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  • U-Shaped Vests. Where to get them?

    I was in hawaii snorkeling and I saw some people with a white U-Shape water noodle that clipped in the back. I want to know where I can get them and what is the product's name? Thanks

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  • I have baby hummingbirds in my open garage?

    I have two of them that are flying pretty good. They have been hanging out in my garage for about 4 days now. The mom made the nest in my garage but I don't see her anymore. Should I be concerned that they are not feeding or is the mom still feeding them? What should I do? They are flying great and the feeder is around the other side of the building. Please let me know. Thanks!

    3 AnswersBirds10 years ago
  • Pomegranate Chicken Recipe?

    Can someone please provide a pomegranate chicken recipe for me? I love to eat at La Medditerranee and eat this dish everytime. Thanks

    2 AnswersCooking & Recipes1 decade ago
  • My cat is squirrley!!!?

    O.k., I just wanted to make someone laugh today and ask ones their experience. My cat is a character. I will be laying down in the living room minding my own business watching t.v. and my cat will meow real loud and start doing "tracks". He will run from the living room, down the hall, into my bedroom and come back with his head down, back raised and going "urrrrrrrr" running up to me as if he was going to attack me. I find it real funny. He also will run up to you, push on your leg and run off as if he is playing tag. He also crouches down in the bathtub when I walk in as if I don't see the large gray dot in my tub. I just love it when he does this. Please share the most funniest thing your cat has done or still does. Thanks in advance.

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  • Does anyone have a wonderful complex dessert recipe?

    I have made chocolate truffle cakes before, but want to be adventurous. I love to make complex recipes (especially if they are from scratch). I want to make something unique this Thanksgiving such as chocolate molten cake for example. Does anyone have a dessert recipe that they would love to share? Thanks in advance.

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  • Doobie Brothers not in the Hall of Fame?

    I remember falling asleep to many of there songs since my mom loved to play them. Does anyone have a childhood memory of listening to them? I have just read and signed the online petition: Can you believe there are only 321 signatures? This is a great band. If you can pass it on, please sign the petition so that they can be inducted. Thanks in advance.

    If you can spare a moment, please take a look, and consider signing yourself.

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  • Recipe for corn souffle or casserole?

    When I lived in Louisiana, my auntie made this corn souffle or pudding....I think more was real good. She promised to give me the recipe before I moved back to California, but she forgot. Does anyone have a recipe for it???? Thanks in advance.

    3 AnswersCooking & Recipes1 decade ago
  • Recipe for Pomegranate Chicken from La Mediterranee?

    I go to La Mediterranee and order the pomegranate chicken with the rice that has almonds and raisins in it. I would love to have the recipe for it. If anyone has a old family recipe, that would be great. I love the food and would love to cook it at home. Thanks in advance.

    4 AnswersCooking & Recipes1 decade ago
  • Today, I want to make someone laugh.........?

    Thought I would share a story.... My nephew who is now a grown 10 year old was 18 months to 2yrs. old at the time. He stayed the night with me and my mom. He wanted to sleep in the same bed with his auntie. As I was trying to go to sleep, my nephew said "Auntie, I want to sing you a song" I said "No Brandon, we need to go to sleep". He began to cry and then stopped and began to sing "Dwagon tails, dwagon tails" I said "Brandon, go to sleep...." He cries again, turns over and softly sings "Dwagon tails, dwagon tails" as he is whimpering....I tried SO hard not to laugh.... Has anyone experienced something in which you just wanted to laugh, but you know if you did the correction would not be enforced??????

    5 AnswersFamily1 decade ago
  • Do you have a COG (cat that thinks he/she is a dog)?

    I have a wonderful Russian Blue cat named Gus (short for Gus toff). He fetches with his favorite toy a white hair scrunchie. I will throw it down the hall, he runs, picks it up and drops it at my feet. He also walks around and chews on things i.e. the chair, desk, dresser. He is Sooo funny. He also meows real loud and answers when you call him, just like a dog. Anyone have a cat like that as well? What does he/she do? Tell in detail. Need to laugh today.....

    17 AnswersCats1 decade ago
  • 2008 Men's Relay race (What were you doing/reaction?)

    Wow, last night was great! I was so excited about last night's men's relay race. I was screaming at the t.v. for them to swim faster and when they touched the wall, my right arm went in the air, hand balled and yelling "Yah!!!!" Did anyone have the same sentiments? What were you doing and your reaction?

    6 AnswersOlympics1 decade ago