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  • Where can I Poke poll for monkey faced eels near the SF bay area?

    I went poke polling for monkey faced eels years ago north of San Francisco and had a blast at it. Does anyone still do that? How far north do Monkey faced eels go up the west coast. I heard they are as far north as Newport Oregon. Any reports of them farther north?

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  • Republican or Democrat, do you think we should drill in the Gulf coast?

    Now it is hurricane season again and oil was going down, but let the wind start blowing and hurricane Gustav on the horizon and the oil prices are raising the prices with no justification yet. Why bother drilling on the Gulf coast if this is what we can expect every time the wind blows, the corporate greed sets in. It seems they can have there cake and eat it too. They raise the price for exploration, then hit oil only to raise the price more every time the yearly hurricanes start. We can't stop the hurricanes so why not drill somewhere else. This is not a Democrat/Republican debate. Just your feeling on this subject of how we are getting jazzed again.

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  • Why do Americans think everyone should live like them?

    I am truly serious about this question and not trying to be degrading of anybody. I just do not understand with all the turmoil, debt, bad economy, political unrest, unemployment, health care problems that it appears that they feel everyone wants to be just like them. Who declared the USA to be " The leader of the free world " ?

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