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well i'm pretty crazy and weird but people still seem to like me so i quess i'm not weird or crazy in a bad way. i love granny smith apples and i collect bouncy balls. i have 9 cats and 1 dog. and i am currently going to school at UTSA and life is fun and live life to the all i got to say.

  • what's wrong with this sentence? grammer help?

    So maybe i'm stupid or something but i'm supposed to find the grammatical errors in these sentences. but after looking at them i don't really see any errors. Help Please!!!

    1. The girls in these stories are not fantasy, at least not their emotions and behavior, they reflect true human reality.

    2.Yes, self image also goes back hundreds of years, young women wanted to be beautiful back then too.

    3.When it comes to a girls self-esteem, it can also play a big role in who they are as a person.

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  • how to i wash clothes?

    I know how to wash clothes but it seems like my clothes are shrinking. I was my clothes by color and all with cold water because i never hooked up the hot water. I put it on normal. then when its done i put it in the dryer with a dryer sheet and set it on the normal setting which 40 mins. why does my clothes keep shrinking what am i doing wrong???

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  • Not Sure what to do!!! Need opinions from moms and all!!?

    I'm going to be induced in about 2 weeks. I live in a apartment with my boyfriend who works fulltime. My Parents live about 40 miles away and have been a great help through out this whole pregnancy. When i originally got pregnant i had made up my mind that when the baby came i would go stay at my parents for a week or so. That why i wouldn't be alone when my boyfriend was at work. (i'm a first time mom so i'm sure i'll need help). Well now that the time is here my parents are asking me what my plans are and if i'm going to stay at their place and truth is i don't want to anymore. Not only do i have siblings that also live their (ages 10, 15, 23) but my dad works over nights my mom works evenings and my sister works different schedules. If i go i will be taking my sisters (15 year old) bedroom which she just got back because my grandma came to visit and was sleeping in it. I don't know how to tell them that i prefer to stay at my place with out them getting hurt or thinking that i don't want to go over there at all. But i feel if i go over there i won't have much bonding time because i'll let my mom take over. I know more people over there so i feel like i'll be bombarded with guests. I feel like i will intrude in their daily schedules, and if i go that means my boyfriend will stay at our place and miss those first days of fatherhood. (because he works and can't ask off and because gas is way to expensive for him to make the trip to go see me everyday. What should i do??? Any advice will help!!

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  • Does any One of a Spray for cats?

    That is supposed to keep them from getting onto furniture.. i had heard somewhere that there is an odorless spray that you spray on your furniture that keeps your pets away?? I've looked in the stores but havent' seen anything yet.

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  • Spay/Neutor didn't work lol!?

    I have this kitten name trevor he is crazy lets just say he's not your average sleep all day cat. Well i have a older cat which he always picks on because all he want to do is play he climbs on everything jumps at the drawstrings on my pants etc etc and at night he just gets very hyper and runs around the whole house like crazy. Well i'm have a baby in sept. and decided to neutor him (i heard it calms them down) well that same day i got him back he was trying to run around and play. which made me happy because i didn't want him to be sad. he is 6 months old and it seems like he got even more active and hyper is this normal or is he just your typical playful kitten?

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  • sex problems will take any advice?

    me and my boyfriend have been dating for about a month.before we got together we messed aroung a lot but know that were together we dnt really mess around and we've only ****** twice. every time were about to do it he gets nervous and just stops i ask him wats wrong and he just says he's nervous and that it's been awhile but i have a feeling it has to do with his relatively small there a way to show him that i dnt mind he's small what can i do to make it more comfortable and less akward wen were about to get it on??

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  • should i drop the charges?

    so i pressed charges on my exboyfriend cus it stole my phone he had it for like 2 weeks and then he finally gave it back but now i don't know wether to drop the charges cus yea he gave it back. but he used it made calls on it and bought all these ring tones. what should i do. should i drop the charges?

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  • brusing on my legs.?

    so i just started working and i'm on my feet for 7 hours straight by then end of the day my feet are killing me. recently i started noticing that i have a lot of brusises on my legs. does this have anything to do with me standing for so long and if so what can i do?

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  • Chick Question???

    okay so lately i've been having to deal with my roomates couple issues they both live in the house with me. but she doesn't like him anymore and has moved on but he is still crushing hard and cannot get over her. She gets mad when he gets all depressed when he sees her with her new guy. but he has also been talking to this girl who he finds attractive but doesn't like. she gets all jelous when he's around the pretty girl and starts to flirt with him and i'm think how is he supposed to get over you when your constantly throwing yourself on him. Now i know exactly what the promblem is cause i've done it a lot of times. i know she is completly over him but when she sees him with other girl she can't seem to help that she is no longer the center of attention. so why is it that us girls turn the guys down but once they find new crushes we want them back and to crush on us again?

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  • Filling out Applications questions.?

    okay so i have a question the 2 jobs i've had were a while back and i know that at both places the managers have changed. my question is that when asked how the manager was do i put the one that i had when i was there or do i find out the new one and put the new managers name. any answers will help thank you.

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  • Class A misdamenor?

    okay so i got a class a misdeamenor the other day for possesion of dangerous drugs. does anyone know what the worst case senario is or like what can happen? any answers will help thanks. also when i got arrested i was high so am i gonna get in trouble for that too,

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  • i just saw the worst thing ever.?

    it was a you tube video with all these pretty animals and then slowly the show people doing awful absoultly horrible things to animals. how can people do this. it's just so sad. i have 9 cats 1 dog and other animals and it just hurts me to think that someone can do that. what is the pleasure of doing this. i hope all the people that hurt animals die a terrible death.

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  • My cat is weird?

    is it weird for my cat to like fruits and vegtables.

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  • Do you say>???

    do you tell people happy holiday or have a merry christmas. i say merry christmas. but i heard that your supposed to say happy holidays cause saying merry christmas may be offensive.

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  • another piercing question?

    so i had my second hole done when i was like in middle school then i lost the earrings so they closed up. i got the redone about 4 yrs. later. and on one of them i have this bubble in the back i heard that you can't get the same place repierced for a long long time or you risk getting a big nasty skin bubble on the back of your ear. is this true?

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  • piercing quesition?

    so i heard that if the piercing is in at a angle it can cause problems. my secon hole on my earlobes is at a angle and it has always bother me cause it swells sometimes but it always goes away the next day. is it cause it's at a angle or does that have nothing to do with it.

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  • worried. cartilaged piercing.?

    so i got my cartilage pierced yesterday and i was so happy i got it at claire's and it was with a gun. but know that i have investicated i heard a lot of people say that a gun is bad that a needle is better what is the difference. should i worry.

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  • the ten commandments?

    so i went to the mall today and this guy told me that they were giving 10 dollars to whoever can recit the ten commandment i only new 6 and the sad thing is i have been going to church my whole life and my dad is a precher. so the question is without looking it up do you know the 10 commandments?

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  • What is?????

    does anyone know Hitlers last name?

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  • free 10 points?

    for who ever guess what state i'm in first. i'm feeling very genrous.

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