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  • My Cat has eosinophilic granuloma ... help?

    My cat was diagnosed with eosinophilic granuloma, and has been getting treatments from his vet. He has been getting steroid shots, but honestly, those are stressful for him (he hates getting the shot) and for me (I have to watch 2 people and a vet hold him down, and the last time he was in he drew blood from the vet). We have switched his dishes, since plastic doesn't help with allergies, and I've been told this is like allergies. I am not sure what else to do for him. Any suggestions would be helpful or if anyone knows of any other treatments ... thanks!!

    Also, this doesn't seem to slow him down any. He's a happy lively kitty.

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  • Can anyone explain the book Shutter Island to me?

    I just read the book Shutter Island, and I am left feeling more confused than I think I should be. Anyone know anything about the book and can anyone explain it to me or tell me where to go to get a good explanation of the book, especially the ending?


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  • My Beta seems to be sick?

    He was in a bigger tank, with a light and a bubble blower. The water was at the right temperature, and he really seemed to like it in there, he would chase the bubbles and his reflection. A few nights ago he stopped eating. I thought it was just because he's a picky eater, so I let it go. The next morning I tried feeding him again, no dice. I didn't want to over feed him, so I went about my business. When I checked on him later in the day he was more paler than before. More white and red than blue and red. So, I moved him to a smaller tank, with no bubbles and no light. Today was the first day I saw him actually eat something. I'm not sure what I did right or rather what I did wrong in the first place. Any suggestions?

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  • Question about The Sims 2 Pets expansion (PC)?

    I have the Sims 2 pets, and it's been crashing a lot lately. It will only let you play for 45 minutes at a time before it freezes up and crashes the computer. I have disabled all the custom content that I have and am at a loss for what else to do. Can anyone help?? PLEASE!! Thanks!

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  • Question about the LG Chocolate Phone?

    So, I just got this new LG Chocolate phone. I bought the USB Data Cable and the CD that went with it to install music onto the phone. Unfortunately, I can't do that. I've installed the cd and when I go to install the phone, it won't let me, saying it can't find the correct software. It's so frustrating and I need help!! What can I do to fix this problem!! Anyone with help would be my hero!! Thanks a bunch!!

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  • Is my cat Strange? He loves his Carrier...?

    He does. He loves to get in it and sleep and has no problems what so ever being 'locked' in it.

    I have seen other cats that HATE their crates. My cat just loves to be in his, in fact that is where he spends most of his time. I can't really explain why he does. I didn't do anything to really make him get used to it.

    What did I do right then?

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  • What can I do for my cat? He has a yeast infection in his ear!?

    I took him to the vet because he kept digging in his ears and the vet had 3 people hold him down to just look at his ears. We've never really cleaned them (we did when he was a kitten but as he grew he hated it and since I'm the only one he likes he tolerated me doing it for short periods of time, but now he hates it and won't let you near his ears) and the doctor said he would give me medicine but since he doesn't like people near/in his ears he didn't give it to me. Mostly because he didn't want me to get hurt. What should I do for him?

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