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  • Overflow box help please!?

    Guys, I need some quick help.

    I have the CPR Overflow box CS50 - 300gph. I have it hooked up to a tank in my kitchen for some trial and error. I have a few issues though.

    1. I wasn't able to find a PVC fitting for the bulkhead that is draining the overflow box. It's 3/4 inch diameter but the threads are tighter than anything I was able to find at Menards or Home depot. I ended up buying a few feet of 1/2 inch vinyl tubing that 'sort of' fits into the inner diameter of the bulkhead. This worked for experimentation only. Even if I were to silicone it in to the inside of the bulkhead I just wouldn't feel safe using it long term. I also couldn't find any tubing large enough to fit over the 3/4 inch bulkhead. The largest they had was 1 1/2 inch tubing but at that diameter it's so thick you can't force it over the threads. What do you guys use?

    2. When using the Overflow box, I had the aqualifter (air pump) hooked up as well. It kept sucking water into the air line and pumping it out the outflow... I assume once the siphon is started all I need is to keep it air tight... do I just turn the air pump on until the siphon starts and the unplug the air pump?

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  • Does the API Freshwater Master Test kit use a Nessler reagent to test ammonia or is it a Salicylate test?

    According to the little amount of research I've done, Nessler regeant tests are amber or brown in color and only uses one chemical in combination with tank water to derive a result. My API ammonia test kit is two bottles and the results are yellow to green. I thought maybe it was a salicylate test but some recent test results have me scratching my head.

    Basically I'm just looking for confirmation. Does anyone know for sure?

    If you want specific details on what is going on there is more info here (

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  • How do I rid a site, or reduce the number of Bots creating accounts?

    I'm part of a forum that gives out advice for saltwater aquariums. Recently we've had a lot of trouble with bots creating accounts and posting spam. What kind of counter measures can we install to reduce this? Any help is appreciated. Powered by php...

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