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  • Question about baggy pants and culture?

    How many people out in yahoo answers land and in the real world are tired of seeing people especially boys with pants that are halfway down their legs? The mayor of Detroit is trying to outlaw this, and though I do not agree with this approach something has to be done. Isn't is common courtesy to tell these individuals to pull up their pants so the world will not have to see their underwear. I do not mean to cause contraversy, but I have noticed this trend through the years and I am not pleased by it. Comments are greatly wlecomed and apreciated.

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  • I need to find my sister?

    My dad has a daughter from a previous marriage that I would like to meet but never have. Her name is Veronica Brown and her mom's name is Vera Brown her birthday is july 3 1971 she was born a weaver which is my name and adopted by her mother's family after the divorce Vera's family is from Illinois I do not know the city Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you very much

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  • Can two people of the same gender be close friends without people thinking that they are gay?

    It is sad that today people cannot be close best friends without others thinking that they are in a sexual relaitonship. I enjoy having close friends around without having this question hanging around. One of the main problems is that it is not just celebrities, but ordinary people who encounter this. Please let me know what you think of this.

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