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  • Where can I find a list of every pre-made custom character/park in the Tony Hawk games?

    In the Tony Hawk games, i.e. the "Pro Skater" and "Underground" games, the customization modes for parks and skaters both have a bunch of pre-made ones to play around with. I've been searching for a list of all of these for something that I'm writing, but I can hardly find any, and I've had to resort to combing through Lets Plays to see if they show it there. I did manage to find a list of the pre-made skaters of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4, but I can't find any reliable way to verify the list. Would any of you, by chance, know of where to find comprehensive lists of these pre-made custom characters/parks, preferably along with some verification? 

  • how safe is Google photos?

    I have like 16gb worth of pictures and screenshots on my phone and I need to delete them. I can't download anything, and now I can't receive texts, use Facebook messenger, or use Twitter or tumblr. I have Google photos and it says I can clear up a lot of space on my phone "by deleting photos from my device memory which are already backed up". it sounds like a really good thing, but there are some worries I have.

    firstly, can I access it on my computer? and do I have to be connected to the Internet to view my photos and videos?

    secondly, if all of my photos somehow went to my Google account, then what if my account gets hacked or something and I lose all my photos? is it likely that something will go wrong with my account?

    also, will all of my folders transfer over to Google photos? because they haven't right now but I just assumed it's because I don't have all of my photos from that folder on there. and I really don't want to have to go back and do it manually if I do put all of my photos there.

    will I be able to do all the things that I can do in my regular photo gallery, like sharing to twitter or Instagram right from the app, or transferring photos between folders? one of the reasons I wanted to keep all my photos on here is because I want to look though all of them when I'm bored, or go into certain folders when I'm looking for one. so if I can do everything I do in my regular gallery just the same in Google photos, then I'll gladly make the switch.

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  • how do I get my own custom pens?

    not for business or anything. I have a pen collection and buying custom pens would greatly add to it. it's pretty easy to find those kinds of sites, but they all say that I have to order at least 250 or something like that. obviously, I don't want that many. I only want 2 or 3 of each. is there any website where I don't have to order them in bulk?

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  • My ps3 won't play discs anymore . What do I do?

    So a couple months ago, our ps3 stopped playing any games or anything. I can still go in Netflix and play downloaded games and stuff, but it doesn't play any games or discs that I insert into the disc drive. Whenever i put one in it just keeps sounding like its trying to play the disc But it doest work. I've tried cleaning the discs, and that didn't work either. What else do I try? I am able to disassemble it but I want to first make sure that I'm doing it right cause I don't want to **** it up even more. Any help would be appreciated :3

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  • So what do you think about "rape culture"?

    Feminists and people on the Internet talk about it alot. I wanna see what some of you think.

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  • what game app should i download?

    i have like 9 dollars left on my iTunes account, i plan on using most of it for music but i want to get one or two game apps. there are alot that i want or like. the ones that im considering are cut the rope, doodle jump, wheres my water, and one of the versions of angry birds. which of these game apps should i download? or is there some better game i should download?

    (p.s. i wil NOT download candy crush saga. that **** is evil.)

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  • How do I channge my profile picture on Soundcloud?

    there is no option for it in the Settings section.

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  • Why can't I upload videos on my phone?

    my phone is the HTC EVO 3D. I want to upload a video I took on it. but whenever I try to upload it, under the title of the video there is a black bar and above it, it keeps saying "pending..." this never goes away no matter what. I tried leaving it overnight once, even. still didn't work. I should also note that it always forces me to use the built-in YouTube app rather than any browser version. there's no "upload to youtube button on Firefox nor google chrome".

    so can somebody show me how to get past this?

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  • How do i uninstall Facebook on my phone?

    Or any built in app I have? My phone is the HTC EVO 3D. Whenever I go to the play store to try and uninstall it, where it should say "uninstall" and "update", it says "update" and "open". And I haven't seen any way in the settings. The same thing happens with every built-in app. I really need to uninstall Facebook. Can somebody help me with this?

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  • what is this episode of family guy?

    well i remember that it was about peter getting drunk and playing the piano and lois forces him to enter in a talent show.

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  • what are your top 10 mario kart stages?

    not just wii/DS, i mean out of every singe one.

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  • who is your favorite characters?

    1.favorite mario character

    2.favorite zelda character

    3.favorite DBZ character

    4.favorite tekken character

    5.favorite sonic character

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  • i need a good video game to rent/buy.?

    hey guys. so i am looking for a good game to get. i can either rent it off of gamefly, or get it in a local store. the consoles i have are a ps3,ds/3ds,wii, and ps2. i would prefer to have a racing or fighting or platformer game. some of the games i have now are inFAMOUS,super stardust, tekken 6, little big planet, mario kart and rockband 3. the only game that i have, but dislike is pikmin. my favorite games are the tekken games crash bandicoot 3 and 4, sonic riders and super mario world. the games we are already renting off of gamefly is mario galaxy 2 and heavy rain. we are thinking about getting mortal kombat.

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  • how do i change the email connected to my PSN?

    i need more online battles in Tekken 6

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