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  • How long should I wait between using vinegar and bleach?

    I use vinegar for most of my cleaning, but I've had an injury that made cleaning my shower very difficult and I unfortunately let it go too long. At this point, vinegar will not be enough - trust me, I have been through this before. I have a bleach product I use when this happens, but I usually do it on a separate day from when I do the rest of my bathroom cleaning so I can still use vinegar on the other things (vinegar and bleach have a similar reaction to ammonia and bleach). How long do I actually have to wait?

    Please do not suggest other products.These are the products I am using.

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  • Need a dry blush wine?

    For Christmas, the family is doing an Italian spread, most of the dishes using red sauce. I wish I could get a merlot to go with it all, but my mother hates red wine. I like white wine, but it really wouldn't go with the types of foods we'll be eating. I feel like the best option in this case would be to bring a blush wine. Mom's favorite is white zinfandel, but that's way too sweet for me. Any suggestions on a dry blush wine that would satisfy us both?

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  • Question about adherence?

    I have a theoretical question about how strict adherence must be to the technical definition of veganism in order to be called a vegan by the population on this board. I am not a spammer; I, in fact, consider myself a vegan.

    I'm sure we all agree that someone who has never consumed an animal product in his or her life and has never touched leather, silk, cosmetics tested on animals, or anything else un-vegan would be considered a "true" vegan. Consider, however, the following:

    1. If someone continues to wear animal items purchased before the conversion to veganism?

    2. If someone chooses not to question ingredients at a restaurant and simply avoids the obvious (e.g.: ordering pizza with no cheese but not asking of the sauce or crust are vegan)?

    3. Someone who doesn't read labels at thee grocery store, but avoids the obvious (e.g.: doesn't buy cheese but doesn't check if that granola bar has whey or not)

    4. Someone who allows a once-monthly vegetarian "cheat"?

    5. Someone who allows a once-monthly animal flesh "cheat"?

    6. Someone who allows a once-annually vegetarian "cheat"?

    7. Someone who allows a once-annually animal flesh "cheat"?

    8. Someone who in all other ways conforms to the standard definition of veganism, but does eat honey?

    9. Someone who in all other ways conforms to the standard definition of veganism, but does eat oysters (supposedly "proven" to not be sentient)?

    10. Someone who receives vaccinations or other important medications that have been tested on animals or contain animal ingredients?

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  • Are Cake Mate icings vegan?

    Specifically the red, orange, and yellow ones?

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  • Natural cleaning w/o fruit flies?

    I leave in an apartment that is highly susceptible to fruit fly infestation - I think maybe one of my neighbors has an infestation or something, because if I get at all lax in my cleaning, wait just a little too long to take out the garbage, etc., then I wind up with an infestation myself. I have to be a lot more careful than I've ever had to be in any other appartment (on the bright side, I'm becoming a much better housekeeper here :) ).

    About four months ago (the same time I went vegan), I switched to a homemade vinegar-water solution for cleaning; shortly after, I found myself with another infestation. It took me three months to figure out that it was because of the vinegar-water cleaner, ad as soon as I switched back to chemical cleaners, they went away. Problem is, I don't want to clean with chemicals. Is there any way to clean with natural household products that will still be effective in keeping the ever-looming fruit flies at bay? Is there a certain ratio of vinegar-to-water that will be more effective and still safe for my surfaces? Or will I just have to shell out the extra money for organic, plant-based cleaning products?

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  • What is an "out and back" hiking trail?

    I'm about to go on my first hiking trip, and I've been looking up the place my boyfriend wants to take me online. the trail type is listed as "out and back." I've tried googling that phrase several different ways, but I can't seem to find a definition anywhere. Can anybody tell me what an "out and back" trail is? Thanks!


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  • What is the best free website host?

    I'm looking to start a website, and I'd like to know what the best site host is. It's just going to be a few pages with information about an organization, announcements, contact info, maybe a blog... I'd like to have a domain name for it, too. I don't need message boards or anything fancy, but I would like it to look professional. Thanks.

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  • Could anybody recommend a DVD Ripper?

    Can anybody recommend a good free DVD Ripper? I used to have one that was just called "DVDRip," which was okay for getting the video (the audio alernated between the movie and the commentary, though), but now I have a new computer. I tried searching for DVDRip, but there are so many results for that search, I can't find it. Besides, if there's something better, I'd rather have that. Thanks.

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  • Help installing a printer?

    I just got a new computer, and I'm trying to install my Canon Pixma MP160 printer, but I can't find the disk that came with it. How do I install the printer without that disk? Thanks.

    PS: The computer is a Gateway, if that matters. This is the computer: It has Windows Vista.

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  • Book inscriptions for loved ones?

    I bought my mother a book for Christmas - it's a copy of a book that her mother used to own that Mom loved, but lost years ago. I want to write some sort of inscription in it, but I have no idea what to write. What did you write, or do you have any suggestions? Even just a general idea of what people write in inscriptions would help. Thanks.

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  • Using egg to thicken?

    I've read that you can use egg to thicken gravies, stews and chowders instead of starch/flour. How do you do add the egg without the recipe turning lumpy? Does it work with egg whites, or just egg yolks? Thanks.

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  • Can I get Photoshop for free?

    Is it possible to safely download a full version (not free trial) of photoshop for free?

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  • Working on Seafood Chowder Recipe?

    I'm planning on trying a homemade seafood chowder recipe, and I wanted some opinions before I try it. I'd hate to screw it up and waste the money on the ingredients, lol. Here's what I'm planning to use for two servings:

    1 1/4 cup skim milk

    1/4 cup coconut milk

    1 6.5 oz. can clams, not drained

    1/4 lb. haddock, diced thick

    2 small russet potatoes, diced thick

    1 thick slice onion, minced

    1 celery stalk, diced

    1 slice red bell pepper, finely diced

    1/2 cup fresh basil

    2 tsp garlic powder

    1 tsp ginger

    1/2 tsp thyme

    Salt to taste (after cooking)

    I added haddock to Progresso's clam chowder once, and it was incredible, so that will definitely be part of this recipe. What do you think? If the broth is too watery, I'm thinking of adding an egg white to thicken it. Would that work? I'd like to avoid adding starch if I can.

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  • Making bacon healthier?

    If you peel the strips of fat off of striped bacon, is what you're left with (the "rind," I believe it's called) nutritionally similar to Canadian bacon (high in protein, B6, etc. and low in fat)? I'm thinking about putting some bacon pieces in a healthy recipe, but I have only the striped bacon in my fridge. Am I better off just leaving the bacon out if I want a healthy recipe?

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  • How is salmon supposed to taste?

    I just had salmon for the first time last night. I made it myself in a pan with garlic, basil, and lots of lemon juice. :9 Delicious! However, I've heard that salmon is supposed to taste really fishy. I would have best described the salmon I ate last night as being something like a REALLY tender chicken breast, only a tiny bit fishier. Did I do something wrong? Was there something wrong with the fish? Or is that what a good salmon is supposed to taste like? Thanks.


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