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  • How to locate old Friend? Name Jillayne Krier from Omaha Nebraska.?

    Wonderful old girlfriend - of some 30 years ago. Beautiful woman - inside & out. Knockout blue-eyed blonde with hour glass figure, sharp mind, great wit, easy laugh, and fun to be around. Made people feel good just by being in her presence, positive attitude, up-beat out look on life. Always a smile on her face. Passionate, affectionate, caring, trusting, and considerate of others. Posessed a certain innocence, but was worldly in other ways too. Was perfectly at home sipping champagne at a black tie event, and just as comfortable sipping on a beer on a hayride in bandanna & bib-overalls. Her face could light up a room, and her smile could burn down a forest. The best feeling in the world was knowing that you made her happy, you might never posess her by any means you might try, but if she gave you her heart - she did so completely, in an amazing soft envelopement of tenderness and feminine sensuality that shrouds you like a comforting and mystical fog, and you are forevermore

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