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  • Chrysler 440 question?

    I saw a 1969 Chrysler with a 440 that I wanted to buy. When the engine started up, I noticed a small amount of white smoke coming from either the cylinder head or valve cover. I noticed no white smoke in the exaust. How much would it cost to replace the cylinder head gasket, or could it be something else?

    1 AnswerMaintenance & Repairs8 years ago
  • Geology question.....?

    If i were to melt a piece of granite, how long would it have to cool (at 1 atmosphere) to have the same properties as before? If it cooled off immediately, would it become obsidian?

    1 AnswerEarth Sciences & Geology8 years ago
  • Clark 1911 longslide?

    Is $1100 for a 90% condition Clark Custom Guns longslide 1911?

    3 AnswersHunting9 years ago
  • Ar-180 price check..........?

    Is $1200 a good price for a howa Ar-180, in 85-90% condition, with 2 20 round mags? What would the value be?

    1 AnswerHunting9 years ago
  • Machine gun rental business?

    What would it take to start a machine gun rental business? If I had a Class 2 manufacturer's license, could I then rent out post sample machine guns? Thanks for any info you can provide.

    4 AnswersHunting9 years ago
  • 1911 question.......?

    Is $550 a good price for a 1936 commercial Colt 1911 A1? Condition wise, I would say it is about 50-60%, and someone nickel (or chrome) plated it. I know that really reduces the value.

    5 AnswersHunting9 years ago
  • Handgun steel question...?

    I am wondering what the highest quality steel is used in handgun production.

    2 AnswersHunting9 years ago
  • Dan wesson question......?

    I have a dan wesson model 15-2, made in Monson, Mass. I noticed that when I fire it in double action, the transfer bar goes straight up into the firing pin, and stops the action. Is the spring too loose, and does anyone know how to fix it? Thank you.

    4 AnswersHunting9 years ago
  • Patent Question....................?

    I want to start a firearms manufacturing business, and I was wondering when a patent or design goes into public domain.

    1 AnswerLaw & Ethics1 decade ago
  • cylinder gap question?

    I was wondering what the average cylinder gap is for a modern revolver? How much pressure is lost as a result? Thanks, I know it's a broad question.

    3 AnswersHunting1 decade ago
  • Volvo 1800 Question.....?

    I've wanted to get a volvo 1800 for a while now. The one downside I have is repair costs. Being a volvo, does it cost an arm and a leg to maintain?

    1 AnswerVolvo1 decade ago
  • Question for handgun owners...?

    I am considering a business idea, and I was wondering: how much would you pay for a superb and thorough handgun cleaning? This cleaning would be better than anything you can do by hand.

    4 AnswersOther - Outdoor Recreation1 decade ago
  • Diamond Question........?

    I heard of diamond that were formed in space, and then impacted the earth. Is there a way to buy these "Micro Diamonds"? I also heard they may form at the impact of a meteorite.

    4 AnswersEarth Sciences & Geology1 decade ago
  • Cooking oil question?

    I wanted to know how much cooking oil a fast food restaurant can hold. How do they dispose of it? What companies dispose of the cooking oil?

    4 AnswersCooking & Recipes1 decade ago
  • Freight Train Question?

    How much fuel does the average Diesel/Electric freight train use/hold in it's tanks?

    6 AnswersRail1 decade ago
  • Water Bear Purchase Question?

    Are there any companies online that sell water bears as pets? I think they are cute and it would be fun to have one.

    1 AnswerOther - Pets1 decade ago
  • Titan Missile Silo for Sale?

    I read that there are several Titan missile silos for sale in Tucson Arizona. Where can I find one currently for sale?

    3 AnswersMilitary1 decade ago
  • Fallout 1 free download?

    Can I still download fallout 1 from gametap for free? It says gold only. Where is a site where i can get it free and virus free?

    1 AnswerVideo & Online Games1 decade ago
  • BMW 750IL Purchase Question?

    I was wondering if I should get a late 1990's- 2002 BMW 750il. I know new they sold for over 100K. What reliability problems are there? How bad are the repair costs?

    3 AnswersBMW1 decade ago
  • Watchmen Motion Comics?

    Are they rated Pg-13? If it is TvMa, is that the same as an R rated movie?

    1 AnswerComics & Animation1 decade ago