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  • Advice and Tips for Live YG Entertainment Auditon?

    Hi :) I've asked a lot of questions about YGE so far, but I can never have enough information. I've seen all the audition videos on youtube, but that doesn't really help. This question especially goes out to those who went to the Sydney auditions. There were over 500 of you. I hope at least one of you gets to see this question. What I'm looking for mostly is how it felt like to be in the audition.

    1. How nervous were you?

    2. Were there a lot of talented kids there? And be honest about this one. Were all of them really YG material?

    3. How much time is recommended for dance?

    4. Do they allow you to sing AND dance, or just one?

    5. If you know anyone who got accepted, were all of them Korean, or did all of them speak fluent Korean?

    6. Is it better to audition with a YG song? Meaning, would a person be held at a higher favor if they sang or danced to a YG song?

    7. When we dance, does it have to be our own choreography, or could I use someone else's choreo? For example, Taeyang.

    Thanks to anyone who answers this question throroughly.

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  • Questions and advice for YG Entertainment?

    I was hoping someone could give me some advice about auditioning and answer the questions I have about YGE, since I plan on audition sometime in the future if they ever come to America. I think I am talented enough to get into the company, but I'd just like to ask some questions just to be sure of myself. Also, if anyone went to the recent Sydney audition, experience would be very, very helpful! If you did go, please explain how the process is, how many people got accepted, if there were a lot of talented people there, and if you got really nervous. No rude comments please.

    1. Is it better to wear no make up at all in the audition?

    2. How can I stand out and be taken at a higher favor?

    3. I heard there was a Thai girl in the new girl group they're debuting. Is that true?

    4. Referring to the question before this one, does that mean they accept other Asian races; not just Koreans?

    5. Do they only let you audition with singing OR dancing, not both?

    6. For dancing, my style is similar Chachi's. Will they be impressed?

    7. Would I have to freestyle dance, or is it okay to have choreo?

    Thanks for reading, and to anyone who helps!

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  • Most effective way to learn Korean?

    I can read Hangul, but I would like to know how to learn Korean naturally and effectively. I've tried rosetta stone for another language, and it worked very well. How can I learn Korean in a similarly effective way without spending as much? Personal experience is appreciated.

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  • YG Entertainment Questions!?

    I've researched quite a lot about YG. But I just wanted to clarify.

    1. Can I send in my audition tape whenever?

    2. When they recieve my audition, will they watch it for sure? Because I'm scared that they'll not care for it and just throw it away.

    3. They say those who pass the mail audition will be sent to an online audition for the second round. What exactly is an online audition?

    4. What's an ideal length for the entire video (singing and dancing)?

    5. If my hair is dyed would that be counted against me? I mean, do they want their trainees to be all natural?

    6. Should I introduce myself in my audition tape? If so, do I have to do it in Korean?

    Please only answer if you're 100% sure. Also, I have a practice audio file of me singing Move and Wedding Dress by Taeyang. If anyone can evaluate it for me, please let me know :) It would be much appreciated.

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