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  • Cell Phones and Plans?

    Okay, I'm shopping for a new phone. I look on and I see iPhones, droids and so on that are refurbished. These sell for little money compared to shopping at an AT&T store, Sprint, T-Mobile and so on.

    Let's say I but a refurbished T-Mobile droid but want to use that phone with an AT&T calling plan, does that really work?

    Thank you,


    2 AnswersCell Phones & Plans7 years ago
  • How to beat late night food cravings?

    Okay so I'll be out of the Army soon and I know my "healthy" appetite will not shrink anytime soon. I've always been a late night refrigerator raider but with the long runs, muscle failure, ruck marches and so on I've maintained a decent metabolism. However I'm 40 and I know I'll have a near future problem of eating late at night. Any advice on how to beat the junk food cravings and NOT eat late at night?

    2 AnswersDiet & Fitness7 years ago
  • Partying in Las Vegas?

    Okay, I am close to getting out of the Army. I got A LOT of money saved up. I also have a monthly income coming in. I am stressed with responsibilities and have given a lot to my country and family.

    I enjoy a good time. I am NOT saying I am going to drink myself to death like "Leaving Las Vegas," but I would like to live out there for several months, hike the desert, work out at Gold's, and just "be free."

    Any advice??



    3 AnswersLas Vegas7 years ago
  • A National Geographic Special About London?

    I recently saw this "Drugs, Inc." special on London and marijuana. The commentator and several residents interviewed explained dealers have so many people that grow this for them there is NOT a lot of profit to be made as the over supply has become so that it almost has to be given away?

    Is this true? If so, if a few weeks when I separate from the Army I believe I will be visiting London. Lol!

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    1 AnswerLondon7 years ago
  • Hiking into The Grand Canyon alone or w/ a group?

    I am wanting to hike into The Grand Canyon soon. I have asked friends if they want to go and they all basically do not want to. I need some alone time from work, family, step-children, and so on. Being in the Army I am used to "hiking," but when we go to the field for several weeks I am with about 120 people.

    I have seen online there are outfitter groups that go but they charge anywhere from $995-$2,500 for a 7 day hike. This makes me want to get into this line of work.

    I have been to The Grand Canyon before and hiked some. I know there are mountain lions, bears, coyotes, and so on. In my "gear" I have bear mace, which shoots 30+ feet, a fog horn that can be heard a mile away, and a flare gun (all of which would make good home protection).

    I like to hike alone and want to experience more this visit. I also know for every hour you hike down, expect 2-3 hours coming back up, like an inverted mountain is what a park ranger called it.

    Have any of you hiked it alone or with a group? If so, what did you like or dislike about it?

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    4 AnswersPhoenix7 years ago
  • How do I get out of a family business and home I didn't sign for?

    I was still on active duty in the Army in another state when my wife and mother got together and decided to purchase a new home, with my mother as our lender. I told my wife NOT to get this house. I said the same thing to my mom. Again, I was out of state and my signature "happened" on home loan, taxes, homeowner's insurance papers, and so on. My signature apparently happened in front of their realtor and homeowner's insurance salesman too.

    I consulted an attorney and she said, "Why didn't you do anything sooner?" Well, I have a service that checks my credit monthly and with my mother as the lender, she doesn't report it to the credit bureaus.

    I want to thank you for reading this and any advice you are able to give me.

    Thank you,


    2 AnswersFamily8 years ago
  • Do you know foods I could make into a meal from using only a refrigerator or part of my closet as Storage?

    I am in The Army and I do not have easy access to a microwave. I can go to the cafeteria but if you were here, you may feel as I do. I think cereal is a good replacement but I look forward to your suggestions.

    Anything healthy related or quick meal suggestions are greatly appreciated.

    4 AnswersCooking & Recipes1 decade ago