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i am really into animals mostly herps i have two ball pythons, a six foot red tailed boa, a pac-man frog, a chinese water dragon, a mali uromastyx, and a leopard gecko. i also have three cats, a hamster, a rose hair tarantula, some fish, and i recently got a pure bred black lab puppy

  • Whats a good mid sized python?

    I'm looking to get a new python, i am an experienced handler and keeper. i have had around 13 snake, and currently have three boa's, but i miss having pythons. i'm looking one that will get around 11 to 15 feet long. don't really want a Burmese and definitely don't want a retic, lol.

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  • where is the location of the bose amp in a 2006 trailblazer ext?

    I need to find the amp so i can tap in wires for a mono amp for my sub-woofers and i need to find the stock has the bose six speaker system with an indash six disc cd changer.

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  • What is the best 2000 watt rms amp for your buck?

    i need to power two 12" mtx 9500 subs. they are 4 ohms/ 1000 watts rms each. it can be one big amp or two small amps..

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  • what is the Best 2000 watt rms amp for your buck?

    i Need to power two 12" MTX 9500. i thought about getting two mtx thunder 1000xd amps. I would rather one big amp than two small amps. but two small amp isnt out of the question. The one amp i found is a HIFONICS BXI2010D. but i dont know anything about them and im thinking its probably going to be pretty crappy when your getting 2000w rms for under $300. im trying not to spend more than $600.

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  • What is the stock speaker sizes in a 2006 Trailblazer ext ls?

    i am wanting to replace the head unit, and all of the speakers but i cant find the sizes anywhere. Im not sure how many there are. i know there are two in the dash, and one in each door.

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  • s-video cable on the back of my pc?

    i have a dell that is about 2 years old, and i am trying to run a cable from my pc to my tv (Vizeo). there is a s-video port on the back of my pc and my tv, but they do not look the same. my questions are, are the ends of an s-video cable different, or are the different s cables? and if it will work what settings do i have to change to make the video look good on the tv? can the tv and moniter both be used at the same time or do i have to change settings everytime i switch from my moniter to my tv? thanks to all

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  • baby raccoon wont poop?

    i have a baby raccoon that my grandfather found on the side of the road. we have been feeding it emalac or something, its kitten and puppy formula. and it has also been eating applesauce and baby food (loves banana). we have had it for three or four days now and it hasn't went to the bathroom. i massage its bottom with a warm wash cloth, but still nothing. my question is how long do i massage it for before it will go? and how old does it have to be before we can stop doing that? also he is about 3 to 5 weeks old and we are trying to have as little contact with him as we can because when he is old enough we want to re-release him.

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  • need help with a baby raccoon.?

    my grandfather found a baby raccoon on the side of the road. it looks to be about 1 month old it has its stripes on its tail, its eyes are open and its starting to walk around. i tried to call around to humane offices and shelters and nobody will take it. we have had one before, but it was a little older. i went and bought a bottle for kittens and a can of esbilac. but i cant get it to eat. it just wants to be held. as long as i hold it until it goes to sleep i can put it in its bed, if its not sleeping it just screams. any ideas how to get it to eat and also do i have to put a wet rag on its butt to get it to use the bathroom? PLEASE, IF YOU ARE GOING TO SAY "JUST PUT IT BACK IN THE WILD" DON'T BOTHER ANSWERING. WHERE I LIVE IT IS LEGAL TO HAVE THESE AS A PET. I HAVE HAD ONE BEFORE AND MY GRANDPARENTS HAVE HAD ONE. AND ITS CLEARLY NO OLD ENOUGH TO SURVIVE ON ITS OWN.

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  • Anybody know where to get plans to build a snake enclosure, big enough to house an adult red-tailed boa?

    she is around 7 feet now and can get over ten. i kind of know how i want to build it, but could use some plans as a guidline.

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  • Can you guess what kind of snake this is? easy ten points

    i just bought 6 snakes today and two of them were very special, do you know what kind it is? be specific

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  • is there anyway to help my mali uromastyx shed?

    its slowly coming off in pieces. please only people who actually know what there talking about answer

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  • im having trouble burning a dvd?

    i know its illeagel for all you people who are going to coment on that part. anyways i was wondering if anyone has been able to burn "super high me" i have dvdfab platinum 4 and I have never had any prob. burning dvd's but some reason when i try to burn that one it says it gets through the copyrights but it says its only two min. long . and also i tried to convert it with cucu soft and it took me like three or four tries. it kept saying you have reached an illegal navigation point. Is this just a new and improved copyright?

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  • should the U.S. gov. impeach prez. bush?

    i say we are about 7 years late?

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  • Ornate Horned Frog's diet?

    i have a Ornate horned frog. i have been seeing a bunch of vids on of people that feed there frogs mealworms, anoles, fire belly toads, and in one case a finch. when i got my frog he was amout the size of a nickle, and i fed him crickets. now hes about 2 - 2 1/2 inches across, and i feed him crickets and the occasional pinky. Is it ok to feed the other stuff to him?

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  • reptile vet?

    does anyone know where i can get my three snakes sexed in the north eastern ohio area?

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  • house training?

    I have a 4 month old pure bred lab puppy, and she is very good about going outside during the day. We have bells on the door and she rings them to go outside. However my girl and I both work third shift and when were home on the weekends she holds it all night and we take her out in the morning, but if were not home she uses the bathroom in the house even in her kennel, and its not much bigger than her theres not even enough room in there to go and she still does even if we leave for a couple of hours. and we also cant get her to stop tearing everything up. she has tons of bones, but prefers toilet paper, newspaper, the corner of the dresser, etc. PLEASE HELP WHAT AM I DOIN WRONG?

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