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  • Are there any sugary foods that don't taste like sugar?

    This sounds counter-intuitive--there are, after all, many sugar substitutes meant to replace sugar without giving up its taste--but I have a friend who is Type 1 Diabetic, and she's grown very, very tired of the taste of sugar after inhaling mountains of it to keep herself alive. Apple juice, marshmallows, and the rest have long since lost their appeal.

    Can anyone help me find her some alternatives?

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  • Is there any possiblity of there being habitats on earth for dragons to live without being discovered?

    I'm talking about Western and Eastern dragons in mountains and caves, sea dragons underwater, and even wyverns. While I can assume there are plenty of places in the sea for a sea dragon (or sea serpant) to hide, I would like to make sure if there are places they could exist, while in complete, total secrecy, or if there simply isn't.

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