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  • Bought gun 2 months ago and don't have it yet?

    I live in az and purchased an ar15 for 1160 from a notable shop who builds ars for a local manufacturer. When I purchased the rifle two months ago I was promised a 3 week wait. I called after 4 weeks and they said it'd be another 2 weeks at the very most. 6 weeks from purchase I call again to be informed it would be 2 more weeks. During the last phone call I expressed my frustration through tone but was polite and just said I hope to have it soon. So when I call next time towards the end of this week I'm wondering what I should do if my rifle isn't completed? I'm starting to feel like since they already have my money that I'm not being prioritized and that I may never even get it. Any advice or reassurance would be great. I was contemplating buying a g19 gen 4 from them cause they get the best prices in town on glock products but now after a 2 month wait for something coming from a local manufacturer there is no way ill go through them. Ill pay the extra 100 to get it in reasonable time.

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    how much am i looking at for turbo for my mr2?

    i have an 86 aw11 mr2 and i am looking to drop turbo in it eventually. how much do you car gurus think i am going to be looking at? and do you have any recommendations? is this even do able? and for the near future what do you think a rattling sound from my front right tire area could be? it makes a lot of noise on rougher asphalt and none when im doing really smooth driving. maybe bearings are going bad?

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  • im unreasonably nervous to drive after an accident?

    i was in an accident earlier this week while i was working (im a delivery driver), it was my fault cause i rear ended the person in front of me and it was also my first accident. it was not a serious accident, no one was hurt and nothing but minor body damage was done to either vehicle. yesterday was my first time driving since and two hours before i had to leave for work i starting getting really bad anxiety (heavy breathing etc). when i got to work i told my boss i'd like to take the least ammount of deliveries possible and i did (only 4 over 6 hours). during that time and on my way home i made 2 major mistakes while on the road that i believe were due to my nervousness and anxiety about driving since the accident. i firmly do not believe it is safe for me to drive anymore or at least until i get over it. i need ideas on how to cope with these overwhelming feelings because i work tonight tomorrow and sunday and i cant just not drive, its my job. i either quit today or risk getting back on the road and neither are preferable at all right now with all the debt im in.

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  • Suggest some feel good hip hop for me?

    Hey so I love rap/hip hop most of my favorite artists are either on strange music or with or connected to living legends crew. So I'm just looking for some more positive artists to listen to maybe something similar to like Zion I and grouch stuff or cyne type stuff. Most of the music I listen to I hear because I stumbled across them by chance or hear them on the track of an artist I like. I haven't gotten suggestions in a while so just looking for fresh tunes.

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  • considering septoplasty but looking for alternatives?

    so i visited my ent a couple years back about my sinuses and how they always give me headaches and constant pressure and what i could do about it. he said i have a deviated septum on both sides and the only way to correct it is septoplasty. i have avoided this the last couple years because my mother had the procedure when i was a kid and she was in bed for about two weeks and she was absolutely miserable. im also reluctant because i handle anesthesia very badly. my last surgery i ended up back in the hospital 18 hours after cause the anesthesia made me so sick i couldnt keep down any water and was puking constantly and dehydrated... anyway does anybody know of any other options to correct this or home remedies to help ease the pressure in my head/face? i have a netty pot and im years past the point of a steamy shower easing my congestion so any other ideas would be great. thanks in advance.

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  • what does sda mean when talking about buying/selling cars?

    i saw a truck i like on craigslist and asked about a possible trade and the guy replied "pictures sda". what does sda mean?

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  • would it be completely rude to my sister if i just didnt give her rides to work?

    alright so a little background. my sister is 17 (18 in 2 months) and since she has been 16 her and my mom have always shared my moms vehicle, up until my sister crashed it a few weeks back and the car will still be in the shop for a while. now my sister has had at least $2,000. in savings the last 4 or 5 months and still wants to save more because she doesn't think she'll be able to get a decent car. in my mind that is complete bs and the way i look at it, in the last 3 or so weeks she should have been looking for a car and could've gotten one by now. i mean its not like when i do have to take her to work or school its very often anyway but for christ sake, she could have had a car months ago, and now i've got to run my truck down just a little bit more (232,000 miles on it) every time i take her somewhere in it. i had to spring the only $1500. i had to get my old 4runner so why cant she do the same with even more money!? i mean i was never allowed to drive my moms car to the extent that my sister has for her fear that i would crash it. and now that my sister has crashed it im pretty sure my mom is still going to let her use it when its out of the shop cause she agrees with my sis that she doesnt think she'll be able to get a nice car for $2,000. i just think its all complete bs. what do you guys think?

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  • would i pass a drug test?

    so i quit smoking weed about 7 1/2 weeks ago. i was a constant smoker 3-4 bowls+ a day for about 2 years and since i quit ive probably smoked about 5 times, with the last time being 10 days ago. im thinking this will probably be a no but wanted to get the opinion from more than just me as i dont want to spent the last $40. i have on fake piss. thanks in advance.

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  • im terrible with girls/women. i need advice?

    hi im a 21 year old male and ever since i can remember i have been really bad at expressing my feelings, both romantic and sexual to girls. ive never had a girlfriend and ive never had sex. one time i kissed a girl when i was a freshman in high school but it wouldnt have been something i would have been able to do if my buddies hadnt asked her to be my first kiss. it was real awkward since i was put on the spot about it and one of them made a real big deal and attracted the attention of 100 or more people (it was at a concert). any ways i guess i just get real nervous when theres a girl i like around or if a cute girl is talking to me. when i feel like i should make a move i never do because i feel like im just gonna come off as a creep. and even the few times a girl has come on to me i never even realized it until afterward cause i was either too drunk to notice or was unsure exactly what was happening and again, afraid that if i did anything in return that id come off as creepy. i just dont know what to do anymore. its the most frustrating when i know i like someone alot but dont feel at all like i can do anything about it (once in hs and another for the past 3 years). please, if anyone has any ideas or suggestions they would be greatly appreciated. any time i talk to my mom or dad about these things i just hear "its okay you'll find someone" or from friends its always along the lines of "you just gotta get some". i think alot of this comes from self esteem issues in my teen years and maybe even now. i just want a nice girl to love but i dont even know where to begin. if i think of any more details or if you want anymore i'll throw em on. thanks in advance.

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  • car heater wont turn off?

    so as winter has been finally setting in here in southern az i have been using my heater more frequently. problem is yesterday i noticed that after i shut it off it continues to blow hot air while the truck is on, particularly so when i am moving. i think it started after i was messing with it a tad two nights ago trying to figure out how to get my defrost setting on. but now even when i turn it back to the previous settings it still wont turn completely off unless the car is off. id like to get some kind of lead as to what the problem could be before i shovel out $100 for diagnostics. even with it being the end of december driving around mid day and later day here in the desert with the heater on is not at all comfortable. only real additional details i can think of now is the a/c hasnt worked since i got the ol' girl 26 months ago and its an 88 4runner. sorry if i may not be explaining too clearly its 9:20 am and im running on 4 hours sleep right meow.

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  • whats wrong with my health?

    i'll try and make this as short as possible without going on any tangents. so im a 21 year old male, completely bald on top and started losing hair at 13 or so, developed ibs around 16 or 17, always have had problems with very random aches and pains all over my body since about 14, half the time when i piss (since about 18) i feel as though im never done (maybe over active bladder), i was born damn near flat footed, ive had 4 hernia repairs and a 5th i refuse to have done, i was told i have tmj at about 19 and i believe it started at about 17. ive also had alot of problems with depression and anxiety/panic attacks for a while now. in whole ive given up on alot since about 16. i dropped out of school at 17 and for no reason have left 3 of the 4 jobs ive ever held without notice. i went back to school at 19 and was 3 credits short of graduating on my 21st birthday (hs cut off). im not here to talk all your ears off, i guess i just need to know maybe that someone understands. im so damn fed up with nearly all aspects of my life and i believe im right in thinking all this is tied together somehow. idk thanks to anybody who listened.

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  • help finding a symphony?

    im looking for the composer of this symphony and the name of it. the beginning of this movie trailer has it in it.

    Youtube thumbnail

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  • whats an average day at ARMY boot camp like?

    im thinking about joining and if i do i want to be a cav scout. any scouts maybe want to tell me what its like to be one?

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  • im thinking about joining the army?

    i might join the army when im done with high school im graduating a little late but i went back to school so i can do this if i decide i want to for sure. anyways if i join ive been thinking about several mos's but mostly about 19 d cav scouts. anybody in the army want to put their 2 cents in? any scouts want to tell me what its like exactly?

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  • My Internet won't work on my pc?

    It says I'm connected but when I bring up explorer it says Internet explorer cannot display webpage. I posted this from my iPod btw

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  • i accidentally downloaded a program called hotbar that my security advisor recognized as adware.. please help?

    my control pannel cant find this program on my comp how do i erase this before my comp crashes or something

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  • after ive downloaded a file from mediafire...?

    how do i convert the file so i can drag it from my documents into my itunes library? i have a pc

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  • anybody heard about a map pack for modern warfare 2?

    just wondering cause itd be awsome if they were gonna do that

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