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  • excavator undercarriage question?

    Went to view an excavator today with my buddy. The machine ran great and seemed to function flawlessly, however when I looked at the sprockets, they were quite pointed and a few had broken off. 

    My buddy who knows more about machinery than I do, said it’s not an issue since I won’t be using it for heavy work. From what I have read however, it seems when one piece of the undercarriage is that worn, it’s time to replace the whole thing. This is a 98 Hyundai 130 price is 30k. 

    I’m wondering if that means the machine is in immediate replacement of the undercarriage and what the cost would be for that type of machine. I don’t want to double my cost..

    Thanks in advance for the advice!

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  • Is there a forum where one can ask about EMF waves?

    Looking for a forum where one can ask questions regarding EMF’s. I will also ask the question here.

    I am looking at purchasing a property that has high voltage power lines running just off the back of the property but was surprised at how low the readings were, directly under  the lines the readings were about 4.5 mg. The lines are not the super high voltage lines that hang from the large metal structures (there are only 6 lines and they are on wooden poles but I believe they are high voltage as they go directly to a sub station and are significantly larger than the poles in residential neighbourhood ).20 feet away from the lines the reading was about 2mg and the rest of the property was around .15mg.I was using a Latnex MG-2000T Triple Axis Pro EMF Meter, that has good reviews.I don’t have another EMF meter to verify calibrated but there was a certificate in the box says it had been calibrated.I’m completely new to EMF just wondering if I am missing something...Thanks in advance!

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  • Couple of questing for selling items on Amazon?

    A couple of questions regarding selling items on Amazon.

    1st question:

    I read there are restrictions regarding brands. I’m wondering where one can locate the brand restriction list? Ideally for Canada as I have read they may differ from the US.

    2nd question:

    If you are a registered seller and buy an item (s) from a company, can you have them ship it direct to an amazon warehouse? If so are there any additional steps that need to be taken?

    3rd question:

    Does anyone know of a contact phone number or email address to contact Amazon regarding questions about becoming a future seller? I’ve tried calling customer service and they provided a link that only works if you are already a registered seller...

    Thanks in advance for your answers!

  • Trolling with a spinning reel?

    Recently bought a boat for trout fishing. I have a Shimano Stradic spinning feel that I like but I have heard spinning reels are no good for trolling due to causing line twist.

    Is there anyway you can minimize or eliminate line twist so that you can use a spinning reel for trolling?

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  • Fishing reel question. Can you use 6 pound test line on a reel rated for 8 pound yest?

    I am pretty new to fishing and am looking at purchasing a reel rated for 8 pound line. I would like to use 6 pound line on the reel, am I able to do so or will if affect the performance?

    Also can I use heavier line if I decide to go for bigger fish, say 10-12 pounds?

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  • Couple of math questions?

    I have been writing a few practice exams for an up coming test and am having some issues with two of the questions.

    Please show how you work out the problem so I will know how to do it on the test. Thanks in advance!

    In an electronic sale, a television was reduced by one-third from the original price. What was the original price if the new sales price is $70?

    The answer is $105

    In a pizza eating contest a man can eat an eighth of his body weight in 45 minutes. If the man weighs 80kg, how much can he eat in 30 minutes?

    The answer is 6 2/3

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  • Not sure what this math question is asking?

    I am not sure what this question is asking me to do. If someone could explain this it me it would be greatly appreciated.

    Solve for the following unknown numbers “x”: 14:x = 70:84

    2 AnswersMathematics6 years ago
  • Where can I buy a 12' open aluminium boat cover and or 9.9 Honda 4 stroke motor cover?

    I have been looking all over for these two items but have yet to find a set of decent covers. I can find covers for boats but not for a 12' open boat with no window shield. I am preferably looking for an outboard cover that fits over the whole motor not just the hood.

    Thanks in advance!

    2 AnswersBoats & Boating6 years ago
  • Converting Minutes to a 100 point scale?

    I am trying to figure out if I was shorted on a paycheck and want to be precise in my calculations. If someone worked lets say from 8PM to 606AM would that equal to 10.06 hours? .06 would be based on a 100 point scale wouldn't it? Where minutes are on a 60 point scale? How do I make the conversion?

    Clarification is appreciated.


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  • Couple questions about a Izhevsk SKS?

    I recently purchased a Izhevsk SKS and have been doing a little bit of reading on the firearm. I have read multiple forum posts with people saying Izhevsk SKS's were only issued from 53-54 however mine is stamped for 52... I am assuming that the forum posters are mistaken or do I just own a rare 52 made Izhevsk?

    I also have heard that there is a site where one can check the history of their SKS through the serial number and I am wondering if anyone knows the link to that site?


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  • Will my current home theater speakers work on this new amp?

    I currently have one of those DVD home theater systems that come in a box but I would like to upgrade to a Blu-Ray/ 3D system. I like my current speakers from my old system and am wondering if I can just buy a new receiver / Blu- Ray player and still use them? I am also on a budget.

    Im not sure what makes speakers compatible with receivers and am wondering if someone can explain that to me as well?

    Here's a link to my current system:

    Here's a link to one of the receivers I have been looking at:

    Thanks for the help.

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  • Math Question?

    Can someone please help me with this question and explain to me how you came to your answer?

    It was one of three questions I got wrong on a practice test.

    Thanks for your help!

    If 9 employees require 15 days to complete a task, how long would it take to do the same work if there were 3 additional employees?

    Assume that all employees are equally efficient.






    2 AnswersMathematics6 years ago
  • How are Weatherby shotguns?

    I have been looking at the Weatherby PA-08 Slug Shotgun. I have been browsing online for reviews but haven't seen a whole lot, anyone have any experience with these shotguns? If so how did they fair?

    1 AnswerHunting6 years ago
  • Can all Remington 870 shotguns have scopes put on them?

    Can all Remington 870 shotguns have scopes put on them?

    I live on an island that only allows bow/shotgun hunting. I have shot 870's a fair amount, like them and they fit my budget. I know some people put scopes on them and that is my intention as well, but I am unsure if all 870's are ready to have mounts/rails to put on them out of the box or if some models need to get tapped in order to have scopes attached to them?

    The reason I ask is that I see a lot of used ones online with 28'' barrels ( I would swap the 28'' for either a 18'' or 20'') that I would assume are used primarily for bird and therefore unsure if they come out of the box ready for scopes...

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Does armored car experience count as law enforcement experience?

    I would strongly assume that armored car experience does NOT count as law enforcement experience, however I have had a few people try to tell me that recruiters will often overlook requirements for law enforcement experience if you have experience working in the armored car industry (I say their nuts!). Their reasoning is that although you are not enforcing laws you are involved in high end security, protecting liability and lives through tactical communication and at times physical and or deadly force.

    If anyone can clarify this for me it would be much appreciated.

    5 AnswersLaw Enforcement & Police7 years ago
  • Math percentage Question?

    I am not allowed to use a calculator for an up coming math exam and I was wondering if there was a simpler way to work out the following equation than 3635/725579 x 100. If there is a more simple way to break down the question and get an approximate value that would also be beneficial as it is multiple choice and there is usually a bit of a difference in the multiple choice answer options.

    In 1994 there was $3,635 Canadian dollars seized and $721,944 American dollars seized.

    What % of total funds seized in 1994 was Canadian?

    In 1994 there was $3,635 Canadian dollars seized and 721,944 American dollars seized.


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