download on my computer has been taking about 25 minutes. It says that it is going anywhere from 10 to 15 Kb/s.

    Also, when I go to a website with a load of pictures, it takes ages for them to completely show up and sometimes they never do.

    Anyway, this is what the statistics say for my connection:

    IPv4 Connectivity: Internet

    IPv6 Connectivity: Limited (what's that mean?)

    Speed: 54.0 Mbps

    Signal Quality: Good (I am on wireless and we have a router with the desktop computer).

    My router has always been fine before and worked properly so I am not sure if that is the problem or not.

    Any help would be great. Thank you!

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  • Could somebody help me with Yahoo Messenger?

    I have a problem with Yahoo Messenger. Whenever I go to click on the mail icon or click on any link that directs it to the internet, it comes up with an error and a bunch of jumble and says like "login. reset cookie token" and stuff like that.

    Could anyone tell me how I can fix this? Thank you. I have had this problem before and uninstalling and reinstalling do not help.

    Thank you!

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