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I'm from New York. City, not state. Does that make me a meanie? O:-)

  • What is the best kind of cardio for weight loss?

    My father (a former all around athlete) chides me for my preference for the elliptical machine as opposed to running on a treadmill. He says that the ONLY way I will ever lose weight (I'm aiming for 20-30 lbs) is to run. The problem is, I HATE running. I have flat feet and even with my arch supports, I can't go very fast, or very far, without growing tired easily. I happen to think that the best kind of cardio to lose weight is the kind you can stick with, but maybe I'm missing something?

    Any advice is most welcome.

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  • Star Ocean 3 Items and Weapons HELP!?

    Ok so apparently I am the last person on earth to get Star Ocean Till the End of Time. I'm having a serious problem and need some serious answers.

    Every time I go into a new town and try to buy weapons, items or armor, I click on the item I want to buy and it gives me that buzzer sound, like I don't have enough money or something. I have more than enough Fol to buy multiples of what I want, but the game is simply denying me and it's driving me NUTS! It seems to me that these items are not in stock, because it says 0/20 next to their names. At what point in the game do items become available for purchase? Was there something I had to do in the beginning to make sure they were available??

    Thank you all!

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  • What comes first, the chocolate or the milk?

    Hello, my fellow chocolate milk lovers! As you know, this is the season for yummy hot cocoa and favorite winter drink!

    A question for those of you who prepare it from scratch (meaning with chocolate syrup or powder and milk, not the kind that comes in the packets): Is it better to put the milk in the cup before or after you put in the chocolate? Best answer gets ten big ones.

    Good luck!

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  • Which is the better console: XBox 360 or PS3?

    Hello, fellow gamers.

    I'm seriously debating between these two consoles to ask Santa for for Christmas (Yes, I'm 25 years old and still call mom and dad Santa lol).

    For me, there are really only three things I look for in a gaming system: Types of games (I almost exclusively stick to the RPG and Action/Adventure genres), ease of gameplay (I hate worrying about 10,000 buttons on clunky controllers) and finally, most importantly, graphics (I'm very visually oriented and appreciate bright colors, sweeping landscapes and seamless graphics). The only reason why I was going to get PS3 is for Final Fantasy XIII...but since that's going to be available on XBox, I don't really see the point lol.

    If someone can clearly delineate why he/she thinks one console is better than the other, I'll gladly give 10 points. Preferably it would be someone who either owns both or has played both *and* knows about the RPG and Action/Adventure games for each system. Christmas is coming, guys...I need some help!


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  • Final Fantasy XIII on Amazon?!?

    Forget about rumors, myth or speculation. I want FACTS!

    As a die hard Final Fantasy fan who has played 7 out of the 12 released series so far, I am really excited about this game's release. So much so, I'm contemplating taking a week off from work when it comes out so I can devote my usual 14 hours a day to playing (I know, I know, you don't have to say it).

    I see that the game is available on for pre-order and has a release date of 12/13.....THIS YEAR! If anyone has any hot tips as to whether this is true or not, there's a cool 10 points in it for ya.


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  • Southern accent help? Ten points!?

    Hey, everyone!

    Now, please don't think me an ignorant Yank for asking this question, but I really am curious. Of course I can tell the difference between a Southern accent and a Northern one (I can even differentiate between Northwest, Midwest and Northeast) but I have a doozy of a time trying to tell people's Southern accents by state! If someone could be kind enough to break down how each state pronounces certain words, or what are some telltale signs that someone is from "x" state judging by how they talk or which words they use for different things, I'd really appreciate it. And would be more than happy to dish out a cool 10 points!


    A New Yorker

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  • Coverlet, quilt, duvet, comforter...what's the diff?!?

    Ok, so I'm planning on remodeling my bedroom. I've picked out furniture, flooring, even artwork. Now it's all come down to the bedding. I have an idea about the style and color I want, I'm just sort of confused between the difference of a quilt, coverlet, duvet cover and comforter and not sure which set to buy. I want something that's thick enough for the winter months, but not so thick that I suffocate in the summer (yes, I like quilts/duvtes/coverlets/whatever the heck they're called even in the warm weather months!) so if some kind soul could help me out on this, I'd greatly appreciate it. Ten points to the best one; promise! :)

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