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  • 有關一部漫畫的名稱~


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  • 碧昂絲的頭髮是天生金髮嗎?


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  • 有關田馥甄(Hebe)廣告裡的歌是哪一首?


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  • 沒有申請學校可以參加北北基改分發嗎?



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  • 請問牛津鞋在哪裡可以買的到?


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  • 承辦花蓮泛舟和溯溪的旅遊公司有哪些?


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  • 英文文章翻譯,有地名跟片語

    Beginning on August 23rd, 1985, China launched more than 479,554 shells at Kinmen over a 44-day period. And up until 1978, China continued to send shells filled with propaganda every other day. All in all, Kinmen was hit close to 1,000,000 times.

    So what did the people of this war-torn island do? As the saying goes, “Waste not, want not.” The people of Kinmen took the metal from all of these shells, and they started making kitchen knives.

    These aren’t exactly ordinary knives, though. Because the steel used to make shells is of the highest quality, the knives from Kinmen are very sharp and last for a long time. Master Wu, one of the most famous knife-makers on Kinmen, even plans to start selling his knives to China. And they won’t be cheap. Some of his knives sell for NT$3,000. How ironic to sell them back the shells they launched at Kinmen!


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  • 台北有toot的專櫃嗎?


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  • 請幫我翻譯英文課問~有些專業名詞

    Oil: We all know that using it causes pollution and global warming, but at the same time, we can't do without it. Or can we? The Swedish government thinks so. It has plans to make Sweden the world's first oil-free country by the year 2020. This is good news for the environment and it is also a smart move, as the world may soon run out of oil! But how does the government of Sweden plan to do this?

    Sweden has a good record for protecting the environment and already uses little oil compared to most other countries. For years, the Swedish government has encouraged people to buy hybrid cars, and almost all homes in the country are now heated using geothermal energy. Now, it hopes to reduce oil use even more and has been looking for ways to do this. Scientists in Sweden are developing biofuels and Swedish car companies like VOLVO are working on cars that will use these oil-free. The government is also looking at more ways to use the energy form the sun, wind, and waves.

    Sweden is not the only country preparing for an oil-free future. The government of Iceland and Brazil, for example, both have similar plans. As global warming gets worse and the world's oil supplies slowly run out, one can only hope that more countries do the same!


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