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I'm am a supervisor at work. I'm married to a wonderful knucklehead who could drive you nuts but I love him like crazy. I've been through alot so I understand where alot of people are coming from. Happy days to you.

  • How long do I put up with the abuse and I'm the one that messed up too?

    Hello My Friends,

    I have a very serious question for people who have actually been in an abusive relationship. Please teens this is not a question for the unexperianced. I've been with a alcoholic for 15 years now. I've tried to get him to slow down or stop and he just says he likes his beer. However about 3 years ago he started treating me like sh*t and becoming abusive verbally. All because i wanted a child with him. I'm 39 now and this is the last chance type of thing. He basically said hell no then said and you know where thats going to lead.Divorce. He told me this on my birthday last year so I went to stay with my sister for awhile. After 2 months one of my friends said they would be willing to help me have a child so I desided to file for divorce and try with my friend instead. Well that did not work out and with all the emotions I was going through and the messeges I was getting from my husband, I decided to go back to my husband. There is alot to this story but i'll try to sum it up. I went back to try and work things out. I gave up on the baby thing and thats when stuff hit the fan. I was sent a text messege from the guy I was seeing when I was away from my husband and he seen it and freaked out. He held a gun to me and said get out, so i did. He did not give me achance to explain. I was going through alot of emotions and do love my husband so after a month I told him I messed up and missed him and would like to fix what happened. Things were ok til about 2 weeks into it. He said he was still mad, which is understandable, and said he had thoughts of punching me in my head for being so f-ing stupid. (for sleeping with another man). He also said he would never do that but like I said before he did hold a gun to me once. I want to stay because I don't want to hurt him anymore but if he can't get over what happened and gets to drunk one night I fear he might follow through. So my question is should I stay with this man and try to work on this or do you think its too late and get out before its too late. Serious replys only please. I've been put down enough. I need guidence, not more abuse. Thanks K

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  • Happy Mothers Day to all, What would you like to receive as a gift.?

    I'm baffled every year on what to get my mom. She likes money but to me , so impersonal. What would be a good gift to give someone who likes money and what would you like if you were 60 years old?

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  • Can't we all just get along? Wheres the love?

    What ever happened to the world, when do you think all of this hatred really started? Animal Instinct????

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  • What do you think is the meaning of life?

    If you could picture what your reason for existance was, what would it be????

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  • How many of you actually look at your self when it comes to problems in relationships?

    If theres a problem in your relationship, Do you look at yourself to see if you did anything wrong to create it, or do you jump right on the other person and blame them. Whats your best advice on this subject.

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  • Why are people so interested in chatting online. I can't get myself to stop :-)?

    I have so many things to do but find myself hooked on this, Is that bad or is there a mental reason for it. What do you think?

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