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  • What to do about toddler who won't stop throwing things?

    My son is 32 months (a few months short of turning 3) and lately he goes on rampages and just throws everything in site from toys to cups to paper, etc. Yelling doesn't make any difference. Time outs don't have an effect. He doesn't throw in anger, he does it with a gleeful look. Taking toys away makes no difference. Nothing does. We've stayed calm, we've screamed at him, we've ignored him, nothing works. This week we are processing a traumatic death in our family and he's been worse than ever, and we can hardly cope. I did not behave this way as a toddler, so I'm looking to hear from parents who have experienced this with their toddlers and if anything helped or at least if you can say how long it lasted? We just want it to stop. Distraction helps at times but then he returns to it later on. Please don't criticize us, we have really tried and we are going through a terrible time. Thanks.

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  • A few questions about Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan?

    I became a fan in the past year and wondered if any fans could answer a few things or offer their opinion:

    1. Will A7X look to find a permanent new drummer, or will they maybe use a series of guest drummers on future tours?

    2. I read that Jimmy had an enlarged heart and one account said enlarged liver as well (which can be caused by heart problems). So his death sounds completely accidental, but was he known to be a heavy drinker or anything? If the prescription pills he took were prescribed to him, he must've had at least some medical condition that caused pain / anxiety or sleeping problems. Just curious, bcause it's just so very sad that he died so young!

    3. To my amateur ears, his drumming sounds just amazing, was he well-respected for his drumming as well as other musical talents? He seemed to be good at other instruments/vocals/writing, other than drumming.


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  • What if day care not responsive to toddlers peanut allergy?

    I mistakenly thought it was okay to try giving my child peanut butter at age 2 (it used to be, but now it's age 3) He responded with hives and vomiting. I immediately gave him Benadryl and contacted his doctor. He was tested and we now know he has a relatively severe allergy to peanuts as well as a few other tree nuts.

    I got an EpiPen Jr right away as well as a form from the doctor. I took it to my son's day care Managing Director. I expected she'd have knowledge with this and react appropriately. She was very casual, took the doctor form and epipen and tucked it into a cabinet without even looking at it. I then asked her if the girls in the room had epipen training. She said no. I told her I had a training pen, which I quickly showed her. She had no interest. I said that I noticed peanut butter items on occasion for the menu (18 months to 34 months in the toddler room) and she said "well, we do have it but only if they're 2 and up" (that's about all of them) and I said "his doctor said it should not be served when he's here" and she said "we'd sit him at a separate table". They are TWO years old, they touch EVERYTHING. I don't know why they're even serving it when the AA of Pediatrics AND the doctors are saying not before age 3! They are a licensed day care facility.

    What approach should I take? Has anyone else gone through this??? Please help. The doctor said that often the 2nd exposure is worse, he could have anaphilactic shock the next time.

    I was SO put off by her lack of reaction or reassurance!

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  • I gave my toddler a little peanut butter & I believe he is allergic, anyone experience similar situation?

    He will be 2 years old in 2 weeks and the doctor said at age 2 we could try peanut butter. We gave him a small amount on some bread. Within a very short time, he developed red blotches around his mouth and his eyes got bloodshot. I immediately gave him a dose of Benadryl. After a short time, his skin began to clear. I gave him his bath and got him ready for bed. I was getting his milk ready when he suddenly vomited all over the kitchen floor. We watched him carefully for the next 2 hours but no other symptoms. My son so far has environmental allergies but hasn't shown any food allergies before. He does have eczema and we use fragrance and dye free lotions, soaps, etc.

    My question is, has anyone else had a similar experience? Does anyone know how much time can pass before we could stop fearing anaphylactic shock? Obviously, we will not give him any more PB and we will be discussing with his doctor at his appointment in 2 weeks, but I was very worried and unsure of how much to panic.

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  • Jenny Craig or Nutrisystem?

    I don't have time to figure out Weight Watcher points. I was considering the pre-planned meals like Jenny C or Nutri. Anyone try them and if so, was it easy and did it help? What about cost, is one more than the other? Any idea of cost? I need to lose about 20 pounds. I am a working mother so time is limited for planning out meals. Thanks!

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  • math question: can you help me figure out amount of dog food per meal?

    She needs to have a 1/2 a cup of kibble per day. She eats three times a day. How much kibble should she have per meal? I need tablespoons preferably. Thanks!

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  • Has anyone had difficulty lowering baby into their crib?

    My son is almost 12 months old and has the convertible crib, where you keep lowering the mattress down as he gets older, until you remove the side and it becomes a toddler bed. It's on the lowest setting and we basically have to drop him into it. My husband, my mother and myself are all on the short side (my mom is under 5 ft) and I have a herniated disc and cannot bend at this time. For the past month because of my back, he's been sleeping with us. I considered just turning it into a toddler bed but how would we keep him in there? He's too little to wander at all. I'm just wondering if anyone else has run into this situation/problem or has any ideas? Please no comments on him sleeping with us - I'm not looking for any opinions on that. Thanks!

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  • Parents: Does anyone use the "Fresh Food Feeder" for baby?

    There are several types by Munchkin and some other brands. Looks like a pacifier but the nipple part is a mesh bag. You can put fruits and other foods in there.

    Is this useful? Is it safe? I don't know anyone who's used them. My baby is 9 months old and just began trying snacks and tiny bits of some table food a few days ago.

    Any opinions on these things? I'm not even sure exactly how you'd use them... Thanks!

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  • When baby gets too big for infant tub, what do you use?

    My baby is 6 months old and he still fits in his infant tub, but I got to wondering, what do you use when they're sitting up and maybe getting too big? Did you use an inflatable toddler tub in your regular tub, or just put them into the regular tub?

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  • Anyone ever heard of Intracranial Pressure?

    It's pressure on the brain. If you are treated with a lumbar puncture, does that cure it or is it just a temporary relief? I suppose I'm hoping there's a doctor or medical student out there who might read this! My husband may have this. He now has swelling of the optic nerves, headaches, blepharospasm and glaucoma, and dizziness.

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  • Have any males out there been treated for low testosterone?

    My husband was given a blood test by his doctor and his testosterone level is low. The symptoms he has are fatigue and depression. She said it can be treated by injections or a cream. I can't find out any cause for this, so if you've been treated for this, how were you treated and did you suffer any side effects and/or did you feel better? Thanks

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  • A question for parents about two baby products: Bumbo and play mat?

    My baby is almost 12 weeks and will soon be holding his head up. I did not get the Bumbo babysitter seat or a play mat for him and I'm looking into whether these are useful and worth the money? I was concerned about the safety also of the Bumbo and as for a play mat, I figured a blanket on the floor would work just as well. Both items are pricey but I have seen them at garage sales or on ebay. I'd like parents input as to whether they are worth getting, did your baby get use out of them and are they worth it? Thanks!

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  • What is the band AFI about?

    I have the song Love Like Winter and I like it. Can someone tell me what kind of band this is? Are they like My Chemical Romance? Style and theme of music? Just wondering what they're about and what they sing about. Thanks!

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  • Is it normal not to feel like resuming sex life after giving birth?

    I had a baby 7 weeks ago. It took 5 weeks to heal, and this week I already got my first period! Sex is the very last thing on my mind. Yet my husband has begun to ask about what birth control we're going to use and when we're going to start that again. I'm now very scared of getting pregnant as this was not an easy pregnancy and I don't want any more children and in all honesty I wouldn't care if I never did it again, at least that's how I feel now. Not to mention the "baby weight" I'm still carrying doesn't make me feel anywhere near attractive!

    6 AnswersPregnancy1 decade ago
  • Does anyone feel both hooked on the Twilight series yet annoyed by some of the writing?

    I am just starting Eclipse. I find the books riveting, the plots interesting and yet I notice:

    1. Bella is annoying at times. She's ALWAYS fainting or nearly fainting, doesn't realize when she's cold, hungry or crying, someone has to remind her what day it is, she needs a team of patient people to look after her - she constantly puts herself down and she's kind of selfish, like she doesn't do anything for anyone but Edward.

    2. She constantly describes Edwards skin as cold and marble. "his marble arms" "his cold finger touched me" "I felt his cold marble arms around me" and sometimes I'm like "ok, we KNOW that he's cold and hard, do you have to remind us every single time??" (or at least use another word other than marble) - oh, and Edward chuckles a lot. :)

    Ok, I just have to get that out and see if anyone else notices these things? And like I said, despite it I find the story line really good.

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  • Why would a 7 week old baby cry other than colic?

    My son has not been colicky up until now, but this past week, his 7th week, he's begun crying and fussing alot. It's worse in evening, but is on and off all day. It starts as a fussiness as I try changing positions and locations for him, then he begins to cry. He stops for a bit after being given a pacifier, starts again after a bit, falls asleep for 5 to 15 min, starts again, etc. It doesn't seem like colic, and I didn't think that started so late - is this familiar to anyone? We were thinking of calling the doctor to ask tomorrow.

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  • Baby Bottles: Glass or plastic?

    What are the pros and cons? We are currently using Dr. Browns plastic but we were wondering if glass is better (doesn't break down) and why it seems most people don't use them anymore? Is it just the cost or some other reason?

    6 AnswersNewborn & Baby1 decade ago
  • Do you sterilize bottles and nipples after each feeding?

    Our baby is 5 weeks old and on forumula. He feeds about every 2-3 hours. We use Dr. Browns bottles. After the initial sterilizing in boiling water, we were just washing with soap and hot water. Then I bought a microwave sterilizer so we started using that after washing them. Is this what most people do? Also, is there a life span to plastic bottles and nipples? Do they wear down after so many uses/washing/sterilizing?

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  • Anyone have newborn with either enlarged kidney or that had to remain on Amoxicillen for over a month?

    My son is a month old. After birth a sono confirmed one kidney was enlarged (this was noticed before birth) as well as where the ureter attaches to the kidney. Until he can see an out of town urologist to find out if his urine is splashing back up into his kidney ("kidney reflux"), the doctor has put him on Amoxicillen to avoid a kidney infection. The appt isn't for another month and he's already been on it since May 6th. He's developed some diarrhea, but the doctor said as long as it's not over 5 times a day just keep giving him the medicine. I hate keeping him on the antibiotic this long. He's had mild diarrhea 4 times already today. Anyone else either have this kidney situation or the long term antibiotic situation?

    5 AnswersNewborn & Baby1 decade ago
  • Once your baby is on a certain formula, do you keep them on it?

    For example, if you have free samples of another brand, or a good coupon, can you buy that brand and use it, and then go back to your former brand? My baby is 4 weeks and he's on Similac Advance Early Shield. I'm just wondering. His doctor said switching brands is fine and any brand is fine, but I wondered if moms out there stick to one brand only.

    Oh, and please for Gods sake do not tell me that Breast milk is best or ask why I'm not breastfeeding. I did try and due to many problems I am only able to produce enough to help supplement so this is not an option for me at this point. And I already feel like a failure and wanted badly to breastfeed, so I really do not need any more guilt, thank you.

    8 AnswersNewborn & Baby1 decade ago