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  • How can I get my husband to understand my depression?

    I've been depressed for years and now that our life is looking up for a change, I'm still not happy. In fact I'm pretty much emotionless and exhausted, but my husband is taking this personally and doesn't understand that this has NOTHING TO DO WITH HIM!!! I could win 6 billion dollars tomorrow and still ask, "What's the point?" I've started just sleeping all day, getting through work, and coming home to lie down and mindlessly scoll online until I fall asleep again and repeat. I even forget to eat and I'm not sure when the last time I washed laundry or did dishes was. Hell, I thought today was the 8th and it's the 12th! How do I get him to realize that I can't care right now because I can't remember to eat, clean, or bathe regularly, I'm not even sure what day it is or sometimes I think it's still 2014. I'm only asking because I need my support system back and I'm afraid that if I become too much of a burden for him... if he can't accept that this is a long-term, maybe even lifelong issue, he won't stick with me and then I might just die by starvation or infection because I forgot to eat and wash out a cut I got from work. I hate making him angry I guess I'm as worthless as my subconscious says I am. *sighs*

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  • How would you know if you are having a psychotic break?

    I am withdrawing from Loxepine, a first generation antipsychotic and I feel like I'm outside of the matrix or on a really good acid trip from what I can remember from movies and something's move slower and faster and sounds and words mean exactly after they had a meaning but they are really just syllables lumped together. I don't know what do you think?

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  • Why can't I just will myself to die?

    why does this emotional agony just linger within me everyday. I grew up with undiagnosed Aspergers wanting nothing more than to belong in the way others just magically did. I knew by Kindergarten that I was missing something. My entire life is summed up by being different & genuinely doing my best to make myself a good, honest, & caring person... Not wanting to become like the people who were too selfish & unwilling to accept the things that make me who I am. Even now I'm pressured to be more socially appropriate, to go along with the lies & manipulative games people play on each other & unclear whether I'm going to be used because I really feel others pain as though its my own & in the end I could be the most loyal friend, be there the second anyone needs something, because I can wait as long as they are not hurting, I'm left in this place of isolation realizing I was just being used, every bit of pain I felt for them & the going without because it made me happy for me just to know my friends & family were content meant next to nothing to them. They saw me as a weak link, easy to exploit with the only explanation given for their hatred is either gossip & not true, I'm pathetic,if I need something or someone suddenly I'm just this needy person consuming their lives destroying their friendships with my social faux pas. My parents gave me up when I was 12, my husband just wants me for sex & an outlet for his anger & I'm just done even trying, tired of hurting I want to die.

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