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  • "Dont bother defending yourself your a** is grass christian"?

    This was part of a IM i had received after i answered a question with the best of my knowledge regarding what someone thought was a contradiction(which many things can be seen that way) I understand people feel passionate about their beliefs but when you take that passion across a line which i believe this did then you gain nothing and no one learns anything. Judging one by another's actions is plan wrong no matter what faith/religion or lack of you believe in. You can teach and learn more by showing respect to what one believes (even if you don't agree) then you can by being flat out rude, inconsiderate, close-mined, and judgmental. I may not agree with what people believe but i do try my best to listen and respect their beliefs.

    To the one who wrote this i am sorry you feel so harshly against someone you don't even know. I ask you forgive me for whatever wrong doing i did unknowingly against you. I am sorry.

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  • Where would one look for her?

    A woman, nice, honest, faithful, loving, caring, loves children, works, mature, good personality and for the most part has her head together without a million pounds of baggage and mental problems. Also willing to enter a long to permanent relationship. Since i put all that detail in i might as well put some looks though not overly important. Brunette, long hair, big boned to a little extra weight who don't need to wear make-up..age 25-32.

    If i do decide to date i am pretty clueless as to how to go about it. I am not sure i will even bother doing such but since i am up late watching my children sleep since i don't get to see them enough, i thought to ask.

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  • Why do woman always want to be around their man?

    Seems to me that woman always want huge amounts of "quality" time, or attention from their man. Don't any out there think that time apart is good for the relationship as much as time together. Me and my wife have seem to run out of things to talk about. My grandparents didn't spend every waking minute together. It was still obvous after all those years they were still very much in love. Too many people find a connection now adays to people they talk to online. Mostly seems to be about the attention they get from the other end. Well of corse you get attention the person on the other end don't have a life.

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  • Can you read your spouses mind?

    My wife and i have tested this and i can if she thinks hard enough on something i know what she is thining. She will try and even confuse me by thinging different things realy fast. When we where fisrt together we tried it with a set of toy keys the ones where they are different colors. She would pick one and concentrate on the color and i would tell her which one she picked.

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  • After i met my wife i never really looked at other woman.?

    My wife thinks it is strange i don't look. I have never really felt the need to or cared to. She was my fist and only relationship. Should i be worried i don't look or that i never really have?

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  • Anyone else missing their avatar's body?

    I think it was about a month after the avatars fist came out that my avatar's body vanished and never came back. I tried to get it to come back ages ago i think by going to just the head then back to showing the body but it didn't work. I have gorwn used to it now and well hope it never comes back.

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