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  • Is there a way to store the sun's energy for night time use? (Other than batteries)?

    Is there a way to create energy during the night similar to the way solar panels do during the day?

    Something like a Lunar panel maybe? I'm currently working on it and I was able to see a 0.2 milli-volt out of the test but I would like to know if it is possible or feasible? Is it possible to convert solar panels into lunar panels? My research is trying to find conductive materials that are very sensitive to temperature changes, any ideas?

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  • What type of material is used in glasspacks / cherry bombs?

    My plans are to cut out the baffle from an old muffler; cut off the end cap off the baffle; wrap the material used in glasspacks / cherry bombs around the baffle; and re-insert the baffle inside the muffler. I would like to know the type of material they use? Could I use just any type of fiberglass or is it a special type of glass? Could I use R-11, R-19, or R-30? If it is a special type can you please include a link to purchase it from. Thank you.

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  • Brand New bike from dealership with scratches?

    I bought a brand new motorcycle from the delaership and had it dilevered to my house while I was still at work. The dealership charged me $500 for the delivery and they chose the trucking company. The trucking company delivered it and asked me to call them back once I got home.

    Once I got home I jumped on the bike and took it for a ride and put 100 miles on it. The next day I drove to work and parked and was looking at the exhaust system thinking about replacing it. I realized there were scratches, dings, and dents. Then I called the dealership and they stated it was the trucking companies issue not theirs. So I called the trucking company and they told me about a few other scratches. Come to find out they dropped my bike and used a sharpie marker to touch it up and never told me about it. So there is damages to my front brake lever, back brake lever, Air filter cover (this is the one they covered up with a black sharpie), the side casing where the foot peg got shoved into the casing, and both exhaust silencers (mufflers). These are minor damages not noticeable to the naked eye unless you look for them.

    At first they denied they dropped it and that the tiedowns they used allowed it to lean against their railing and they didn't know about the other damages.

    They just dropped off my bike and ran never letting me know that this happened.

    I didn't sign no documents,

    I requested the dealership to delvier my bike after 5pm because that is when I get home. I get a text from the driver saying he was delivering my bike off at 2pm. I told him I can't be there and he said I will just drop it off and leave the keys in the ignition. I said go ahead and I will have my roommate check it out. The driver dropped off my bike and left before my roommate could even accept the bike. After talking with them I find out they got paid $256 to deliver the bike. The bike out the door was approx. $11000 in mint condition. I put down about $1700 for this bike. So now the dealership says they will not replace it with a new one. The trucking company says they will not replace it with a new one. They both say if I didn't put so many miles on it that they would have replaced it. They siad they will fix it but not replace it. I feel I have been ripped off. What are my rights? I bought a brand new bike and got a bike with scrathces on it. Isn't this a breach of contract?

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