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  • The trippiest song ever?!!?

    the other day i smoked a little bud and played this song called doomsnight by azdio da buzz and everytime i listen to that song while im high i i just straight trip and i get a major body high i cant explain it! Please listen to the song and let me know your opinion..

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  • WILL i pass my drug test?

    Hello yahoo users, i have been informed that i have my yearly physical exam this friday (june 5) at 11:00 am.part of the examination includes a urine test. The last time i smoked pot was on may 13. I did take at least 3 hits out of a bong and smoked previous days before that. I am 5,6 and 150 pounds and muscular.i do consider myself active and recently caught the flu causing recently me to lose fluidsif thst will i pass my drug test? Thanks!!

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  • How to do Edward cullens hairstyle?

    I love his hair in the movie and really want to get it excatly the way he has it. What would I need to achieve this? My hair is the proper length.or can I just take pictures to my barber or whatever and ask him to do this? Please help!

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  • how to get rid of that last bit of flab on my stomach?

    hello,im 14 and last year I was a lasy couch potato and fairly over weight. then I got serious with my body and starting taking drastic measures,swimming 6 hours a day,starvation diets,and lots and lots of abs,flexing them,crunching them and who knows hard work has paid off,however im still not content with my figure i have the first two abs and i can see the outline of my bottom 4 clearly,I have a v shape bellow my last to. i recently got the iron gym and it works really im so impressed with how fast the results came,any ways when i sit down rolls of flab build up and the abs tend to disapear but when i stand up and extend my skin there clearly question is how do i achieve my six pack and shed that last bit of flab,what should i eat?if i had to describe my self im pretty slender but im kind of a skinnt fat.any help would be nice and preferably under a month because prom is coming;) many thanks to everyone.

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  • IS it possible to run with a person on your back?

    For 3 miles? Or at least 11 minutes.

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  • macbook white or alumunum macbooks?

    for my upcoming birthday I am considering to buy a apple lap top I currently am the owner of a ibook g3,yes i know its an ancient computer so its about time to upgrade. though I dont know whitch to buy the standard white macbook or the aluminum unibody mac? please list the pros and cons of each machine.I am not really a game person I usually am on myspace,ichat,listening to music,downloading movies/watching movies and a light internet surffer. so if you own a macbook white is it a decent computer in terms of speed,performence,and running mutiple apps and windows at the same time? please help me out:)

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  • im 14 and planning to write a book?

    hello yahoo answers ;) I have recently put alot of thought into writing a book,I have been told several times by several people that I am a vary potential and powerfull writer not to sound conceded but I do agree I am a vary sympathetic and creative writter i have the ability to project vivid imagery in your head and blow your mind.its not a question of if i can do it I do have the capacity,the dedication,and commitment to it but its the reality of it actually becoming published how would i be able to do this,when?and where? i have not yet thought of excatly what it is i am going to write about yet but first I need to know if I Spend a year or 2 writting something will it actually ne published and marketed? I need to know what a manascript should look like,where should i write it,the chances of it being published etc...please ignore my speeling and grammer errors Im not the best at that at all thats really the only thing I need work on btw, I Am vary inspired by the twilight series by stephanie meyer:) thanks you everyone any help would be greatly appreciated..

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  • how to have acsess to past original newspaper articles?

    have a scrap book project due in 3 months (over 300 pages) i need to be able to print out news paper articles from the past and the exact original ones,verses,phrases,and lines,for example doris day i need to print out a article in news paper style that was released in 1939 and for free please!

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  • how to have acsess to original newspapers released in the past?

    im doing a project for class (scrap book) and the teacher specifically asked for articles in your point of view or in other words the original words,phrases,and verses.example my first one im doing is doris day the singer i need the news paper releases in 1939 talking about her in 1939

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  • im 13 years old and on the lemon diet?

    so far its been my second day and im hoping do go for at least 8-14 days im vary disiplined,commited,and inspried, my only concern is that im a kid and during the teenage years my body is growing and requires many nutrients,vitamins and minerals just for it to grow.and kids burn twice as much calories as adults so restircing myself from calories might be a bad idea but the reason im doing this is because ever since i was a little kid i have had constipation and only had a bowel movment once a week and i once had to go to the hospital due to not pooping in 1 month i still have the problem except now i go usually every other day.i the lemondade diet will clase your body and afterwards it will make you have more energy,brightness,and feel healthier,im also willing to shed a few pounds because i have a little bit of fat covering my six pack and i want it to show more,any advice or if it is ok for me to continue the diet? i feel healthy,the only thing is i havent had as many adrenaline rushes,i feel lazy at time and unmotivated but when i listen to trance or techno i have rushes energy rushes

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  • how do i quickly lose weight?!?

    well im extremly serious about losing weight im 13 and im not over wieght for my age and i never have been i have a body fat percentage of 21% i have tried starvation and 6 meals a day diet but they dont seem to be vary effective im pretty tall and i mostly want a six pack and nice chests shoulders and arms and im also doing exersises for my neck to extend it.since starvation and he 6 meals a day dont work i thought i should combine one day eat nothing at all and exersise a whole lot and the next day i eat 6 snacks through the day 1 every 3-4 hours and the next day starvation..etc the body dosent actually go into starvation mode into after 24 hours of no food intake,starvation mostly is lost on mussles and water but after 24 hours do you think this would work,any ideas?or workouts i could do because im tired of the same workouts and they dont burn anymore because my body is getting use to them

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  • im 13 and i would like to work at publix?!

    im 13 and i really wana make my own money and publix is the only reasonable place to work at cuz they hire at 14 and its the closest to my house :) but the only problem is im 13 =/ does publix ask for any age prove,birth certificates,or sosial security? so i could attempt to apply and lie about my age

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  • how long does it take to get a tan?

    im amazingly white i never was much of a outdoor person and if i do go to the beach/pool its to swim and not to tan but now i want to tan im 13 btw,my question is how long will it take for me to notice the results and how long will i have to be in the sun,at what time should i go to the pool etc thank you in advance ")

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  • transform windows xp into a os x mac?

    im not asking any questions but i am answering i have a youtube acc and alot off fans ask me about the video i made transforming a xp into a osx,so are you tired of your xp its lame and boring well using the following programs they will enchance the feeling and them of your xp first step is to go to and download it once its finished open it and go through the steps the wizzard provides or you could use RK launcher but object is better.this is a dock at the bottom of the screen holding your shortcuts and programs and magnifies when clicked,next download style allows you to change your comp setting and provides osx backgrounds and screensaves and much much more.then go to and download it it will modify your comp and rebot it and it will autpmatically do the download objectbar it sits on top of your screen ad is download like internet explorer but download the os x backgrounds

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  • how often must a human poop?

    i know this is a awkward question but ive had contipation for a vary long time and i once had to go to the hospital because i didnt poop for three weeks (not gona go any further)i am partly active and i can live a normal life i have a good diet but im concerned for my health i cosume so much food every day i never get full i eat like 3-5 huge meals perday and im 13 and weigh 122 pounds and now i poop every three days or four days sometimes its just every other day and sometimes every day for three days stright what health problems can this cause and how do i overcome this i do get bow movments every day but for some reason i dont go can i develop colon cancer or something plzz help

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  • the us has not lost every war in its past?

    im tired of pl saying that we lost every ******* war cause we havent im 22 years old currently in the U.s marines my name is staff sergeant chris and i know what war is and how many we have won war, is nothing like tv ive been almost everywhere and climates cold,hot,humid you name it and heres every war we have won the revolutinary war won it,ww2 won it,the civil war,mexican war 1845- 47,Indian wars 1868-1881 won over various tribes,Spanish American War 1898 won over Spain,Philipines issurection 1899-1902 won over rebel forces,Dominican war 1901-04,he Great war (WWI) 1917-1918 won over central pwrs,Korean war 1950-53 cease fire agreement,Gulf war 1990-91 won over iraq,quasi war (with France) 1798-1800 won against france ,Barbary pirate war 1801-05 won against pirates,the cold war,desert storm,desert storm #2 i can sit here on my *** and keep going on and on so what was it you were saying

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  • what causes mussles to get bigger?

    i know mussles get bigger when you work them out but what causes them to get biger what happens inside your body to those mussles and what causes them to ache so badly for days

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  • how do i get abs im desperate for them?

    i use to be lazy unmotivated inactive,etc until recently(about 1 week ago)i decided to take my thumb out of my *** i really want a six pack not just for 1 purpose for several diffirent and my body percentage fat is 20.1%and this was last year idk about know im13 about 5,6 and i weigh about 142 this is strange becuase im pretty slender and i dont have any mussle to exscuse the weight im healthy my diet is like almost all meats including chicken,pork,fish,etc its basically all i eat is meats everyday with rice and salad sometimes what and of now i come home and i go swiming non-stop for atleast 40 minites any other exersises specifically for calorie burning and wight loss i thought that goinng swiming what i was starving hungry was great because my body would automatically accses the fat reserves but apparently not.what can i do to lower my fat percentage to ast least 13%preferably 10 or 8%but 13 will do to show my abs and make them visible

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  • can i find my fathers number if i know his carrier?

    my mom and dad are divorced i visit him from time to time he recently changed his number and i have no way to contact him because my cell phone broke a while ago so his number is delteted from my contacts he knows my homephone but i never answer cuz i dont know when its him and im not in my house anymore so can i search his name through his carrier at&t to find his number

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  • restricting blood to the brain?

    today at my school some kid kept grabing peoples neck with two fingers both hands and holded them there for 10 seconds and the person would black out as long as he dosent inhale and he tried it on me and you have like flashbacks and a weird tingling feeling as if you were high how was this done

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