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I live on a farm; we raise chickens, vegetables, fruit, and a plethora of small pets. I love to sew, knit, crochet, cook, and ALL of that stuff.

  • What's up with my goldfish?

    Scenario: Fully cycled 55 gallon tank (has been set up 6 years, recently lost my oscar to old age...) I siphoned out 90 percent of the water after my oscar's death, changed and cleaned all filter material, etc. Bought 4 small 2" fantails and let them go wild. I added 2 18" bubble wands in the back for extra oxygenation. After a month, my pearlscale floated on its side for a day and then died. a few weeks later, Black Moor did the same. Then my little Telescope did the same. I only feed a tiny pinch 2 times a day and I do water changes (although probably not as often as i should). I did a 50 percent water change after the deaths to reduce any excess ammonia. Now I still have a chocolate oranda and i added another fantail. They are doing great. Are the "fancier" versions,such as pearlscale/Telescope more difficult to keep? I figured i would have those fish for 30 years in a nice big tank like that. (I thought I was saving them from "goldfish bowl syndrome") Sigh.

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