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  • Child Porn or Not Just wondering?

    This is a weird question. But some of us at the baseball game the other day were curious. Maybe some one can help us.

    The boys are too lazy to actually walk to the bathroom. They go up in the woods and pee. I live near the field and I have a camera mounted on a tree to take pictures of the deer that come through. If one of these boys would go far enough and get their picture taken while peeing, would that be considered child porn?

    The cameras are motion detected and I'm not using them to intentionally take pictures of boys peeing.

    I do take the cameras down in the Summer, because the deer and turkey don't come through then. If I would happen to leave them up, could I really get in trouble if this happened?

    Of course us moms thought if they get caught on camera then maybe they wouldn't be too lazy to walk to the bathroom!

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  • What to include on my resume?

    After working at the same job for 13 years, the company has closed. I haven't done a resume for years. I don't know how to include some things or what to include.

    I started community college a few years ago and never finished. Do I include this? I only went for one semester.

    I worked for the same place at two different times. Do I list it once or twice?

    How far back should I go? I was told only 10 years. But that would only be my last job. And my last job wasn't very impressive. My boss always told us we could be replaced with trained monkeys. The sad thing was it probably could be done. But the pay was good!

    I need help please!

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