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  • What are your thoughts on the Census?

    In 2000 I was concerned with the Census and the information they where attempting to collect. It wasn’t till just this last year that I understood exactly what and why the information collected is so important. I filled out the 2000 forms with info saying I was a purple people eater.......but now regret that choice.

    The info collected is NOT about profiling you. It is more about basic demographics.

    The info collected helps with things like how more than $300 billion a year in federal and state funding is distributed to communities for neighborhood improvements, public health, education, transportation.

    For example if a specific community is identified as being at a disadvantage because of things like; low income, lack of college graduates, or single parent households, or even people that don’t own a vehicle.

    That community is more likely to get additional funds needed to help, a community that has less vehicle owners would benefit more from public transportation improvements, a community with lower education levels may benefit from more state or federal funds to community colleges, single parent households may benefit from community centers to help occupy kids with after school activities…….do you see the big picture?

    Not only that but the population effects how we each state is represented in House of Representatives; Congress, state and local government…….think about that next time we vote for president.

    Some people feel very strongly about this and feel its another big brother is watching or a basic invasion of privicy ......In 2000 that is what I thought .....I just got the letter in todays mail saying that the Census is on its way, and to fill it out and send it back ASAP.....what is your thoughts on this topic ......

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  • How do you feel about reports saying Rihanna is responsible for what Chris did to her?

    Like it or not Rihanna is a roll model for women. Her going back to him is sad. She is sending the wrong message, that domestic violence is a forgivable offense. What is even more sad is that people are saying this is her fault, there is never a time when it should be ok to punch a women or choke them to the point of passing out! What would have happened if he killed her, would it then still have been her fault?? Chris is a man and needs to take ownership of his actions regardless of what provoked him. Violence is never the answer ! As for his career suffering, GOOD! He needs to suffer the consequences for what he did, again he is also a roll model and should be sending a positive message to his fans.

    Look up" Traumatic Bonding " there is a reason that a person stays in a domestic violence relationship, and Rihanna is acting like many women in her position do. Not listening to the people around her and instead siding with her abuser is only making his hold over her stronger.

    Now its your turn...tell me how you feel about this situation !

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  • Wii Fit .....What do you think?

    Do you think this is some think that can really help you loose weight? If you have one do you really use it? and how long have you been using it?

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  • Metoprolol Succ ER by Sandoz ( Generic for Toprol XL)?

    I was informed that this drug was recalled!!

    I was not informed by my pharmacist, I found out from a 3rd party.

    If anyone is out there taking this medication, Please find out if what you are taking is a part of the recall.

    And now for my questions

    1 - Have you had any side effects from this med?

    2 - Do you feel when a medication you are taking is recalled that you should be informed.

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  • Installing click bamboo flooring

    I am installing the Home Depot click bamboo flooring in my condo. Has anyone used this product and want to give me some tips or advise

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  • Its sunny out and that means BBQ'ing !!!?

    What is your favorite BBQ recipe ???

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  • Mormon question???

    I recently was told that people of the Mormon religion wear white underclothes ( women were there bra's on top) as a part of their religion, that it protects them, and they are to never take them off.

    I find this hard to believe that the person wasn't messing with me!!

    Is there someone out there that wears this that can help me understand please....I just want to hear it from someone that has this belief, from there perspective!. ....please no Mormon bashing everyone is entitled to there own religious freedoms....I just want to learn here .......Thanks !!

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  • 2ND amendment rights violated in New Orleans?

    The NRA has gone to court twice over this ( and won ) in an attempt to fix the serious wrong that has happened here. What I wonder is why was this not on main stream television.

    View the video and let me know what you think !!

    Youtube thumbnail

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  • 2nd Amendment - The right to bear arms?

    What does this mean to you ??

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  • A question for the ladys?

    Random question but .........Do you wear a bra to bed ??

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  • Child safety?

    How important is child safety to parents??

    What things worry you most?

    Would you invest money to protect your child?

    Do you know what the amber alert is?

    Would you consider purchasing a anti kidnapping system to know that if the worst imaginable happened, you may have a better chance of getting your child back???


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  • Do you see a need that is unfulfilled ?

    Business project to create and market a product that does not currently exist.

    "Somebody ought to do something about _________," or Somebody ought to make a_____________.

    The only problem is I cant think of an original idea, that is in demand ......any sugestions ??

    Please help!!

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  • New mothers !! I need your help please !!?

    I am a business student, I have been assigned a project to market a new product and I need to “test the concept”

    I am proposing a child/baby (under 5yrs old) monitor. A small devise that is attached to the child’s clothes and a parent would have a second remote device that would allow a parent to monitor the child while they are away from home (up to 1 mile). Options would allow a parent to push a button on a small hand held devise that would allow them to hear the child, detect movement (a general floor layout of your home) and location-GPS. Other possible options would be a heart or breathing monitors.

    Allowing a parent, piece of mind and security, knowing that their child is safe.

    Is this a product you would purchase?

    What other features would you add or remove?

    Thank you for your help!!

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  • Humira Injections - Psoriatic arthritis?

    I was just diagnosed with Fibromyalga & Psoratic arthritis.

    Has anyone out there been diagnosed with the same, and taken the Humira injections?

    did they help with.... pain, stiffness, skin issues?

    What did you feel where the drawbacks ??

    Are you still taking the injections?

    thanks !

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  • MAD MAXX Movie?

    Why do all boys like this movie ??

    From a female point of view its the equivalent of us women making you men watch a chick flick !!

    What is it ?? why is it so great ??

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  • I'm looking for cheap, fast & easy lunch ideas for work?

    Eating the frozen box for lunch is cheap sure but gets old fast ! I work in Bellevue WA and need some CHEAP lunch ideas.... brown bag or a great lunch special ...So yahoo what are you eating for lunch today ???

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  • Cortisone injections?

    I suffer from back pain!!

    I had an mri scan and there is damage to the L4 & LS discs.

    I can’t sleep at night and I’m becoming more and more frustrated, I am taking muscle relaxers and serious pain med's to make it through most days.

    I'm in physical therapy 2 days a week, and try still be active...taking walks but don't want to push my luck and hurt my self further.

    Have tried to remain positive, but lately my self esteem has been low due to pain and lack of quality sleep.

    I feel so tired.... It’s as if my day is over before it’s begun, I'm 29 and feel 60!!

    I don't really like shots and the thought of one in my spine scares the crap out of me!!

    I was just wondering if anyone has had these cortisone injections in the lower back, and what the experience was like.....

    Did they hurt??

    Feel any improvement short term or long term??

    How long did the improvement last??

    Feel in a worse condition after the injections??

    Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer me!!!

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  • Kirkland, Bellevue Night life ??

    I recently moved from Seattle to the "East side " and it seems there is nada to do here at night !! There has to be some clubs and options for good food after midnight !!

    Please tell me the East side doesn't close at 9pm lol

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  • Just bought a condo and need color/ decorating help - Please !!?

    The Kitchen has some red and blue ( prime colors - bright ) in the lighting - but other then that the carpet is black and white and all furniture is black, all walls are white !! What are the "it" colors that will still be "it" in a couple years !!?? I like the thought of a light purple in the bath, but then are you stuck doing pastel colors in the rest of the place ?? Please help I cant commit to any colors !!!

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  • Best steak in Seattle ??

    Where is the best place to get a steak in Seattle ?

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