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  • What tampons? (Teens/ women only:)) Please read, and immature or inappropriate answers will be deleted 💗?

    I was using the Tampax pocket radiant, but I found they didn’t last as long as the Tampax pearl. I felt like I had nothing in when I used the radiant, but I felt a little bit of pressure when I used the pearl. Anyway, I just bought a box of playtex sport super and regular, and was wondering how they compare. What brand of tampons do y’all suggest for me? I’ll be 14 in a few weeks, and have had my period for right at a year. I’m on summer break no, so can I swim w/o the player sport leaking? Also, I’ll be a freshman in high school in September, so will these be comfortable for sitting down most of the day? Please do no tell me I’m too young to use tampons, because if I’m old enough to read a clock and not get TSS, I’m old enough to use a tampon 😂 thanks for the input!

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  • Gift for almost 14 year old girl?

    My grandparents said they would get me whatever I wanted as a reward for my superior grades all though middle school. I also was accepted into both the Govonor’s STEM Academy and the IB program in my city (both 1/9 chance of getting into) so it has been a big year for me. I’m not a girly girl, I like having makeup on, but it isn’t fun for me to try new products like it is other girls. Anyway, I would like to know if you have any suggestions of what I should ask for. I was thinking either a penny board/ small skateboard, Toms with music notes on them, or white slip on vans. I’m a total orchestra/ music nerd if you couldn’t already tell lol


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  • Dying my hair navy blue at 13?

    So I’m 13 ( turn 14 in July) and I really what to have dark jean/ navy hair for spring break (in three weeks). I want to use Manic Panic After Midnight semi permanent dye, and I have medium brown hair with honey blonde highlights. Would this be a good dye for the color I want? Also I get straight A’s, and my mom told me I can do anything I want to with my hair as long as I get her help. My school allows it, and I want to do a big change before I go off to high school. Thanks for th input y’all!!! ((A.N.: my hair kind of looks lik this, but my highlight are a little chunkier, and slightly grown out.))

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  • Touching my pubic hair?!?

    Hi, I’m a 7th grade girl. I was wondering if I only touch my pubic hair, and don’t touch or rub my vagina or clit, is that still considered masturbation? I do it cause it feels really good!!! I am intrigued in rubbing my clit, though!! And how can I reach an orgasm? How can I get feeling horny? Sexy fan fiction? I can’t watch porn cause I’m to young, so I can’t watch people fuc*k themselves. Is it weird I feel like I’m about to pee when I sit without any pants or undies on, even when I used the bathroom room before I started mastirbating? Sorry for all the questions, it’s just not like I can ask my mom how to touch my a$$!! And am I too young to masturbate? When did y’all start? Most detailed answer wins!!!!


    Gator 💕

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  • Same Crush as my BFF’s?!?

    Ok, so I’m in 7th grade, I’m twelve, and o have two bff’s. Only problem: they both like the same boy as me. I’m reallly good friends (like pretty much besties) both the boy, but so Is one of my bff’s (the other, their friends, but not all that close). The boy knows that one of the girls likes him, and is suspecting that me and the other girl like him. I don’t even know if I’d really want to date him, just to know that I like hime and think he’s cute would mean the would but I’m to much of a chicken. Going back to the don’t know if I want to date Him: the reason idk is bc we look look a LOT alike (same hair color, same eye color, and just other facial features.) People occasionally mistake us for sis and bro bc we hug sometimes and I joke him a lot. (Not in a mean way, really just to show I care, my other friends so it to). I also look just like his sister minus the glasses.

    What should I do?


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  • 7th grade girl Christmas list 2017?

    First of all, I’m not spoiled. I make straight A’s, and I am forever thankful for everything I receive. Anyways, so I like makeup, clothes, science, books, softball, and really anything for my phone. This is where the not spoiled part comes into play: I already have an iPad that I got for my 11 birthday in 2016, and I have the iPhone SE I got last Christmas, and I think I’m getting the 6s or 7 for Christmas this year, so that’ll be my main present from my parents. What do you think I should put on my Christmas list? My list is for all of my relatives, so I want a long list. Also, lots of suggestions, because I want multiple things if they can’t find one present, they now what else I like. Here’s what I have so far:

    Christmas list 2017 🎄

    -Diffuser, Amazon, $16-$25

    -Hoodie, Aeropostale, $12 on sale

    -Legging, Lularoe or Justice active, $13- $25

    -Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Shadow & Liner - Nude Collection in natural nude, Ulta, $12


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  • Best friends moving!!!!!!!!! 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭?

    Ok, so I’m a 7th grade girl. I live in Virginia. One one of best friends in the entire world is most likely moving to japan in October because they’re military. My other bestie is possibly moving to Florida before the school year ends. I just don’t want to go into depression like I did when my other bestie moved to California (I live right next to one of the biggest naval baises in the world, Norfolk Virginia.) My military friend if originally from here, but then moved to Spain, and came back here, and had been here for almost 8 years. I mean I have other besties, but no one will replace those nerds!!! Were all gifted, so we do tons of nerd stuff. Me and my 7-8 good friends all look like we hate each other and talk to each other like we hate each other, but we deep down love each other like a big school family. I jut don’t want us to split up after they move. I love them so much. I really just doing this to vent tbh. How can I not go into depression like I once did over a lost relationship?

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  • What iPhone?

    I’m in middle school and I want a new iPhone. I have the SE, should I get the 7 or the 6s? I don’t want the 8 or X so don’t even tell me there’s a newer iphone bc ik. Please complete them!!!😘 POTTERHEAD

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  • what's your first day of school? (And i need a little advice.)?

    Ok, so I go back to school the day after Labor Day (I love in SE Virginia). When do y'all go back?

    Next thing. Ok, so at my school there's two on each grade level. One honers on each team. Because I'm gifted, they put me in with the high honors, opposed to the lover honers. Anyways, there's about 18 of us from Honers that really close, still. (Unlike the regular level classes, gifted honers stayes together the entire day, in every class excpt electives. We made this giant Instagram group text that has everyone in honers who is on Instagram, which is mostly everyone. We just are all so so close and care for each other so so much, we just don't know what the hell to do if we're not in the same honers group next year. We actually cried the last time we walked out the door together. We all miss each other every day, and we text constantly.

    Ty so much in advance 🦄💩💕 OSMS 7th grade debate captain (it's my official title at school.)

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  • Road trip advice?

    I'm 11 year old girl (almost 12) and I'm going on a nine hour road trip from Virginia Beach to Atlanta in May. I have an iPhone se and an iPad, I like reading, but I don't sleep well in the car. I know we're stopping at South of the Boarder half way through the trip. It's my first road trip since My 10th birthday where I went to myrdle beach which is 5 hours away. I'm an only child and my mom just sleeps whenever we're in the car, and my dad doesn't like to talk while driving. Also I'm a writer, but I only have a cheepa$$ laptop and it's hard to write on paper while in the car because I have OCD and I can't stand if my writing isn't perfect (and it's hard to write perfectly on a bumpy road). Thanks so much in advance



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  • What will the next iPhone be?

    Will it be the 8 and the 8plus or the 7s and the 7splus? When will they come out?

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  • Where can you find vinal (read description)?

    I am trying to find recent music on vinal records. I heard that you can get it on, but is there any real stores you can buy them at?

    Here is some of the artists I would like to find (most recent, not all) :

    Katy Perry

    The Beatles

    Beach Boys

    One Direction

    Maroon 5


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  • Is this a good list?

    My mom wants my Christmas List TONIGHT. I just finished writing it and wanted to see what y'all in YA thought. I am 11, in 6th grade, and a girl. Here is my list so far⬇️

    8 film blu-ray Harry Potter set ( Walmart, Target, Amazon) around $60

    Universal car headrest mount (finite) around $14

    Razzles candy scented nail polish (toys r us) around $7

    Hot Topic marauders map gift card (Hot Topic) *

    Osmo starter kit (osmo) around $80*

    Orbeez body spa (Walmart) around $60

    Harry Potter marauders map beach towel(Walmart) around $22

    Beatles Yellow Submarine twin sheet set( bead,bath, and beyond) around $40

    Red viola rosin

    Doctor who twin comforter ( bed bath and beyond) $40

    I am a total Harry Potter, doctor who, and Beatles freak! I am an only child, so I am always spoiled.

    PS: the list goes to all my family and close friends, not just my parents.

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  • Is it ok to start cursing?

    I am a girl in sixth grade. Some of my friends curse around me and my other friends. Not like sh** or fuc* but dam* and hel*. Just around my friends, not teachers and parents. All I was wondering If I could start saying lmao, hel*, and dam*? I don't think that this is a major crime at 11, I don't know? When did you start cursing regularly around your friends?

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  • What should I get my friends for Christmas (read description)?

    I am an 11 year old girl and my friend is almost twelve. She is a girl too btw. My limit is $30, and she is a girly girl. She loves fashion, and the color turquoise. We already have BFF necklaces and bracelets, and match shirts. Clothes I feel are kind of off the table, because I give her all my cute clothes I can't wear anymore (I am a size bigger in shirts). So, she has tones of clothes (mostly Aeropostale, holister, and justice, because that's what I give her and what I wear. She has a dsi, but also like 20 games to go with it. She has an Xbox 360, but most games cost a lot, and I would like to get her a few things. She doesn't have a phone and shares a rca 7" black tablet with her little brother. She doesn't like to read, and looses everything so PLEASE nothing small and valueble. She loves Jewelry and makeup from Clair's, and I am not getting her makeup because she is not aloud to wear more than clear lipgloss or tinted lip balm. She is my BFF and I love her so much.

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  • Do I have dirty blonde hair?

    I am six in this video but I am 11 now. Just my hair color hasn't really changed since then, it has only maybe gotten a little bit lighter.

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  • CHRISTMAS LIST ideas ?!?

    I am 11 and I am writing my Christmas list. I know that's it is only November, but I like to get my list out to my relatives and friends early.

    Here is what I have so har:

    iPhone se (my first ever cell phone)

    iPad mini 4 otterbox case

    iPod nano


    Justice gift card

    Jcpenny gift card

    Mall shopping spree with my grandma


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  • Is crap a bad word for a sixth grade girl to say?

    K so my friends and I say crap, it I am not sure if it is appropriate for school. My teachers have all said it but only one of them uses it normally.

    Thx, 👌🙈

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  • Am I a bad singer for being an age 11 girl in sixth grade?!?

    Read the deats on the YouTube video discription.

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  • Should I ask for a cell phone for Christmas?

    I am 11 and I have never ever had any kind of phone. I am asking Santa for an iPhone because my parents said they couldn't get me a phone because they are still paying of their phones and my iPad mini.All but four of the 97 students on the cats team( the hallway all my classes are on) have cell phones. I am sure of it because once when I was in an assembly with all the fellow cats, my asst principal asked how many people had a cell phone they took to school so he would know weather it was worth to lecture us all about putting our phones away in our lockers, or just come to a class here and there. To everyone's surprise, only like 20 people in the whole sixth grade didn't raise there hand out of around 300 students. Also my mom works until 630 three days a week. My dad is home to take care of me, but he works from home, so he is still working even when she isn't there. All but one of my friends has a phone that can text. None of then have Skype, except for the one without a phone. . My other bffs have phones. And finally, is an iPhone to much to ask for? I was thinking maybe the iPhone se or 6plus. My parents have the 6s plus, and just for the fact that I think that it is a pretty huge phone. The Sc is the same size as the iPhone 5 or 5s, except it has an improved camera and is pretty much like an iPhone 6s I read. I am super responsible and I never lost the kindle fire that I got when I was 8. I make straight A's and have since 3rd grade. I also play 2 instruments.

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