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  • Obama supporters and those that voted for him.?

    It seems too many people may have complained about me posting this the first time, or it may not have been in a question form.

    So, i will ask a question.

    How do you feel about the man you voted for after reading some facts about him? Here are a few.

    Im not a republican, nor am i a democrat.

    But i can say if you voted for Obama, youre just blind to the real man he is.


    Because everyone is all for this man to be president, but doesnt step back and look at what type of man he really is.

    Lets list a few things about Obama -

    His aunt is living in Boston on welfare as an illegal alien - his response to that was " I didnt know "

    His affilliation with ACORN and what they do ( too long to get into ) - his response to that was " I didnt know "

    His sweet deal on his house and property purchase - his response to that was " I didnt know "

    His coffee time with the domestic terrorist - his response to that was " I didnt know "

    His not providing his birth certificate or anything that leads to his place of birth - basically his response to that - " I dont want you to know i wasnt born in the United States "

    Ya, theres a federal lawsuit going on right now against him for this one.

    Other things you should know about Obama -

    His tax cuts for people making less than $120,000 a year, yes he started his run for the office saying it was going to be $250,000 a year, but now Biden has been saying Obama is looking at about $120,000 a year. That means if you make more than $120,000 a year you will be taxed more. For what? Living part of the American Dream and becoming well off?

    Too bad, he wants to take your hard earned money and give it to the person standing in the welfare line who refuses to work.

    How about his stand on infantcide?

    What you dont know this one? Basically if a woman has an abortion and the baby is born alive, they kill it. Obama supported this.

    A baby already born and breathing, he supported to be killed because it should have been killed in the abortion process. Nice.

    Lets move on to his healthcare.


    Not much to be said on that as we all know what happens to things when the government takes over...

    But. He wants every child to have health coverage, good idea, seriously it is, i agree, but, what you dont hear him say is the fact that if you do NOT have that coverage for your child he wants to FINE you!

    Nice, cant afford the coverage to begin with, and now youre going to pay a fine for not being able to afford it.

    I can go on with things, like him refusing to salute the American Flag, why not? I dont care if you like this country or not, if you live here and if you are running for president, you had better be saluting that flag.

    But this may because he doesnt like the National Anthemn either, he wants to change that as well.

    But, since you are all hung up on the fact that he is all out for "change" and can not see what type of man he really is, congrats on him winning and in a year or so when youre all poor as hell because he taxed the American Dream to death so much that you have to pay $10 for a loaf of bread because those companies making more than $250,000 a year need to make up for the higher taxes, I can come back and say " I told you so. "

    Go Obama - Change the America we live in!!

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  • Would both have to be charged?

    Going to keep this short and to the point.

    A friends girlfriend gave him a necklace to sell, she didnt care where it was sold. She told him it was a gift from her father, whom has been having an affair and she knew about it, and she did not want anything from him.

    So, with this story and understanding he sold it.

    Her father then called the police and found out that he sold it and he is accussing the boyfriend of stealing it and wants him charged.

    The girlfriend said she took it and the boyfriend did not know where it really came from, the father doesnt believe her and wants him charged with it.

    I think the father would have to charge both of them in order to get the boyfriend, the girlfriend says she will say to the police she took it and he didnt know about it if the police are involved.

    The father will not prosecute his daughter for it at all, but thinks he can just get the boyfriend on it.

    Wouldnt both need to be charged if the girlfriend says the boyfriend didnt know?

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  • Anyone know a decent free online game?

    Any genre , it really does not matter. It can be flash-player based, text based, web browser, basicly anything.

    Slightly bored :)

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  • Free tax preparation, for those that qualify.?

    Its was a link on yahoo frontpage that needs to be posted over and over ,every place, since its time :)

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  • The perfect World, everyone reading the politics sections should read this.?

    Here it is, the perfect world.

    Pull out the globe, lay it on table with the leaders of United Europe, Russia, USA. Then mark it into three sections, each claiming one, eradicate anyone who does not comply.

    Simple, easy and efficient.

    *** Let the idiocy of anyone who does not agree begin with their rants ***

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  • Going to bed, who wants a Best Answer before i leave?

    First to answer this correctly gets a best answer.

    In 1977, **BLANK BLANK ** , president and founder of Digital Equipment Corp., stated : " There is no reason for any individual to have a computer in their home."

    Fill in ( ** BLANK BLANK ** ) with the first and last name of the guy who said this.

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  • Who wants a Best Answer?

    Before i go for the night, do you want a Best Answer?

    Then be the first to answer this,...

    In 1981 Bill Gates made the bold statement ..

    " ( BLANK ) of memory ought to be enough for anybody"

    Fill in ( BLANK ) with the correct amount.

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  • Apps. and Utilities you may know, may not know. You may find useful, you may not find useful. May list more.?

    Foobar 2000, Advanced media player for Windows

    OpenOffice, MS Office free

    VLC Media Player, Plays loads of media

    PC Wizard 2006, Tells you everything about whats in your PC.

    MediaCoder, Free universal audio/video batch transcoder (codecs)

    Shell Extension, Free utility for image viewing and converting

    Swiss Knife, Create,delete and format partitions

    Opera Web Browser, Fast browser with built in security if you do not like IE.

    Juice, Cross-platform podcast receiver, like a PVR for the MP3

    Trillian, Multi-client IM utility, chat to people using different IM clients at the same time.

    **READ** THE DOWNLOAD SITE INFO *FIRST*, SO YOU DONT SCREW UP. I have lots of other sites if wanted. MAY list later.

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