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I am a born again believer, I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and saviour Jan 4th 2004. There is nothing I can ever do to repay the debt that Jesus Christ has paid for me. I am a PEOPLE person and i care for you and want to pray for you! I walk with a peace, joy and happiness in my life that is hard to find and i want to share it with everyone. I want to share with you and help you, I love Yahoo Answers. Feel free to email me, I love meeting new people. Christians I would love to network with you so if you see me and think you would like to add me please do...Revalations 1:7 Behold, he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him: and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him. Even so, Amen.

  • Car trouble its important can u help please?

    Trying to research on the internet from ur phone can be tricky I'm really hoping you can help me. I am trying to get brake caliper bolts off of my car to change the break pads which are very tight I have the tools but my uncertainty is which way to turn the nuts I drive a Chevy impala v6 2001 please help :) :)

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  • what is the best cannibus in the world?

    in my opinion it would be northern lights

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  • what is the funniest thing you have heard tonight?

    i asked my boyfriend to tell a joke and he said uh huh yea okay...can you top that. were bored

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    part 3 of 3

    I have had a wonderful time getting to know my relatives, I met the majority of my family the third Sunday September 19th (2010), and I am so glad to say they are all strong Christians, which blows my mind. I arrived in Georgia at Emma Gean Tibbits house via Greyhound bus on September 17th. I am 8 months pregnant. It’s a little scary traveling this pregnant, but I find it totally worth it. I plan to head home next week back to Missouri.

    I have left Kenneth my father and my grandmother alone since I have gotten the feeling that neither wants anything to do with me. On a side note, my father owns his own business, does not pay his child support correctly and lied to my family forcing them to believe me dead most of my life. My grandma, everyone says is the stingiest woman you could ever meet and made my grandfather work himself to death, she is worth a tremendous amount of money I am told. I have never too much been interested, but my father and grandmother’s behavior is so strange it just makes you wonder.

    Also I almost forgot to mention, when my mother and father divorced, despite the many horrible things we know about this man my father (including being a sex offender, thief and liar which I hate to say that really) on the divorce papers, he said he had zero children. So it is very possible the divorce between him and my mother has never really been legal. My mother says she did not contest it because she just wanted to get away from him. I am glad to say my father had no other children after me.

    I received an email from him last night. This is the reason I am typing my story. Before I went to bed I decided to check my email, and saw an email from my dad. Who had previously lied and said he never got an email from me months before. I was scared to death to read it, I started laughing hysterically and I told myself don’t put yourself through this right now, read it with your great aunt. So I went to bed and said my prayers, moreover my praise for the many things I am thankful for. The next morning Today October 1st. My great aunt and I, whom I just met for the first time a few weeks ago after her believing me dead for almost 17 years, read his email together,. Since my father has never said anything to me since I was 5, I was very scared of what that email might contain. But to my comic relief, it was not that bad. It was a long email, but in the email, he complained about how I was ruining his life and his reputation and that he demanded I pay for my own DNA test to prove I was who I say I am. He threatened to get a restraining order against me to keep me away from my family, and he said I should have no problem getting this DNA test done in 5-7 days. (Previously he said my unborn son was not his grandbaby) I have all these emails, and so many witnesses, I think it’s a profound story, but I don’t know what to do with it.

    Dear Whomever,

    If you received my entire letter and if you were in my shoes, what would you do? How would you handle a scandal like this? I want nothing more than to prove who I am, I do not need his approval or my grandmothers, because I have loving family members who accept and believe me for who I am and I couldn’t ask for more. The only thing is how ridiculous this man and his mother continue to be. I wish I could can this nasty can of worms.

    Is there anything you can do to help?

    Thank you so very much


    Jamie Dee Reid

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    I am glad you are someone who likes to read, because I feel like I am typing a book, this is the third time today I have tried to write my story to see if anyone can help in anyway.

    When we found my grandmothers page, we were ecstatic both my mother and I were so worked up, I began clicking name after name after name of people that might have been my relatives, saying, "I am Kenneth William Reid's daughter are we related?"

    I also emailed Kenneth and I almost immediately got a response back, I have copies of everything. The first thing my father ever said to me in fifteen years, was ‘please do not contact me through face book or any other type of media you can email me at such and such because I don’t trust your mother...’ and that was pretty much it.

    Within the next few days, I had relatives! One, in particular, named Emma Gean Tibbits, who got my email, emailed someone else, (my great aunt) to ask who this Jamie Reid was. She was told the only Jamie Reid she knew of had DIED. I later learned that my entire family had believed that I was murdered by my step dad and had been dead for nearly 17 years. Can you believe that?

    A few days later, I received a weird face book message from my grandmothers profile page, I thought it was so strange it said something like request for identity, and it said to email this weird email name address. But I did email it, and I got an email back later that night around 3am. When I got the email, it was so energetic but said something in all caps, “IT IS NOT UNUSUAL FOR ME TO BE UP ALL NIGHT READING MY EMAILS”…I thought, what a weird email this must be a hacker or something, some sort of joke. So I emailed back and said I don’t think my grandmother would be up all night reading her emails, and in your email you asked me some questions you should know the answers too. Then she snapped an email back saying, “Strike 3 and your out.” She wanted to ask the questions because her granddaughter was dead. I also had to inform her I thought she was dead. She told me some very touching stories about my grandfather. She also told me, she was told by my dad that I was murdered the day that her daddy died. We emailed back and forth that night, and then I didn’t hear from her again until nearly a month later when I met my cousin Gean Tibbits in Branson, MO.

    Surprisingly, this Emma Gean Tibbits and I had lots in common, she didn’t know she was a Reid until about 15 years ago; she is in her late 70’s. Mrs. Tibbits and her husband had a military reunion to attend the next month not even 45 minutes away from where I lived, and we believe that it was orchestrated by God that she was coming so close to where I lived so we could meet. This military reunion happens every two years and it is not always in Branson, Mo. I met Mrs. Tibbits and bonded quickly with her and fell deeply in love with my new family member, we feel much closer than cousins.

    After Branson, I continued to make contact with my new family members who had many questions for me. My great Aunt, Sarah Hardy, told me she threw a family reunion every year the Third Sunday in September, in Alabama. I wanted to go so bad. Everyone wanted me to come. She told me my grandmother might come, and that my father never came to the reunion. Of course I wanted to be there. And Glad to say I was there! I am here now visiting with my Great Aunt this very moment (in Alabama). I couldn’t have asked God for a more amazing and talented family.

    Now my grandma didn’t respond to a lot of my emails, finally I asked her and said, "Do you want me to be dead?" She told me she didn’t know what she wanted and that there were lies from all sides. Everything I say and tell is to 100% the best of my knowledge, according to my mother and my relatives and what I know myself. To this day I still have not talked to on the phone or visited my grandmother. Most relatives are baffled by her behavior, Today is October 1st. My great aunt and I and Emma Gean Tibbits (aka Grandma Nana) asked her if we could come up and visit her, at first she was reluctant to agree, than later that night she quickly changed her tune and sent a nasty email about how I was not her granddaughter and may never be considered her granddaughter and she did not want me to come to her house. We planned to drive to Tennessee and visit her yesterday.

    If you are finding this story interesting at all, please keep reading. Like most young girls, growing up without a daddy, I had identity problems, I had relationship problems. A single mother raising me and my sister, our lives have been and still are pretty hard. This whole experience is absolutely unbelievable to me, and it reaches some very deep personal feelings, things I have never even known, feelings that existed I didn’t know I had. I am so thankful for this new family, I just pray that God won’t take them away any time soon.

    end part 2 of 3

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  • I'm just wondering...are you HAPPY?!?

    are you happy??

    can you tell me why

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  • Do you ever go to Church? Please answer thanks!!!?

    if you do where? How often?

    I'm just curious how many people go to services?

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  • IS THERE A GOD??? please answer????? !!!!! thankyou?

    please why do you think there is or is not.. and do you have PROOF???

    I think EVERYONE asks this QUESTION

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  • what is the most retarded thing you have ever done?

    Come on, we all have a silly moment story... what is one of the silliest things you have ever done?

    Mine would be going through a red light when there was a cop car right behind me. : D ya lol fun

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  • would you die for someone?

    if you would who?

    would you die for someone you didn't know or maybe didn't even like?

    just wondering thank you so much

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  • Would you be happy if you were rich??

    if you don't mind why do you think so?

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  • what religion are you? jw?

    how much are you into it?

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  • DO YOU KNOW 100%......?

    where will you go when you die and do you know 100%?

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  • What if Everyone ?

    You were born a boy instead of a girl?

    Or born a girl instead of a guy?

    have you ever wondered?

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  • What would you do...?

    if you were convicted of a crime, and the penalty was death? Just what if you were in "make-beleive" or the sentence was life in prison.

    And some stranger you never met before, came and told you... hey walk free I will pay the sentence for you, and he/she takes the death or life sentenance penalty for you...

    what would you do if someone would do something like that for you?

    just wondering..

    your opinion lol

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  • What sorts of things tug at your heart??? please answer?

    I am curious what sorts of things tug at your heart and make you sad or filled with compassion.

    I care about old people and poor children, my heart breaks for them and i want to help them..

    some people get sad for animals or just

    if you dont mind will you share with me some of your passions in life for things that fill you with a sense of compassion?

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