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  • Aquarium assistance, sick fish?

    If anyone is good with identifying fish diseases and treatments, please read this.

    I have a fire dwarf gourami that was healthy when I got him. I changed the gravel and added some neon tetras, all well. The tetras ended up just all dying, my thinking was stress. I got some platys and mollies who did much better and are still healthy today. One of the mollies I returned because he would fin nip the grouami, and would occasionally nip the gourami's eye. His eye started to form a small white dot. I got a replacement molly who also nipped his eye, and now the eye got very cloudy. I returned that fish too, but the next morning my gourami's eye was cloudy but it looked like the cornea was peeling off, and now I suspect he is blind. I treated him for 4 days with triple sulfa and it was fixing the issue it seemed, until the new fish was nipping his eye. Is this cloudiness treatable? Will it ever go away? The fish cannot locate food at this point

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