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  • what is the proper use of against and versus?

    I know they basically mean the same thing, but I know there is a difference. What is it? It seems at times that "against" is interchangeable with "versus", (Bulls vs. Lakers or Bulls against Lakers), but not the other way around (I am against that idea or I am vs. that idea).

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  • Name something a girl can say to a girl, but a guy cant say to a guy?

    In society there are certain things that women can say to each other with no problem, that guys cant, without sounding-- lets just say awkward.

    For example: women can compliment each other on hair, but its just weird if a guy were to. "Dude, your hair looks great! Can I touch it?" Or, "I realy like those shoes, can wear them next week?" It just has a different ring to it.

    Lets hear your examples.

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  • Punch lines only!?

    Ok, its been a little while since last time, so we are due!

    Punch line only! No set up, no joke!

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  • how are cable descramblers both legal & illegal?

    A few years ago, I had done slight research on cable descramblers, as I always see them for sale in various magazines, stores, internet & such. But many places say that they are not legal (of course those places being the cable companies). Before we even get into it-- NO, I dont own one!

    My question is: how can they be legal to advertise for sale & even in stores if they are illegal to use? Either its legal or its not! Which is it? I have called FCC to question it & they say it is perfectly legal to own but in order to use it, you must get permission from the cable company. I dont know about you, but that sounds pretty stupid to me. I am no legal mind or anything but, does that make any sense? They are saying that its ok to steal cable, as long as you get permission to do it.

    Is that just the FCCs way of just not getting involved?


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  • Thinking of investing in one of those vending machine routes. Any experience/input?

    My family wants to start a family business with roughly $15k-$20k of start-up investment. Are these ventures that I see all the time any good? I know that they are pretty good in & of themselves, but if you buy into a franchise or someones route, are they any good? I have seen them for about $10k to buy an existing route. Of course much homework is to be done with it, but just wanted to hear if anyone knows much about these.


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  • Do you have anything special planned for National Insurance Month?

    Did you know it is National Insurance Month? Just asking. Not that I have a cookout or anything like that planned. But if I did, I would be sure to invite you!

    has insurance been of any benefit to you?

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  • does anyone know the formula used to calculate the S&P 500, Dow etc..?

    These bench marks are used daily, but what do they really measure & represent?

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  • Is a hybrid SUV even serious?

    In the full size version of these vehicles, they say they get about 25% better miliage. On one of these that only gets 14mpg for example (which is about on the high average), thats an additional 3.5 mpg.

    So you get 17.5 mpg. Is that worth it? When you compare the additional cost of a hybrid engine vs. a regular gas one, is it just a bit laughable (which I am sure many will use that excuse to not buy the hybrid version)? We probably could get that savings in just slowing down & maintaining our cars properly.

    Dont get me wrong, I am not a SUV hater. I like them! But it just seems like they could try harder than that. One article I read says it could make those on the fence about SUVs, come on over b/c they are making them better with less guilt.

    Yes, 25% is still 25%, but if it didnt come with the much higher cost (probably about 25%), it could be reasonable that something is being done for the environment. It almost seems like a deterent.

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  • how long is your?

    to do list? I've got tons of stuff to do. YA! just being one of them.

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  • whats your best punchline--without the joke?

    no joke, no set up, just the line!

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  • on an elevator, why is the door open botton always by the alarm button?

    Most if not all elevator buttons are like this. If you have to quickly open the door for someone trying to come in, then you can easily press the alarm button! Why not move the alarm button so that it is by itself?

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  • other than Progressive, what other company has independent agents?

    I am in the process of getting my P&C license (already have L&H) & just wanted to find companies to do business with. Also, if you have any tips on home warranty or homeowners coverage for independents.


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  • ps2 spiderman 2-- how do you defeat the aliens on the statue of liberty?

    I have gotten to the liberty island by swinging. I even managed to get up to the brain thing on the top (& even land on the force field). but I just cant figure out how to destroy the orbs or the brain. I cant web them, punch them, land on them or anything meaningful. I figured out how to land on the beams that hold up the orbs, but thats it! I crawl out to them, but you cant use any powers while on it.


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  • For Superman Returns game PS2; I have completed the game, but have not found all those cats!?

    How can I find those cats?! On one of the video "hints" with Myxlptlck(?) he tells you to fly high above the city & you should see what to do. I am not sure if that is in regards to the cats or the emergencies that you need to save the city from the enemies.

    I think finding the 100 cats unlocks a level, but I have only gotten 31 so far. I dont want to try & play for another few months just trying to find those things.

    Any ideas? I do like the game, but this is driving me crazy!

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  • Do you know anyone that referes to themselves in the 3rd person?

    ricks imagines that it would be kind of irritating. there was a guy on Seinfeld that did it, & of course there is the WWE wrestler Rock. Ricks just wondered if anyone in real life did that.

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  • If you could be one, what super hero would you be and why?

    No made up ones or combos, just the real deals.

    What is it about the power or character of them that makes you ready to wipe out crime?

    I would be Superman, hands down! Beyond the x-ray peepers, mega-super strength, heat vision, cold breath, flight, speed, I like the character whithin. I know the other heros like Batman call him a boyscout & all that, but what other hero can stop a massive alien invasion, stop petty theft, a robbery, chemical spill, natural disaster, nuclear threat, all in the same day & still make time to help an old lady accross the street!?

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  • do you ever peek around in someones profile or contacts/fans, just to look around?

    Why? Are you trying to get insight on them? Just curious with the avatars? Ever find something interesting/disturbing?

    I've done it just to see about them a bit. They may have made an interesting point or comment.

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