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Hello :) I love to read, help others and spend time with my children and my cats & dog. This site is awesome as I have been learning a lot about some pretty cool people.

  • Why don't people visit loved ones in a Memory Care Facility ?

    My Mother in Law was diagnosed with Alzheimer's 2 years ago. She has been married 58 years and has 5 children. My husband is the only sibling that visits her on a regular basis and one of his sisters sees her only to take her to Dr. appointments. This has been a fairly close family and there is no hidden secrets. As soon as Mom was put into this memory care facility, the visitation has slowed to a stop. My Father in Law doesn't even visit her. How can people be so callous ? Several of the siblings have admitted she is dead in their eyes ! Mom can get around by herself , she talks and remembers who someone is when she sees them. I just don't get it and neither does my husband. He is very angry with the family. Anyone else with family like this and how to handle this ?

    5 AnswersSenior Citizens9 years ago
  • What is a polite way of saying we cannot pay for the meal ?

    Both my kids are in late 20's and my son has been home on leave with Military. My husband and I wanted to take him to dinner and my Daughter & her live in boyfriend wanted to come. I didn't know the polite way to say they needed to pay for their own meal. When we ordered I asked the waitress to please put orders on separate checks, which she did not do. When the bill arrived my daughter & BF did not offer to pay for their own BUT my son did ! We wanted to treat him and he knew that. My husband has been temporarily laid off for the last month and we are careful about spending. My daughter knows this. Unsure of how I should have handled this.

    9 AnswersEtiquette9 years ago
  • Are you a Birth Mom who gave up?

    your child at birth or later and if so- have you found this child and how has the relationship gone ? Were you able to build one, are you sorry you found one another, having trouble or is the relationship wonderful ?

    I found my child 12 years ago and it has been up and down. Right now we just began talking via social network. I am scared it may not work as I have a difficult time trusting her.

    I would like to hear how others are handling their reunions.

    Thank you !

    2 AnswersAdoption9 years ago
  • Daffodils with not many blooms?

    Fours years ago I planted approximately 75 daffodil bulbs in my front landscape. Every year since the greens -leaves-come up nice and full but there has not been hardly any blooms ! Most of the plants did not even have blooms this year at all ! I live in the valley of Oregon where daffodils are everywhere ! What can be wrong ? These are bulbs from this area also. Any helpful knowledge is greatly appreciated ! Thanks !

    4 AnswersGarden & Landscape10 years ago
  • Why won't young people tell their Parents ?

    Question after question comes from teens about being depressed, suicidal, bullying, body issues and these are being asked here on Yahoo ! Answers. Why won't some of these teens speak with their Parents, an Aunt, or a relative concerning their important issues ? I do understand that some don't have the type of relationship with their elders where they can talk about this but some most likely do. I am a Mom of 5 and my kids could talk with me about a lot of things. Granted there were some things they just felt was too embarrassing But this many teens on this site can't ??? I am baffled by this. Maybe it is just too easy for them to come to this site ?

    5 AnswersFriends10 years ago
  • Why do some people pass gas & think it's funny?

    My husband and his family loudly pass gas (both ends) in front of everyone and rarely say "excuse me" and they all think it's funny ! My husband makes his burps into tonal sounds and draws it out. I find this vulgar and rude. With all honesty I have at times thought his tonal burps were funny but not all the time ! The farting is what I have the worst time with. All of them are age 45 on up to 79 years old.

    5 AnswersOther - Society & Culture1 decade ago
  • What has happened to thank you notes ?

    In the last few years I have attended bridal showers, baby showers,given gifts for birthdays, other holidays and some just because little gifts but rarely receive a thank you note in return. Also I rarely receive acknowledgment that the card or gift was received if it was one that I mailed. Do people think they don't need to thank anyone or do they just feel entitled to everything these days ? The people I am talking about are nieces, nephews, in-laws and some friends.

    4 AnswersEtiquette1 decade ago
  • Why are there so many questions in voting section ?

    I try to go to the voting section now & then as there are so many questions that have gone not chosen and not voted for. Do not enough people go to voting or are there just so many questions that people don't read or choose answers ?

    5 AnswersOther - Cultures & Groups1 decade ago
  • How do I answer people's questions regarding my health ?

    Until four years ago I was a healthy, active, career woman who never stopped. I was always on the go. Then I became ill one morning and have not been back to work since. Even though my neurologist has not definitely diagnosed me with M.S. but she and my other Dr.s suspect that is what I have. I know I have it and have many of the symptoms. It is relapsing/remitting M.S. Sometimes I look good on the outside and not using my cane that people don't think I am ill. When asked about my illness I just say I have a neurological disorder which is true. I don't want to disclose M.S. until I am 100% diagnosed as I just don't feel right about it. So-am I doing the right thing ? Besides, I dislike talking about my health to just anyone-I would rather forget about it.

    2 AnswersOther - Health1 decade ago
  • Why do so many people ask how to commit suicide ?

    or even what is the fastest way ? The only answer I come up with is that this site is here to ask questions but to ask about suicide ? Has this society really become so thoughtless, so unwilling to live life on life's terms ?

    10 AnswersPsychology1 decade ago
  • Why are people so rude to customer service employees ?

    When I am standing in line at a store waiting for check out, I have heard people be so rude to the checker and treat them with very little respect. I don't understand this behavior. I see customers look down their noses at clerks and boss them around like slaves ! I have even been in the clerks position many years ago & received this treatment. Why do some people feel this is okay ?

    22 AnswersEtiquette1 decade ago
  • Why are men so absorbed in their bodily functions ?

    My husband thinks it is so funny when he burps and makes tonal noises of it. He also laughs when he passes gas. ( he does not to this in public) Our dog even burps with him now ! I just don't find him funny and alot of times it is done in a rude fashion and he thinks he is being cute. He states it is a natural occurence and is just having fun. Yes, I know many other men like this , unfortunately.

    7 AnswersEtiquette1 decade ago
  • Why do people say Lets get together but never do ?

    I have several girlfiends that I have known for years. When we talk, they will ask me to have coffee or want to come to my house or get together somewhere & we will set a time. Then usually the day of they will call & cancel. I am really getting tired of this behavior. If I don't take this personal-why do people do this ?

    4 AnswersEtiquette1 decade ago