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  • Should I enter the ROTC program at my high school next year?

    After this year, I'm going to be a freshman and I've been thinking about taking our extra-curricular ROTC program. My friends and I have been interested in serving our country for the past three-or-four years. My problem is that I'm not the strongest person I know and I'm scared of almost everything from conflict to spiders. My friend Gregory teases me and tells me that I'm going to get beat up instead of helping anyone. Any ideas on what I can do to improve my strength? (and health?)

    (And I wear braces so eating non-cut-up apples are out of the question) Gracias in advance!

  • The death of an uncle you were close to?

    My uncle died on Friday and his funeral was yesterday. I feel bad for my aunts family and his kids family and also myself. I don't normally cry at funerals but Tuesday I was sobbing into my younger cousins shoulder. And it really doesn't help that he died of a brain hemorrhage and in a coma when I didn't get to say goodbye or even see him. I'm going to the cemetery tomorrow to talk to him and my grandma though mainly him. I feel bad for my mom and grandpa too because they lost a son and a brother. What's the best way to get over it?

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