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For some of people are mean to me, by saying "my English sucks" as they email me. I will never be a great writer, I know and will not be as ever,and I think I do allright with it. I did not ask to be a deaf person to give me the some delay on my English grammer. God gave me something else.. Like you are, I am aware of what is happening in this world, no difference between you and me. I don't need to attack anyone on the way they write, what do I need that to gain out of what? what for? It doesn't matter if who goes to the best school or not. Most of all, I am proud of who I am, and what I am made of, and a proud mom of my hearing children who inherit the experience in the both of deaf and hearing worlds. Once again, I just want to come to site, learning about others,did not come on this to have anyone to attack me on the way I write. Only opinion or my feelings, that you can just disagree or agree with. Thank you for your time to read my answers or here.

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