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  • Please help with some chemistry problems?

    1) Calculate the mass of water that contains 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 molecules.

    2) Calculate the number of O3 molecules in 1.00L of ozone gas at STP.

    3) Calculate the number of O3 molecules in 1.00g of ozone gas.

    4) A student found the mass of a 250-mL beaker to be 110.546g. After touching the beaker and leaving moisture fingerprints, the mass of the beaker was found to be 110.547g. How many water molecules were transferred to the beaker by fingerprints?

    Any help would be appreciated, and if you could show me how you did any of these, that would be great too. Trying to teach myself chemistry because my teacher sucks so bad, and it's not really working out. Thank you!

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  • Background Check for Employment Question?

    I have a clean criminal record, not even a speeding ticket! (knock on wood) however, I applied for a job a few days ago and the boss emailed me saying he would like to set up an interview with me sometime next week, and that he did not receive the grade for my background check yet. I wasn't quite sure what a background check entailed, and after doing some online research, I found out that it also checks the validity of your job titles. I worked at a rinky dink ice cream shop for my first 3 years of being in the working field, I started out with the title of 'ice cream scooper', and then my boss unofficially gave me the title of 'shift manager' by the time I was done there. My duties were training and monitoring a serving staff of six, providing excellent customer service and resolving issues that the other employees could not on their own with customers, and being responsible for conducting clean up and restocking. I put that on my resume. I never got a raise, but he told me these were my new responsibilities. However, toward the end of my employment there, things got very touchy between me and my boss, it turned into a "I quit" "No, you aren't quitting because I'm laying you off" situation, and then when I tried to collect unemployment, he told the offices I quit. What the heck! So anyway, on my resume, I put my title as "shift manager", and in reason for leaving, I put that I got a higher paying job elsewhere, which was true. I never said I quit nor was laid off. But now I'm worried that they will contact him and he will lie out his butt to them about my job title because he hates me and I wont get the job. Should I be that worried? It was one job out of three I had, and it was the only area where I think I might have problems with the background check for. I'm just freaking out, I'm 4 years older now than I was when I started there, and this job is more along the lines of a career, and its really important to me.

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  • Why is my computer going to the blue screen of death?

    My boyfriend built my computer back in April, ever since then, no matter what I'm doing, it will occasionally go to blue screen. It is becoming more frequent. At first, it would only happen when I played a game, like the sims or diablo 3. So my boyfriend thought it was the fans being too small or graphics card, put new, bigger ones in, still blue screened. I have 2 huge fans and a gtx570 graphics card. Now it will do it even when the computer is inactive, in sleep mode, on my desktop page, whatever. I could be browsing the internet or just letting it sit there, and there it goes. He put new ram sticks in thinking it was bad ram, but nope, happened again. We updated all my drivers, windows updates, etc. Still doing it. We have tried everything all the websites say to try, and nothing worked. What could it be? We did notice that for some reason my processor was running at a faster or higher rate than my motherboard could handle, but we fixed that a month ago, and nothing has changed, if anything it's gotten worse. When it blue screens now it corrupts all the things I have, like steam, and I lose all my games and have to install steam over. What could this be? What should we try? Thanks.

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  • Are sexual harassment cases worth it?

    In February I was laid off with no explanation whatsoever, has it been too long to do anything about it? Anyway, here's my story. I started my first job when I was 16 and was there for 3 years. Within my first year I began to be sexually harassed by one of the adult men who worked there. At first I laughed it off because I didn't know what to do. I've would make nasty comments to me, this progressively got worse and more frightening to me, so I asked him to stop. He laughed about it and never stopped. I eventually had to go to my boss and ask him to do something about it, but he too laughed and said I was just a prude. I was sixteen, this man was thirty six. He would ask me if I slept naked or if I had a boyfriend and how far ive been sexually. I worked making ice cream and sometimes you'd get it all over you and when it was vanilla and white and on my face he'd gawk at me and say that it was his favorite way of ever seeing me. He would wrap around my back to hand me tools I needed for the machines and whisper in my ear 'just grab my rod' . This went on for my final two years there. I eventually called my boss crying from the stress and discomfort of this saying if he did nothing about this then me and my father will. His immediate response was 'you told your dad about this? You shouldn't tell your dad about this, this is between us' but then called up his sister who suddenly appointed herself HR And met up with me and my parents (isn't having a family member represent you illegal in itself?) anyway. I presented her with documentation of all of what happened to me and she said she would speak to the man doing this to me and also to the other girls he was doing it to (it wasnt just me and we were all minors). Well, she never spoke to any of the other girls, instead she requested to my manager that my shifts be cut down to only working when my manager did, and specially told me it was 'for my own safety' against this man who was never punished for what he did in any way. My 4 days a week went down to one, and me and my father called her and told her what she was doing was wrong and we were going to get he police involved if she didn't do her job. She began bawling her eyes out on the phone and said we were threatening her and hung up on us. My shifts were eventually given back to me months later, but only for a month or so before mysteriously cut again and then I was let go and never told why. My manager told me my boss told her he spoke to me about it and it was understood I was being laid off in February, that's a complete lie, the coward never spoke to me. And when I tried to collect unemployment after, he claimed I quit and shouldn't be entitled to anything. I let it go because I found another job, but it's not right. I've called my states human rights commission about 10 months ago and they told me the case was out of their hands and that I needed to call the police first but I never did because I was scared. To this day I'm still scared. I can't even drive past the place without getting nervous. I used to cry in my car before I went in for my shift because I was so afraid of what was going to be said or done to me that day. I still can't get over it. Do I have any sort of case worth fighting? Does this sort of thing, if persued, follow me in a negative light for future jobs for the rest of my life? My ex boss is a big part of my town, is it worth the risk exposing him and receiving possible hate mail or die hard psycho fans of him coming after me? Do you think I have any chance of winning at all? In addition to my dated documents I have one dated hand written and signed by another girl who suffered sexual harassment from him as a minor while she was employed there too. And what sort of thing even comes out of this? Does his business go down? Does he have to pay more insurance? Thanks for your answers.

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  • Why is this happening? (period question)?

    I have been on the birth control 84 Nortel 7/7/7 for 10 months now. I had light period before birth control, and my doctor said she wouldn't be surprised if they stopped completely. Well, my periods stayed the same, up until this month, where I got it at the right time, but bled so lightly that I only needed a panty liner and only for two days. I take my pill every day but not always at the same time.

    I also just started having sex regularly, but in addition to my birth control, we use condoms that have spermicide, every single time. We have never not used one.

    So I guess my question is, what's going on with this? Is it normal for my period to just change like that?

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  • How do I proceed with being sexually harassed?

    For the past 8 months or so, I have been sexually harassed on a regular basis by a co worker. They have all been verbal instances. Like "Do you sleep naked?" or if I'm leaning over, he'll come up behind me and make moaning noises saying "oh yeah, take it, you do it so good." I have told him to stop and he laughs. I have tried countless times to speak about this to my boss, and my boss laughs. It's a family owned ice cream parlor. I'm so tired of this, I literally have to give myself a pep talk in my car before I go into work so I don't have a break down when I see my boss and the guy who's sexually harassing me because I am just so disgusted about the fact that my boss can allow this and that this man can get away with it. I'm 18 and he's 36.

    Finally I had enough, and after one instance I called my boss crying saying that if he wasn't going to put an end to this then I was going to find someone who will and get the police involved. He said he would take care of it.

    Yeah right! Because since that call, I've had multiple co workers telling me that my boss is trying to get them to convince me to quit, He had his sister call me, who I have never seen before in my life but apparently is a big part of the company (I've been there three years, never heard of her). She sat down with me and my parents to discuss what had been going on, and I was honest with her about everything, and provided dated documentation of the instances, and she told me she would speak with the people involved and get it settled.

    She's decided to settle it by taking my three days a week down to one four hour shift a week, because I'm now "only allowed to work with a supervisor so that there's a legitimate eye witness if something like this happens again, because she's concerned for my safety", and the supervisor's available hours are the complete opposite of mine because we both have second jobs.

    If she's concerned for my safety, why is that man still allowed to be employed there? and oh yeah, HIS hours are exactly the same, only I'm getting cut down to nothing!

    They're trying to force me to quit in every way they can, and I honestly just cant imagine that this sort of thing is legal. To allow a man who they know full well is sexually harassing not only me but a few other of my co workers (not to the levels I am, but still), to work there but I'm being booted out for daring to be upset by being sexually harassed? I don't know what to do!

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  • Am I pregnant or just paranoid?

    I lost my virginity two weeks ago yesterday. I was not on birth control, but my partner used a condom and pulled out. He checked the condom after and said everything looked fine.

    I think my last period was around Christmas time, but I'm not positive, I never had to pay attention before.

    About a week ago I started working out, and changed my diet; not drastically, but I've been eating fruits on a daily basis now.

    Well, I should be expecting my period sometime this week or next I'd imagine, and yesterday I thought I got it, but it turned out to be spotting, which I've never had happen to me before. My periods are always light,usually only 3 days long but never like that. I worked out the hardest I have so far yesterday, and I'm wondering if it could be that?

    It's only been two weeks since I've had sex, would a pregnancy test be inaccurate this soon?

    Also, I bought birth control a few days after I lost my virginity, and have been waiting for my period to start taking it. Could I start taking it even though this was only spotting?


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  • What is the difference between exclusively dating and being boyfriend/girlfriend?

    I started hanging out with this guy a few weeks ago. We have since deemed ourselves as "exclusively dating".

    I've met his whole family, he's met mine, and we hang out almost all day every day.

    Yesterday though, I asked him if he sees us as "together" or "dating" and he answered with this: "dating, because I don't live here anymore (he goes to school in a different state, and is up for Christmas break) and I don't want you to feel guilty if you find another guy in town that you like more."

    I was kind of put off by this, and said that he had nothing to worry about, because I was only interested in him, but if he was interested in a different girl, he could go after that if that's what he wanted, no problem. He said that he's happy where he is with me, and is focused on us.

    If that's the case... Why aren't we "together"? What's the difference at this point?

    Everyone who's around us sees us as boyfriend and girlfriend, even both of our parents. If things are fine and we like spending time together then what's the big deal, I know. But his decision to keep us labeled 'dating' worries me that he has other females on his mind.. but I have absolutely no proof to back that statement up, just girlish insecurity. He seems pretty committed from what I can see, so what do you think?

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  • My parents do not pay for anything? (Warning: huge rant)?

    Ever since I got a job last year, my parents have determined they can no longer afford to do anything for me like they used to. Like school shopping or a haircut. I pay for those things now, which I don't mind doing. But that's just the beginning. I graduate in June, and I wanted to go to an out of state school so badly, but my parents guilt tripped me into going to a local community college, because (my mom) couldn't handle her youngest moving out, because then she'd have no one left, so I basically felt so guilty that I gave up what I wanted to do to make her happy. So now I'm intending on going to a community college where I will commute. Thing is, I don't have a car. I had saved up every penny I made since starting my job to buy one, but when it came time that I could, an opportunity came up for me to go to England for a few weeks in a travel abroad program, and my parents again guilt tripped me into doing that, saying I shouldn't worry about a car because this is the opportunity of a lifetime. Granted, I had a really good time, but I came back completely broke, obviously, so now I'm back at square one. There is no way I will make enough by the end of summer to buy a car to commute to college. And they have told me multiple times that they can't afford a car or to even help me out AT ALL with college. I can't even get to my job a lot of the time because I don't have access to a car. I can't get a car if I can't work, I can't work without a car. It's a complete necessity. They will not give me a cent towards a car though, and say how I'm lucky just to be living under their roof and that should be enough. I'm only 17. I've been in honors classes my whole life, and private school for half of it, and now suddenly community college is too much to bear to help out with? It's like they could care less about me succeeding at all. They helped my older brother buy a car, and helped him pay out his college loans. But me? Nothing. At all. Just a "you're just an ungrateful *****. We feed you, anything else is your problem." Then they get on me about not applying for scholarships yet, what do they care? It's not like it's less money for THEM to pay! It's even harder when every single one of my friends (and I'm not exaggerating) parents either bought them a car or agreed to pay at least half of their college expenses. I just feel completely alone in this battle, and all this does is discourage me from even bothering GOING to college. What should i do?

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  • Small vaginal bumps on a virgin?

    Ever since I've gotten my first period when I was 11, I've had vaginal bumps. They're a cluster of whiteish/skin colored bumps, that have never hurt, itched, or anything of the sort. I'd forget they were there completely if it weren't for the fact I can obviously see them. I've tried to pop some of them, and on a few, barely any white colored puss came out, and most of them don't emit anything. They're on the inside of my vagina, basically all over. They're bigger around the area right above where the clitoris is located, and smaller and more clustered around the opening to my vagina. I'm 17 and a VIRGIN, so it can't be hpv or anything, right? Is it normal for many girls to have this? What home remedies can i try to get rid of them? I've told my mom about this and she doesn't seem to think so, but when she took me to the gyno i got really bad vibes from my doctor, and refused to have her see me and left. She was a creeper. Thanks for the help. =]

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  • Burning a CD from iTunes?

    Every time I try to burn a cd using itunes, it only burns the first song on my playlist and calls it done and pops my cd out. Then when i go to play it, it only has the first song on there, and then i can't reuse the cd because its no longer blank. I've already wasted 6 cd's this way. What's going on??

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  • How do I import videos from my canon powershot camera onto windows movie maker directly?

    My mom uninstalled my program for successfully uploading photos and videos onto my computer by plugging in my camera, because she thought it was a virus. Well, now I can't find my canon CD to download the program again, but I can still manage to upload pictures through my Corel Paintshop by choosing the "import from camera" option. But only my PICTURES show up as options to click on in order to upload into my photoshop, so I figure that windows movie maker would probably be the better bet. But when i click import video, it sends me to my folders. I need to know where there's an option anywhere on my computer (Windows XP) to import videos DIRECTLY from the camera plugged into the USB on the computer. Thanks. =]

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  • How do I import videos directly from my camera onto windows movie maker?

    My mom uninstalled my program for successfully uploading photos and videos onto my computer, because she thought it was a virus. Well, now I can't find my canon CD to download the program again, but I can still manage to upload pictures through my Corel Paintshop by choosing the "import from camera" option. But only my PICTURES show up as options to click to upload into my photoshop, so I figure that windows movie maker would probably be the better bet. But when i click import video, it sends me to my folders. I need to know where there's an option anywhere to import videos DIRECTLY from the camera plugged into the USB on the computer. Thanks. =]

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  • Do interracial couples still get discriminated against?

    I'm white, and my boyfriend is black. I was just wondering if there's places where this kind of relationship still poses a huge problem. It doesn't where we live; which is in the northeast of America. Are there places where we'd get hugely harassed for being the way we are? like, anywhere in particular? We've been thinking of taking a trip out of the country too, are there random countries that would completely rebel against us walking down the street holding hands?

  • Sentimental birthday gift ideas?

    My boyfriends away at school for his birthday, so i can't go see him, but I want to do the best i can to make due with our distance. He's out of the country in school, so i can't really send him anything unless i want to go broke, but i can take videos and stuff, so what do you think i should do?

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  • If a person from the Bahamas calls a person in the USA's cell phone, does it cost the person in the USA?

    My friend from the bahamas wants to call me, I have verizon, and I'm on a family plan with 3 other people. We have free nights and weekends, if that counts for anything. I don't have a SIM card but my friend in the bahamas does. If he called me from his cell phone, would it only cost HIM money per minute, or would it cost both of us equally? Also; could the amount of money it costs change depending on if its during my 'free hours' at nights and on weekends or not? Thanks. =]

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  • I really need someone to explain to me whats going on here? thank you so much in advance.

    I was in a really rocky relationship for 4 years with an ex, i loved him with all that i had but things always got screwed up; (i blame him but so would everyone else, he was the completely hopeless one). He's with another girl now, and he gave her my song. Which was an instant piss off, i asked him why he did it and he said "That song is for us to remember what we had, we don't have that anymore, so i can give it to whoever the **** i want." (boy's got a mouth huh.) Anyway, he blocked me and deleted me off of everything after that, so i figured; that's that then, time to move on with my life.

    But he doesn't know I can still see his myspace; because a while back my friend and i made a fake one and added all the people who blocked us so we could still see their profiles, and i looked at it this morning out of morbid curiosity, and stumbled upon some really interesting things. His profile song was what our song is/was/whatever you want to call it; and i wasn't surprised, seeing as the douche DID give it to her, but his little paragraph about how much he loves her started off with; "You make me realize it doesn't take 4 years of being with someone to know you love them." and ended with "You're there for me more than almost anyone in my life..." Both completely obvious refrences to myself. i KNOW i'm the only one who's stuck by him through everything. Then i read a survey he took where it asked, "Is there anyone in your past that you'll always remember no matter what?" and he says, 'yeah.. one person.." >.< .. and; another question asked "Have you ever hurt someone really bad in the past?" and to that he said "Yes i have, and i vowed to myself to never do it to her again."

    And i know those answers are about me because it's the only explanation to why he'd answer that way; like i said, i know him pretty damn well, i at least know everything he does, and that im the only person he's hurt or tried to forget.

    That and; when he found out i had a new boyfriend, the very instant he found out actually, I heard he got in an extremely bad mood for the rest of the day, even though he's 'so in love with and is gonna marry' his new girlfriend.

    I guess i need advice, anyone have any idea why he'd pretty much tell me to **** off (FOR NO REASON AT ALL) and then secretly reffer to me a thousand times when he should be talking about his girlfriend? fdghdfigbfd. thanks guys.

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  • Is this illegal? If a psychologist...

    Say you were a psychologist, and one of your patients story of their life really inspired you to write a book, the plot of the book very similar to your patients, but no real names used, and there are tweaks here and there, made up details added to make the story more thrilling, longer.

    Could your patient sue you?

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  • How do i stop procrastinating?

    I have 8 days to complete a 50 page packet and 3 essays for AP English Language this year, and I'm a horrible procrastinator.

    I'm feeling the stress of not being able to finish in time, but it's not motivating me enough to actually get my work done. Even worse, this book i've been waiting for all year is finally being released at midnight; and I would so rather be reading that then Huckleberry Fin. >.<

    Do any of you have techniques i could use to get this done and over with? I find myself completely ready to start it, opening up the word document and everything, then minimizing it and doing something funner. Ugh; advice?

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  • My best friend turned into a clone of me; now all the guys like her instead!?

    My best friend used to be the shyest thing. I never had a problem talking to guys and guys liked talking to me better because i actually responded. Last school year she noticed how effective being outgoing was, so she tried it. She landed herself a boyfriend for the first time ever and i was soo happy for her. After they broke up though, it got ridiculous, now she's a literal skinnier CLONE of me. She takes everything i say; then says it to people like its her own material, she's landing a tonnn of guys and now I'm the one being pushed aside. I'm happy she's putting herself out there, but now all the guys that liked me are all over her cause she's just like me but skinnier! i dont know what to do, she'll deny every second of it if i talk to her about it. I hate watching her BE ME infront of people and then have them be obsessed with her, i wish she'd just be original. as soon as the guys i like meet her, they like her better; it sucks, she's even moved onto my other friends now.

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