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  • Has anyone used allergy shots to help with your dog's allergies?

    I have a 4 year old Lab with horrible allergies and his allergy test showed he has a significant allergy to human dander plus 16 other things. The allergy shots are the last option but I have not heard of other having success with them. Does any one have any information on the topic. Good and bad is all greatly appreciated.

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  • Throughout your life how many different breeds have you owned?

    What breed do you currently have?

    And what breed was your favorite?

    My family bred and raised German Shepherds, Rottweilers, and Dobermans. So they were always in my life but I have also had Akita, Border Collies, Collies, Cardigan Welsh Corgi, Beagles, German Short Hair Pointers, Boxer, Chow Chows, Saint Bernard, Australian Cattle Dogs, Kelpie, Siberian Huskies, Pit Bull, Boston Terrier, Lhasa Apso, Pekingese, Schnauzer and Labrador Retrievers. All the herding dogs actually were working dogs on our horse farm.

    I now have Labs and they are my favorite breed out of all the breeds. I was just curious to see peoples' experience with breeds and their favorite.

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  • Need advice what I should do with a boyfriend who became obsessive and over bearing?

    I have been with this guy on and off for 6 years, the last 3 steady. Over the last 7 months he has been smothering me, following me, paranoid that I am cheating and when he is around I feel like I can not breathe. For the record, I have never ever cheated on anyone and never plan on it. He has become completely paranoid and controlling and I can not deal with him. I am a very confident and strong female and do not want someone trying to control me, following me and making up weird accusations. But all his behavior has completely changed my feelings for him, in a negative way. So my question is, do I stay and see if he goes back to being normal and try to mend feelings or do I get out of it before if gets worse?

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  • For those who feed the Raw Diet, what improvements have you seen in your dogs?

    I have switched my yellow Lab to the raw diet and have seen amazing results. He was obese and his weight has dropped, he is not shedding as bad and it seems like his allergies are improving. I was wondering what else can I expect and any information in general that you have regarding the Raw Diet is appreciated.

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  • Does anyone know what happened to the Quarter Horse Stallion, Impressive?

    I assume he is deceased, since he was foaled 1969. But I can not find anything on his last years. Does anyone know this information?

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  • What would you do if your vet did this?

    My mom took her dog to the vet and the vet said she saw ONE flea. But she could not find it again or any flea after an exam. But she said he had to be infested and said he would then have worms. This also would mean my dog at home had the same problem. So she prescribed an expensive treatment without even testing the dogs. Neither dog has fleas, and no test was done for worms. What would you do? Treat the dogs for something they may not have or call the vet and have further tests? Would you be angry and think the vet just try to make money?

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  • How do dogs know things and how do they know how to respond, without training?

    I always have known my 2 year old yellow Lab is special but lately he has done some amazing things. Sunday my 93 year old gradpa fell, and I was unable to lift him. When I was waiting for emergency personel I was trying to support him in an upright position so he could breathe. I could not really hold him and out of no where my Lab comes tries to push him up and then lays under him to support him until the ambulance came. It was the most amazing thing ever, it was like he was trained but he is not. Then a week ago I took him out on our normal walk in the woods and he started to act weird, very nervous. When he does not want me to do something he jumps up on me. About 20 minutes in to our walk he started to do this. I learned once before to listen to him but this time I had no idea. We got further down the path when my Lab totally blocked my way and refused to let me go on. At that point a man hiding in the bushes jumped out a few feet from us. My usually loving Lab became VICIOUS.

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  • What type do you prefer the English type Lab or the American type Lab?

    After three days of arguments with my two best friends, one who breeds the English style and the other who breeds the American style Labs. I was wondering what other prefer and if you think besides appearance is there any other difference. I have the English type and prefer them but that is a look thing. My boyfriend has the American type and both dogs have the loving Lab attitude. I just wanted to know what others thought.

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  • Tell me about your dog and why he/she is special to you?

    No matter the breed or size, dogs bring happiness and unconditonal love to our lives. So tell me about your dog or dogs. I have a 2 year old yellow Labrador Retriever who is the light of my life. I love how he makes me laugh. I love how he looks at me with so much love and admiration, I love how he is always there no matter what I look like or how I feel. And he loves me all the same. To him I am everything and to me he is the world.

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  • GUYS, need your opinion here, my boyfriend's birthday is coming up and I want to get him something nice?

    So from a mans' point of view what would you like and what would you like to do for your brithday?

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  • Has anyone else seen the disturbing videos of Katrina dogs left behind being shot by sheriffs deputies?

    I am a member of Dawn Watch and animals rights group that alerts memembers to animals news and cruelty. Today they sent the story with video and the story of lawsuits being filed. These are pet dogs left behind because owners were forced to leave them, and these deputies are driving around shooting them. One owners and newsman testified to deputies calling it target pracitice. I am was really upset by it how do you feel?

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  • Need help with a cat, please!!!?

    I am not a cat person but my sister has cat that has been acting weird lately. Besides that he meows, then squats and is leaking a clear substance from his rearend. What could it be? I am taking him to the vet tomorow for her, and even though he is not my cat I care(even though they do not. Any info helpful/

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  • What made you fall in love with your dog?

    I fell in love with my yellow Lab from the moment I laid eyes on him. Plus he was a gift to me from my brother right before he past away. In a great many ways my brother is alot like my Lab. They both make me laugh, they both care more about me than anything and they both love me no matter what.

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  • Do you think dogs can sense their owners feelings toward another person and act in a manner in accordance?

    I have 2 year old yellow Lab who is the biggest sweetheart but when he gets around people and only people I do not like he gets aggressive. He has always been able to sense people's emotions and act accordingly but I am surprised to see my sweet Lab turn into an extremely unfriendly and scary dog when we get around people I do not like. Do you think he is only feeling and acting out what I am feeling?

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  • What type of dog do you have and why do they mean so much to you?

    I have a Yellow Labrador Retriever who will turn two next month. I absolutely adore him because of the unconditional and constant love he gives. He is totally loyal and devoted and always a constant loyal companion. He also can make me laugh when nothing else can.

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  • Has anyone had to use steroids for you dogs allergies?

    Recently my year and half old Labrador Retriever has been having a hard time with environmental allergies. I hate having him even on Benedryl but his reaction this time was so bad he got a staph infection. My vet tested him for everything and put him on steroids, but I hate the idea and side effects. Has anyone had experiences with the use of steroids on a dog ? Can anyone reccomend an alternative? Besides Benedryl ( does not work)

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  • Will you please help stop the unnecessary slaughter of innocent mares and foals by the Wyeth Drug Company?

    Each year hundreds of innocent mares and foals are slaughter unnecessarily by The Wyeth Drug Company. The company manfactures the drug Premarin which is used as a hormone therapy in women. Premarin is a pill made from pregant mare urine. The company funds ranches to have these mare kept pregant to get their urine, The mares are kept in awful and inhumane conditions. Once the foals are born they are no use to the company so they are slaughtered along with the mares that can no longer make their quota. There are other alternatives to this drug that work the same, and the company's practice is unnecessary and cruel. Please help and sign the petition to end this cruel practice. Go to and look for PMU Mares and foals, its under animal welfare. Please help.

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