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  • I dream strongly to play for the Indian national football team?

    I live in india and i'am 17 years old. I have been practicing since I was 16. Bfr. That I didn’t even knew about football(soccer) but now its my life. I know about the lack of facilities in India and I'am also aware that India has not produced any great player but still I believe that my passion and inexhaustible spirit fo the game will make me play for india and top clubs. I am not trained by professional coaches I train individually and with friends for hours.there would be some 5 months before I go to delhi or some other as recommended by u 4 coaching, but till then what i should do catch up pace with other players in my individual practice. pls help me & tell me my training schedule. pls also tell me that is my dream achievable. I play very well I hope it is achievable. pls help me in choosing the career which I love.

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  • I strained my back practicing alone. need help because I want to recover immediately to give dist. team trials?

    On 28 december 2010 that is 2 months 10 days ago I practiced a move (trick) several times and it put a lot of strain on my muscles and my trapezius muscles, may be, got pulled. I had pain in doing routine activities till 1 month. But now i feel some stiffness in both sides of my back and these muscles extending from shoulder blades to muscles trembles and shivers. The pain occurs slightly for very short periods, say for a second several times a day. I am doing rehab exercises and massaging. I wanted answers on the following questions :

    (i) In how much time I should recover to play again.

    (ii) have u also suffered from such a strain.

    (iii) What precautions should I take once recovered to not let this bloody frustating injury reccur.

    I am really worried about my district trials (saharanpur, India) which are taking place in the month of july. Can I gave those trials.

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  • pls help. I am greatly depressed. have anyone of u suffered with a trapezius muscle strain which healed soon?

    I am suffering with the strain from two months and still some symptoms like stiffness persists but the pain is negligible. But I need sympathy from people who have suffered with similar strains and they recovered fully within shot passage of time like 3-4 months. Pls Pls Pls help me by sharing ur experience. My age is 15 yrs.

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