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  • If I am not sick, can I use my paid sick days until COVID-19 is under control?

    The long and the short of it:  


    I have a county job, and I consider myself one of the lucky ones who gets a paycheck when everyone else is unsure if they will be able to keep paying their bills.  

    I live in a county that up until recently was lucky with Corona cases until about two weeks ago—then that luck ran out. Corona is now spreading fast where I live, and two people in my sub-department are home on quarantine for being exposed to someone with the virus, and that has me shook up, as while I am not elderly in the "danger zone" age, I am well past the so called safe age.

    There was a lot of talk last week among the higher-ups in the department about sending everyone home (government job, so they would have to pay us), but that idea died on Friday. 

    I have over fifteen weeks of sick days compiled and seven weeks of vacation time, and while I am not keen on burning through all the paid leave hours that I spent years to accumulate, the little voice inside my head keeps telling me "better safe than sorry". But, CAN I even use sick days just for "I feel unsafe" if I am well? And, if I can't use my sick days like that, I probably shouldn't ask about it at work. There is also zero guarantee that this mess will be over and done with in twenty-two weeks, or maybe I will get lucky and the department will send us all home next week or the week after. 


    So, can I use my paid sick days for Corona if I am not sick, and if so: should I?  




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  • Where do I need to get a business license?

    I am starting a simple business of selling baked goods, but I live in one city, and plan to sell my goods in another city about 45 minutes away albeit in the same state. Does this create complications?

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  • What is a good 32-34 inch gaming monitor?

    I am looking for a 32-34 inch gaming monitor in the $400 range, and because of the dimensions of my desk the monitor cannot be taller than 20.75 inches with the stand. Every time I think I found just the right monitor, I find something in the stats that gets me to change my mind.

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  • Why does my home A/C unit keep breaking the fuse immediately after I put a new one in?

    I woke up this morning to no air conditioning, and I found a blown fuse. No problem, quick run to the hardware store, and I put in a new fuse. Now the problem is IMMEDIATLY after I turn the breaker back on, the fuse is blown (it has done this with four fuses). There was a 3A in there and I replaced it with a 3A, but the fuses keep breaking. What could be causing this?

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  • How do I find a high performance desktop?

    I have fallen behind on the technology race and at this point I do not know what are the numbers to look for on desktops. Example: for processors, motherboards, ram...

    I was wondering what I need to look for on new PC's when looking for high performance?


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  • What is a good way to make extra money part time?

    Long and the short of it, I work M-F 8-4, and I need to increase my income by about $100 a week. But jobs are very scarce in my area, and you really have to drive to get to them. Is there a reasonable web or starter business I can do part time for some extra cash?

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