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  • Am I the only one uncomfortable around Special Needs people?

    For as long as I can remember I have been insanely uncomfortable around special needs people to the point of anxiety. I just can't relate to them or carry on a conversation.

    There is a special needs child that lives in the nieghborhood I moved to that CONSTANTLY hangs around. If I am outside then he comes and sits on my porch and watches me. I don't know how to say "I'd like to be alone" without sounding like a douche bag. He does it to the whole nieghborhood and I know he doesn't know any better but it bothers me. I feel terrible about myself to feel and say that but it's just me.

    As a child there was a special needs kid who would ALWAYS hang around the church softball games and would steal my things and throw them in the woods or just bother me in general. Since then special needs people have caused me some uncomfortableness,

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  • Problems with the FBI?

    The FBI apparently knew about one of the bombing suspects for a long time but now it's a little late. When 9/11 came around, we had some inkling of an impending danger against us and it costs so many lives. Why, if the FBI is following someone suspected of terrorism or etc, why is it too late before anything is done.

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  • Why do some people feel the suspect should be read the Miranda rights?

    I'm a liberal but the idea that this guy deserves any rights is ridiculous to me. He helped kill innocent people, they planned to kill even more. What on Earth makes anyone think that because he's a citizen means we have to do anything for him?

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  • Does Shaun T from Insanity being gay affect your ability to..?

    I had done Insanity a few times. Thought Shaun T was a straight male. Looked masculine, Deep voice, etc

    But when he was on Dr. Oz the other day, I realized how feminine he was. Higher pitched voice, feminine mannerisms, etc.

    Then when he did Hip Hop Abs, it sealed the deal.

    My question is, do you think that if more people knew he was a feminine gay male, that the stereotypical male doing this workout would be turned away from someone they felt was feminine?

  • Does Shaun T from Insanity being gay affect your ability to..?

    I had done Insanity a few times. Thought Shaun T was a straight male. Looked masculine, Deep voice, etc

    But when he was on Dr. Oz the other day, I realized how feminine he was. Higher pitched voice, feminine mannerisms, etc.

    Then when he did Hip Hop Abs, it sealed the deal.

    My question is, do you think that if more people knew he was a feminine gay male, that the stereotypical male doing this workout would be turned away from someone they felt was feminine?

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  • Big White Women. Why?

    Now I know this isn't ALL black men or ALL big white women, but in my experiences it's a majority.

    All the time I see big white women that no white guy would touch, which 5 or 6 mixed kids, dad no where to be found.

    I understand that everyone needs love, but i can't tell you the amount of men I've heard talking about much they seem to have no respect for big white girls. I've been around people who are friends with these type of women and they talk about how their baby daddy ran out when they got pregnant or locked up.

    People like who they like regardless of race but are these women just trash who let any black guy knock her up and leave her as long as she gets child support so she can have her idea of a family that she may not otherwise get with a white guy?

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  • Are butch lesbians just transexuals who haven't made the leap?

    Excuse the ignorance but everytime I see a butch lesbian, they look just like when you see FTM transexuals. Are they happy being females or are they transgender?

  • Accounting Homework - Pass or flunk the class?

    Siness Fitness Club uses straight-line depreciation for a machine costing $26,400, with an estimated four year life and a $2,900 salvage value. At the beginning of the third year, Siness determines that the machine has three more years of remaining useful life, after which it will have an estimated $2,050 salvage value.

    Have to find book value and compute depreciation for the 3 years.

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  • So Steven Slater: Top or Bottom?

    The Jetblue guy who deployed the slide and exited the plane.

    This is not meant to insult anyone. This is just a bit of fun

  • Does this make me ignorant?

    I believe that gays should have equal rights to homosexuals

    but I get this annoyed angry feeling seeing stereotypical gay men. The stereotype of having a highly feminine voice, drama queen, etc. I think more or less I get annoyed by it because it's harmful to the cause of equal rights. The point of equal rights is for everyone to be equal but if theres people in the community basically putting a sign on their head that says "look at me look at me I'm gay!" they will be viewed negatively.

    Two guys or two girls getting married does not bother me in the least. I'm saying I get kind of angry and annoyed when i see the stereotypical gay guy. Is that wrong?

  • What did you guys think of the JetBlue guy?

    For those unaware. Steven Slater, a male flight attendant was cussed out and called names by someone so he took to the intercom and said "For the person who called me a Mofo, FU" grabbed 2 beers, opened the emergency slide and got off the plane by slide. Police found him at his home having gay sex with his boyfriend.

    Do you think he should be fired, or is this a good thing for Jetblue

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  • Linda Mcmahon senate race?

    I'm a Democrat defending Mcmahon (yeah I know)

    I'm annoyed with the fact that my fellow Dems would rather know about her involvement in the WWE rather than her stance on the issues. Sure WWE is not perfect but she is no longer the CEO and what happens on WWE has nothing to do with what she would do as Senator. It is portrayed as if on election day a group of wrestlers will attack her opponents as part of a "Who done it" storyline.

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  • Most embrassing sexual moment of my life last night?

    So yesterday after a long day on the lake me and my girl decided to go back home and have sex. So we haven't had sex yet because I haven't been able to get up and stay up long enough and everytime I got up and tried to get it hard enough to stay I'd end up cumming and he would be out of time to go again. Last night was awful and good. We actually technically had sex but it would fall out and go limp. So I pretty much spent an hour trying to get up. I was tired, and nervous that if I wasn't good that she'd never see me the same way again and our relationship would be akward. I'm only 20 years old. I don't know if I really have ED but this has always happened, just not as long to get hard. How do I fix this problem without viagra

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  • preemployment drug testing questions?

    Do they call you or send your results in the mail or do they tell you right after you pee whether you passed or not?

    When you have the job interview will they require the test right afterwards or are you given a few days

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  • Sunburn and shoulder pain?

    Yesterday I went to the pool for the first time in over a year and stayed for about 5 hours. When I returned home I had mild sunburn on my neck, shoulders and back. I noticed about an hour or two later there was this very dull but noticeable discomfort from my neck to my left shoulder. Later that night as I went to bed, it became incredibly painful. it wasn't a throbbing pain but sort of a twisted sort of pain. My right side didn't have this problem. If i turned on my right side and laid pretty still the pain was manageable but if I moved much at all the pain would shoot down from my neck to my left shoulder. After some sleep the pain is dull but not fully gone. Is this something to do with sunburn and all the time spent swimming?

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  • Asked my grandfather to stop smoking. Good or bad?

    My grandfather has smoked since he was 9 years old. He's 69 now I believe. Recently I began having terrible panic attacks. Due to this, I asked my grandpa to stop smoking because I became deathly afraid of him dieing. I know the benefits of quitting smoking are vast but I fear that getting him to quit will put a tremendous amount of stress on him and cause more harm than good.

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  • Serious Question: Does sex make the penis larger other than in the act?

    It's a juvenile sounding question but I've noticed after I've had sex, over the next week or so when I'm erect, I grow maybe an inch or two. After not having sex for a while it goes back to the previous size

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  • Heart attack after quitting smoking?

    Well I have had terrible anxiety lately. My grandfather told me he would stop smoking cigarettes. After telling me this he got into this story of his cousin being smoke free for a year. I asked if it was after his heart attack that he had. My grandpa joked "Nope, he thinks stopping smoking is what caused his heart attack" Me being a big anxiety case lately he's got me all scared. So is it normal for people to have heart attacks after stopping smoking or was my grandfather's cousin just having an unlucky day?

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  • Idea for MITB PPV must read?

    Here is an idea I have for the MITB ppv in July.

    Bret comes to the ring to address the NXT season 1 guys.

    Bret Hart: I know you’re here guys come out right now!

    The NXT1 guys come out and surround the ring. The Raw locker room stands at the stage looking on.

    Bret: After last Monday with you trying to kill me with a limousine, I just want this thing to be over with. I can’t have you guys beating up the Raw roster anymore. So you want WWE contracts?

    Barrett looks at the NXT guys as they all nod “Yes”

    Bret: Fine, you’ve got them.

    The raw locker room looks confused as the NXT1 guys cheer.

    Bret: On one condition. You see at theres a great PPV coming up called Money In The Bank. If you guys want WWE contracts you’re going to have to earn it. Against each other! At Money In The Bank you all will compete in a Money In The Bank ladder match for a WWE contract! And before you guys think of any clever ideas, only one man will get a contract. That man will face the WWE champion at Summerslam for the belt!

    Btw I wrote this in the context of how Bret's promos are. He's not very good on the mic in my opinion.

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  • I'm calling Mcsweeny as the TUF winner?

    I have a feeling he will win the contract. What do you guys think

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