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  • ACI Certification- Concrete Field Testing Technician Grade 1?

    Was wondering If anyone has any experience taking or preparing themselves for taking this test. If it is pretty simple to take or is it difficult to pass.Thinking about taking this test. Just got done looking over the Work Book, seems hard to do, but would like to get some feed back on others who have taken this test before. Thanks. Any help would be nice.

    1 AnswerStandards & Testing10 years ago
  • anyone know any good websites that sell ammunition for a fair price ?

    anyone know any good reliable web sites that sell ammunition in bulk for a good price ?

    7 AnswersHunting1 decade ago
  • Question about Sig P229 .40 caliber shell casing not ejecting after firing.?

    I just recently purchased a Sig P229 .40 caliber handgun and have fired just about a little over 500 rounds through it and was wondering the reason why sometimes the shell casing doesn't eject? it roughly does it when about 150 rounds or so goes through it. It has happened to me about 4 times, on different occasion's.But not constantly. It's a brand new firearm. I recently purchased it on Dec. 12,2009. I don't use reloads and I use new ammunition only. Can somebody help me out with this, Or point me to the right direction. Thanks

    5 AnswersHunting1 decade ago
  • how to switch back to the old yahoo page ?

    how do i switch back to the old yahoo page and keep it there without it changing everytime i sign on. i dont like the new page. i perfer the old page instead.But everytime i signon it keeps on changing back to the new one.

    1 AnswerOther - Yahoo Products1 decade ago