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  • Which character was Rifka on Fiddler on the Roof?

    I have seen the 1971 movie Fiddler on the Roof many times. Recently, I read the actress that played Rifka passed away. I have rewatched the movie and do not see a character named Rifka. She is in the credits though. Which character was she? Can you give me an example of the scene and what she said in that scene? Thanks.

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  • I am having a big problem with night time dehydration. Please see extra info inside. Ok?

    Well, it seems like my dehydration is more of a night time dehydration then an overall normal dehydration. I wish it was as simple as drinking more water. This turns out not to be the case. If I drink eight glasses of water, it seems I get up and go to the bathroom eight times through the night. If I drink twelve glasses of water it seems I get up twelve times. So drinking more water is not helping. I am just urinating it during the night.

    Another issue I am having is that I sleep breathing out my mouth at night. When I do this, I wake up with no moisture in my mouth what so ever. It is already bad enough when I am dehydrated. I was having other issues a while back and diabetes looked like the culprit. This has now been ruled out. So I can not blame dehydration on diabetes.

    Does anyone know why this is happening to me. What is really bad is that drinking more and more water just causes me to go to the bathroom more and more. Is there any other things I can try, to help me retain water? Thank you so much. BTW... A check of the meds I am currently taking is just hydrocodone 10/325. Thanks again.

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  • When is the best time to sign an electricity contract with a power company?

    My contract is up in May. Right now I am with the cheapest company according to Are rates cheaper in the winter time? Right now I have a choice of locking in 10.3¢ kWh for six months or 10.6¢ kWh for one year. If I choose the six month option, my contract will be up in November. So, is there a price forecast that we can use to know if the offers will be better in six months?

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  • I need a new garage door opener. What is better, chain, belt, screw, or direct drive?

    I currently have a Genie Intellicode 550/a. When I push the button, I hear the opener making noise like it is trying to open or close. The long screw is not turning at all. Any ideas on how to save this opener? If not... What should I use? Speed is not all that important. Durability is important because I will use this opener up to 150 times a month. Thanks for all your help.

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  • How can I save my house from foreclosure once the bank starts the process?

    We bought a house a couple years ago in Texas. We live in this house. We are self employed and the economy had hit us pretty hard. We have not made a house payment in five months. Money is starting to come in again and we can now afford the $1200 a month, but we can not afford the back debt.

    We called our mortgage company (Suntrust) and they told us we had to talk to a loss mitigation counselor. We received a letter stating the house will be sold on January 7th. The loss mitigation people are telling us we have to wait for them to call us before they can help. They say it takes up to 30 days to receive a phone call. Well, if we wait for them to call, the house will already be sold at auction. What can we do? They will not talk to us at all. We do have a HUD backed loan. We have called Hope Now and that did not seem to help. HUD has a wealth of information online about reinstatement, forbearance, and repayment plan options. We can not contact anyone to help us try to qualify for these options.

    If we can not reach loss mitigation, what are our other options? We received a couple letters from lawyers regarding bankruptcy. The letters mention chapter seven and eleven. If we can save our house with bankruptcy, what is the best way? Any ideas on how to get loss mitigation to grant us some extra time so we can work for them? Thank you for all your help.

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  • Texas inheritance tax question. My Grandmother passed away. Will you help me with tax advice?

    My Grandmother passed away this year. She left her house to her two remaining children with instructions in her will. The will said they were to sell the house and split the money 50 / 50. My mother's portion of the house turned out to be $82,000. How does this work now? Does she claim that she inherited $82k cash or $82k in real estate? What tax credits would she be eligible for since this was her mother's house? What forms do we need to send to the IRS and Texas? Thank you for all your help. If you have no idea... please do not leave an answer for a point. There are plenty of crazy... not so serious questions for that.

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  • I would like to get two guaranteed life insurance policies on my dad. Can I do this?

    My fathers doctor told him five years ago if he did not quit smoking, he would be dead within three years. Well, my dad is alive and kicking, He has COPD really bad and I don't think he will last but a couple more years. Maybe five years tops. Anyway, there are a lot of companies offering no questions / no health checkup life insurance. The most I can find is $50,000. Would it be unlawful for me to get two sets of life insurance at $50k each? I really don't know anything about these life insurance companies. Is there a short period he would have to live through in order to collect? He isn't going to die in the next year... but I am thinking a year is all he has left.


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  • My inside, top front lip keeps splitting. It has been doing this for twenty years?

    My upper lip has been splitting like this for almost twenty years. It seems like it has never completely healed. I wake up and either yawn or speak and my upper lip splits. Is there something I can put on the inside of my upper lip to make it stronger?

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  • Why is Utorrent or any other torrent client better than Azureus?

    Of course Azureus is now called Vuze.

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  • Can a dog be an HIV carrier?

    We have some friends (homosexual couple) that has a dog. They are also HIV positive. Well, the dog gets spooked easily and tends to bite people. I know that this dog has bitten her owners several times. Now this dog has bitten my wife? Is it possible for a dog to carry HIV? Thanks

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  • Computer keeps crashing. Blue screen of death. I have debugged the dump files. Please help me read results?

    Vista 64 bit. AMD 64 X2 6000. 4gig of crucial ram. Here are several debugged reports. It sounds like memory, but I have used the Vista preboot memory tester.

    BugCheck 109, {a3a039d896c78a45, b3b7465ee9445665, fffff80001c6746c, 1}

    Probably caused by : Unknown_Image ( PAGE_NOT_ZERO_VISTA )

    *** Memory manager detected 1 instance(s) of page corruption, target is likely to have memory corruption.


    BugCheck 109, {a3a039d8971ff4eb, b3b7465ee99cc11b, fffff80001e485f0, 1}

    Probably caused by : Unknown_Image ( PAGE_NOT_ZERO_VISTA )

    *** Memory manager detected 6 instance(s) of page corruption, target is likely to have memory corruption.


    BugCheck 3B, {c0000005, fffff80001d2fc5b, fffffa6008ef5f60, 0}

    Probably caused by : memory_corruption ( nt!MiIdentifyPfn+c6b )


    BugCheck 3B, {c0000005, fffff80001ccf72e, fffffa6009481070, 0}

    Probably caused by : memory_corruption ( nt!MiRelinkStandbyPage+be )

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  • I bought an NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS video card. I am looking for an awesome screen saver.?

    I spent over $400 on this card. The graphics are awesome. I would like to find awesome screen savers that demand such a powerful video card. I have a 37 inch LCD HD Monitor. There are lots of free screen savers out there, but they are full of viruses and malware. I don't mind paying for a screen saver... especially a 3D screen saver. Thanks.

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  • Can I be safe connecting wireless to a router without any security encryption?

    I have three computers in the house. Two are wired to the router via ethernet and my computer is connected via wireless card. My router is linux based so I flashed a linux based 3rd party firmware to the router. The firmware will allow me to only let certain MAC addresses connect to the router. Should I be pretty safe with no wep or whatever encryption? I am asking because the connection to the router keeps disconnecting and reconnecting every 30 minutes or so with the encryption. No problems with no encryption.

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  • In today's market, what is the best way to save for college or a new home?

    I need to know the best and safest way to save for 10 years. My son is eight years old. That gives me 10 years until he is ready for college. If he is able to get his college paid for via grants and scholarships, I'd like to use the money to buy a new home. I do not currently have a big chunk of money to invest. I need something that I can add $50 here... $100 there... On slow months, maybe even just $10. I want it hard to pull out. I do not want to be tempted to use this cash. I am not familiar with cds or iras. I really don't even know the difference between interest and yield. None the less, what do you think the best option in todays market is? What should I ask the banker? Is there a banker (Schwab? Fidelity?) you recommend? And why? Thank you for your time. Most informative answer that doesn't look like a copy and paste gets 10 points! Thank you and good luck!

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  • What rights does a co-signer on a house have... in Texas.?

    I was dating a girl and she bought a house. To lock in a good rate, her mother cosigned on the house. Three years later, the girl and I are married and her mother does not like me one bit. Several times her mother has called screaming and yelling saying that she is putting the house up for sale. Can she do this? Can she make us buy her out? Does she own half the house? She was just a cosigner. The central appraisal district shows my wife as 100% owner. What; if anything, can my wifes mother do? And where do I fit in as far as ownership goes? We are married now. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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  • What are three (soundtrack) songs that are so good... they touch your soul?

    These three are completely awesome. I strongly suggest downloading the songs for better sound quality.

    Bill Conti - Mickey

    Youtube thumbnail

    The Life of David Gale

    Youtube thumbnail

    Bear McCreary - Roslin and Adama

    Youtube thumbnail

    Are there three songs you have at this magnitude that you can feel with your soul? Please share.

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  • Trumpet for a beginning band student.?

    I am embarrased to ask. I have played baritone for years. I am currently a member of the University of Texas Longhorn Alumni Band. But 6th grade was a very long time ago. My nephew is very athletic and will most likely take the one required year of beginning band then get into sports. So here is the equation I have... We have a lot of musical talent in my family. My father was a concert master for a University of Texas orchestra. His grandfather played for John Philip Sousa. So there is talent in the family. If he progresses toward the musical side, what kind of beginning trumpet should he get? What is a safe back up in case he gives up after one year? I know there are different kinds of trumpets. I would like for him to kind of stand out so he can see how much of a difference he can make in music. One other thing to throw at you... What are up with these pocket trumpets? Are they a good idea?

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  • Can you find five of the saddest music videos on youtube for me?

    Sad music videos. When I say videos.. I mean like what you would see on CMT, VH1, or MTV.... No complations. Five of them. Person that brings tears to my eyes the most gets 10 points.



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  • Please help me name this song.?

    The song was sung by a young boy with really messed up teeth. On the video he was riding on a school bus or something like that. I am thinking he was a one hit wonder. Any ideas?

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  • Who is the final unrevealed Cylon in the new Battlestar Galactica?

    We know the seven + four in secret. Who is the final and why?

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