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  • A cut on my scalp....?

    Last Dec somehow i got a cut on my scalp on the side of my head. It bled profusely, then it scabbed over but this bulb-like growth is in its place and still is. What is it and how do i rid of it?

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    Metallica? Megadeth? Slayer? Anthrax? Pantera? Testament? Sepultura? Kreator?

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  • THREE'S COMPANY FANS - Fav girl on the show?

    Who would you say is your fav woman on the show? Janet? Chrissy? Lana? Cindy? Terri?

    2 AnswersComedy8 years ago
  • Best friends (with benefits) now broken?

    I have to admit I feel guilty and sad for a friendship that is now destroyed not knowing if it is temporary or permanent. This was a friendship with benefits with a woman who we use to talk on the phone for hours, had sex, been out to concerts, parties, events and bbq together... everything but having a relationship. we had no strings. However, as time went on, maybe 2 years later I was using testosterone for the gym, the doses got higher and higher and not knowing my temper and language got vulgar to the point, her and I do not even speak. She told me never to contact her again after 3 long years. We were best friends but she tells everyone who knows both of us that best friends dont yell, name call, get vulgar. I realize this but how can I go on about repairing this? I have been off the testosterone for a month now. Do I just leave her alone?

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  • White cells? Cancer? Urine in the blood?

    I am very worried for a good friend who thinks she may have cancer...the doctor wants to do more testing to be sure. She has been having lumps in her arm pits and blood in the urine. Is this a typical sign of something fatal, please help me out... I am very concerned.

    2 AnswersCancer10 years ago
  • Women blaming another man for the actions of their ex-bfs or ex-spouse?

    I tend to find that whether in a new relationship or even just as friends with some women they tend to unload their pain and hatred onto me for the crappy treatment their exs' laid into them in the past. Is this intentional that I must be expected to pick up the other man's slack or what can this be?

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  • RUSH - Favorite Rush song?

    I just saw Rush for the 4th time in my life, great Canadian band. They show great musicianship for a 3-piece.

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    I lost my parents, father in 1997 and mother 2009 and each time most of my relatives came out of the woodwork criticizing me or blaming me all about it. My younger sister was left alone so I took it all as if the deaths were not irritating and depressing enough. Then they want to tell me to do that, take care like this, dont do this, do that, etc etc, blah, blah, blah. They were asking stupid and insulting questions as if I was a bad son my parents! I told some relatives to never ever talk or see me again for life and some hung the phone up on me. All in all just my sister and a cousin or two I decided to be in touch with. I am still angry and irritated by my relatives over this but I want to know what would you do in my shoes? Am I doing the right thing?

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  • Meddling and Criticizing Relatives?

    In 1997, I lost my father from cancer and after the funeral, relatives came out of the woodwork to blame myself for causing his emotional and financial damage that they have no proof of and which was not true. My younger sister was left alone, my relatives never bothered her at all, I took it all and of course they offered advice telling me to do this and behave like that and to take care of this...blah blah blah as if the death did not stun and punished me enough. Last Mar2009 on my birthday, my mom died from an aneurysm and the same damn crap happened all over again. Aside from my sister and a cousin or two, I decided to stay away from all my other relatives and even told some to never ever see or talk to me again from the rest of our lives. I still feel the weight and irritation from this, any suggestions how I can deal with this?

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  • Nerve damage in the forearm?

    Anyone knows if there are anything to take to help nerve health and muscle gain. I have nerve damage in my forearm and as time goes on, my hand muscles are getting stronger and stronger and there seems to be less and less of nerve irritation.....So are there anything that will enhance this?

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    Anyone knows why Sharon Osbourne and Goldberg were not at the finale?

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    I want to know how would you feel guys if you were with women who kissed you sexually on the mouth, had sex, confided in each other about everything, spent a lot of time together but says she sees you like a brother...wouldn't you feel like this is incestuous or do you take it as a compliment proving how much someone trusts you?

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