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  • What is the excuse behind the Boston rioting?

    What is being "protested?"

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  • Has anyone ever heard of injections of plasma into arthritic joints?

    My doctor has already given me steroid shots which basically helped for a week. Doctor didn't believe that they would help much, but I wanted to start at step one. Now, step 2 is to inject my plasma into each hip. Apparently, this is an off-label use, and not covered by insurance. Just wondered if anyone has tried this treatment?

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  • Horse holding nose up in the air?

    OK, horse peeps, I've got a new one. Have talked to vet and chiro, and they aren't concerned, but I am.

    My coming 6 year old mare has suddenly started raising her nose skyward in a stretching fashion. This happens in the pasture and in the stall, not when being ridden. It occurs sporadically, I can't see a pattern or stimulus. She doesn't seem uncomfortable, it is almost like she is sniffing the air. I do not think it is a photo-sensitive reaction, I've had one of those, and he flung his head, she is just lifting/stretching it.

    I know it doesn't sound like much, but anytime they have a change in behavior, I worry.

    Any ideas?

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  • What happens if you ignore the spacing recommendations on the box of ceramic tile?

    I would like to place the tile on the wall as closely as possible, but the directions on the box recommend 3/8 inch. The tile is 18" x 24" if that makes any difference.

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  • Directional tires available in US of A?

    Trying to finish out a 1965 Chev Chevelle Malibu SS Convertible. Hubby wants to put directional tires on it, and is having trouble finding the tires he wants. Looking for BF Goodrich, g-force profilers. Does anyone know of a dealer, can't find any online.

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  • Are their any less expensive digital cameras with viewfinders, not just the screen?

    Looking for a "better" camera in the under $300 range. Not a camera expert, just wanting a little more than point and shoot. To the novice, it looks like the viewfinder adds about $200. Here in Florida, the sun often washes out the screen, and you are left shooting blind. Anyone have any recommendations?

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  • RE: How to limit my family's liability?

    Those were some really raw non-answers that most of you gave, but it did get me to thinking, so thank you.

    You are right, I wasn't thinking of others, but then, I don't see anything I can do to help them. I would, however, like to protect my family from the effects of their dad's behavior.

    What gives you cretins the belief that I have ANY control over any of this? I am living with someone who is an addict. He is not drunk when he leaves the house, and I have other responsibilities in addition to babysitting a grown man 24/7. He usually leaves when I am not there, but even if I am there (and he is not usually drinking then), you can't make him not go out if he chooses to. If he is really bad, his buddies will bring him home, but as the commercial says "buzzed driving is drunk driving." Even if I was to take his keys, his classic car will start without a key.

    So thanks for the kind words.

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  • How to limit my family's liability?

    My husband is an active alcoholic, who seems to specialize in drunk driving. I don't intend to divorce him, I hope he will get over his addiction, and life can go on. However, I am very afraid that he will eventually get in a wreck and hurt someone who will sue us. Everything except his retirement checks are in my name, but I don't think that protects me or my family in case of a lawsuit. Any ideas?

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  • Terms for double jointed snaffle bit?

    I want to research double jointed snaffles in an effort to find the best bit for my 4 year old mare. She is obviously uncomfortable in a single jointed snaffle, I assume the single joint pokes into the roof of her mouth, and obviously more comfortable in a double jointed curb, and the one roller snaffle that I already have.

    So far, I have noticed the following terms: french link, Dr. Bristol, and dog-bone (a western term, I think). I have also seen some Mylers with what looks like a sleeve or covering over the joint. What are some other terms that I can google to look at more versions of a not single jointed snaffle? I don't want a Waterford, and I would generally like the bit to be show legal, although I know that different associations have different rules. TIA

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  • Dressage Test Question?

    Will someone take a look at this dressage test and explain some things to me? I am an experienced rider, interested in "Western Dressage." On this test, somewhere between 5 and 9, there has to be a change of rein, doesn't there? If not, how do I get from B to F at a walk, go almost the whole way around the ring? And how do I get to the "half circle right" at 9 after doing the "half circle left" at 3, without a change of rein.

    The test link:

    Sooooo confused. I thought the hard part was going to be the horse skills, now I am finding my logic skills are not up to par.

    Thanks In Advance.

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  • Horse Camps in Southest USA?

    I am usually amused when people ask regional question in this internatiinal forum, but here I go:

    Does anyone know if a stay over, not day camp, for young horse riders in the southeastern corner of the USA? Either one where you ride their horses, or (even better) one where you can bring your own horse. All I have found so far is day camps hours from home, and that sure won't work.


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  • Canadian HS - Equest Trailers?

    I am looking at a trailer in Ocala, Florida. Equest brand, made in Canada. Seems to be all aluminum with a really slick, almost industrial looking living quarters. It has a reverse slant, which I have heard is better for the horse. Has anyone here had any experience with these trailers? TIA

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  • Could an english saddle fitter do a good job on a stock horse and a western saddle?

    For the second time, my saddle fitter was hours late to her appointment with me. Since I was going to have to meet her and it would have been after dark, I cancelled the appointment. I live at the edge of nowhere, and it is two hours drive to any horse community, this is very frustrating.

    Since english saddle fitters are more numerous in the first place, IF I could find a fitter of english saddles that would come to my area, do you have any opinion as to whether he or she might be familiar with stock saddles and horses? Is that sort of thing common?

    6 AnswersHorses8 years ago
  • Proper way to use dressage whip to sharpen up response to leg cues?

    I want to add another technique to my "bag of tricks." My greenie is somewhat resistant to leg cues (she has gotten pretty light, usually, but swishes her tail), so I would like to use a dressage whip to encourage responsiveness, both forward and laterally, but this is something I have never done. I change reins a lot, what do you do with the dressage whip, or should I change my technique of changing reins a lot?

    Is this something that someone not familiar with the technique needs lessons on? I suppose I could contact a dressage trainer and ask specifically for a lesson using a whip?

    If I have to defend myself, I have trained from the beginning to finished show horse numerous horses, but now I am retired, and as I said, wanting to add to my techniques. My legs aren't as strong as they once were, I have more difficulty using just my calves, and the show ring has evolved to more sharply criticizing a tail swish. I am willing to take a lesson or lessons, just curious.

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  • Care and keeping of long mane?

    Looking for ideas to keep a long mane in show condition. I'm hoping to show my three year old next spring, she will be four by then, with a long mane. The problem I'm having is that even over night she is getting dreadlocks, and it is breaking off the hair as I remove them. I know there are differing opinions on tail care (braid different methods, sock or leave alone)....I'm a leave alone fan, but I've never heard opinions about mane care. Any Arabian, Morgan or Saddlebred showers out there that have to keep up a long mane?

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  • Some general questions about stuff I have seen on YA! Horse height, fence height and carrot sticks?

    I have recently been amazed, amused, and a bit perplexed by stuff written here in HS of YA.

    Just where do all these 17+ hands high horses come from? Granted, I mainly work with stock breeds, but 17hh is one big horse, even for many draft breeds, but here 17 hands seems almost common, with lots of people claiming 18 or 19 hand horses (over time, not necessarily right now).

    Jump height......isn't probably 3' to 3'6" sort of standard for your every day H/J show? But again, I see, over time, lots of people talking about jumps over 5".

    Carrot stick.....just WHAT is the difference, really, between a carrot stick and a longe whip? Besides price and color, of course.

    I'm sure I'm going to get flamed here, but I'm just getting too curious not to ask.

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  • What does "You can not view this question at this time" mean?

    BESIDES the obvious, that I can not view the question at this time. Other people apparently are viewing it, because the numbers of answers keep growing. The only guess I have is that the person has blocked me? Wow, I usually think of myself being pretty calm and reasonable, and don't know of anyone that I have gotten in a fight with.

    In HS because the question in question is, and HS is the only section I usually go into.

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  • Why do we give horses time to "settle in" at a new home, when we don't worry about that at a show?

    The title says it all. An answer to a previous question got me to thinking about that. I do it too.....move to a new stable, and then don't expect the horse to work seriously for a few days. BUT, then I haul off to a show, maybe several hours away, unload, and put my horse to work within a few minutes. A show ground is MUCH more stressful than a new boarding stable. Showing seems to work, so why do we give "settle in" time at a new stable?

    The idea I have is that it is really for ME, moving all my stuff is hard work, and stressful, so maybe the few days off are for me. ;)

    What do ya'll think?

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  • Exercises to help rider get back on her seat bones?

    I've been retired from teaching and training for about 10 years now, and my only "client" is my just-turned 12 year old daughter with her leased show gelding. The horse is extremely sensitive to rider seat and leg position, and I can not get my daughter to consistently sit back on her seat bones. Her legs have gotten stronger and steadier, but she still seems to pitch forward onto her crotch, especially when she gets tense, and when she does this, her legs tip back. The horse requires strong use of legs, and light hands to ride properly, not because he is lazy, but because he is highly trained on leg and seat cues.

    In the past, I think I have read some exercises about lifting your legs out away from the horse, and picking up and holding your heel to you hip as a stretch, but a search of YA has not revealed them to me.

    I have nagged "sit back, hug him with your legs" at least a million times, but improvement is only minimal, and not consistent. I can not seem to get across the idea of flattening her back with out slumping her upper body, and I can't get too much more specific than this with out attracting unwarranted comments on here :( .She is riding predominately western, and the problem is worse western than hunt seat. I believe good equitation is universal.

    Critique, suggest all you want, but rest assured "nasty" comments will be reported.

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