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  • How can I style a wig like this?

    I need to do this hair on a wig, how could i do this? what length is goos?

    1 AnswerFashion & Accessories8 years ago
  • What is the song Donkey sings at the end of Shrek 2?

    Whats the song donkey was singing at the end of Shrek 2, when hes sitting on the stage and dragon flies in. It's not I need a hero.

    2 AnswersLyrics10 years ago
  • I need help with a bikini body.?

    I need a really good exercise to get rid of my love handles, slim down my inner/outer thigh, flatten my belly and tone my back, and some really good fat burning ones I know it's a lot but the help will be greatly appreciated. And if you have any input on how to shed some pounds I'll take it. Oh P.S I don't want bulk cause I'm a girl, I want a Victoria Secret model body (unrealistic I know but still something to aim for) by Victoria Secret body I just mean I don't want my thighs to rub together and I want a flat tummy and a tone sexy back. Thanks.

    3 AnswersDiet & Fitness10 years ago
  • Should I be Jasmine or Pocahontas?

    Ok so my girl scout troop is hosting this mother daughter tea party thing, and this years theme is Disney Princesses. Well my main choices are Pocahontas or Jasmine, making the costumes isn't to much of a big deal. I am worried mainly about if I do Jasmines outfit then having issues with the wig cause my hair is out of the question (short hair and it grows slowly), my other concern is that Pocahontas isn't as glamorous as the others so would the little girls be as happy to see her, you know would she fit in with the rest or just kind be weird in leather and what not. So because I horrible at making decisions I am turning to yahoo, should I dress as Jasmine or Pocahontas? If any of you say Jasmine and have an idea on how to do her wig cause i can't figure out how to make it so damn poofy and suggestions will be welcomed. Oh BTW I'm 17 so I'm not so little girl doing this. lol

    2 AnswersFashion & Accessories1 decade ago
  • There use to be away on facebook?

    Ok so someone friended me and I rejected it but when ever I type and in the search bar they pop up there use to be a way to remove a connection, like it showed you all your connections including games and people and is you hit the 'x' it would show up in your search do I remove connections? and just to be clear I've already rejected his friend request.

    2 AnswersFacebook1 decade ago
  • A good inexpensive foundation?

    I have oily skin and I need a nice foundation, I can't spend a lot so nothing from department stores. But I want is to have a nice mate finish and last all day. Do you guys now any from like CVS or AVON? and please don't just be like it's covergirl please say which product exactly so I don't have to play a make-up guessing game.... Thanks y'all.

    4 AnswersMakeup1 decade ago
  • Degrassi season 11 commercial song?

    It's the one when Fiona walks in a Drew and Adams jaws drop....I really wanna know what it is.

    4 AnswersDrama1 decade ago
  • whats the song I think the lyrics are...?

    Its says something about he broke your heart and left you in ruins, or something like who's left to pick up the pieces? sorry im so vague its a recent song i think, i just cant remember anything else.

    1 AnswerLyrics1 decade ago
  • Why can't I organism when I get intimate?

    Ok, so when my boyfriend and I get intimate and we are getting into it (sorry if it's TMI) I always have this feeling of that I have to urinate and make him stop cause I know it will make a mess, and making him stop hurts his feelings cause he feels like he isn't good enough. Now I read somewhere that it could be female ejaculation but I'm super confused about that cause it does have a faint smell to it and if it truly is female ejaculation then does that mean I'm not able to cumm or organism? Also because it does prevent us from getting very intimate how do I tell him that I'm able to have a female ejaculation cause it's embarrassing for me knowing it does make such a mess? I feel so stupid asking this....

    3 AnswersWomen's Health1 decade ago
  • Why is it when I should come I feel like I just pee?

    Ok so awkward question, but when ever I should come I feel like I pee. It prevents me from being intimate with my man, cause I'm embarrassed about it and don't want him to find out. Any help please I can't tell him whats wrong, and his feelings get abit hurt when I make him stop half way through.

    1 AnswerWomen's Health1 decade ago
  • what are some cute prom hair styles for short and long hair?

    I have short hair and my friend has long so im in charge of hair for prom night. now please don't give me pictures give me some steps or a video but i still want a pic. thank you all

    3 AnswersHair1 decade ago
  • Is it better to have a long dress or short dress for prom?

    Ok, so prom is approaching and i am wondering if a short dress would be to homecoming or is it ok to have a short dress like knee length?

    11 AnswersFashion & Accessories1 decade ago
  • For prom should i have a puffy dress or a slim dress?

    ok first time to prom and i need to know which type of dress is better? I found a lot of styles and i want your all imput.

    short and puffy

    long and puffy(very fairytale)

    short and sassy

    not quite sure what this is.

    or long slim and sleek

    Oh im like 5'8 long legs and normal wasit

    12 AnswersFashion & Accessories1 decade ago
  • dying my hair and the damage done?

    so i dyed my hair blonde last may and i want to go back to brown how much would that damage my hair. my hair is very soft now and is healthy. i just wanna know if it will screw up my hair totally or if it will be fine.

    2 AnswersHair1 decade ago
  • How hard is it to lose 2-3 inches in your wasit?

    hello im getting a dress for homecoming and i need to lose about 2-3 inches in my waist and hips but waist is more important. how hard will it be for me to do that. i have about 1-3 months im sure when homecoming is. any exercises to slim down are welcomed. i don't want bulky i want slim...

    3 AnswersDiet & Fitness1 decade ago
  • how to work

    ok im new to and i want to know how to start a help thing on there. you know when people are like "im make a costume for (insert anime person here) and i need help" and then tons of people respond and tell them what they could do i need to know how to do that. if any one could help me id be very happy.

    2 AnswersOther - Internet1 decade ago
  • Can i have Misa Amane hair cut and still do Rikku's hair style?

    so i want to cosplay and me being a planer im planing months a year in advance cause that the way i am. and the Rikku im reffering to is FFX-2

    heres rikku


    1 AnswerHair1 decade ago
  • How to get rid of stretch marks?

    Ok, so im 15 its the summer and I REALLY! want to wear a bikini but i have stretch marks on my butt thighs and tiny bit on the sides of my hips. how can I get rid of them if that's not possible lessen the appearance of them. and cheap them cheap i don't have a lot of money so i can't shell out 100 buck for a little tube of cream. Oh and ill ask this to how can i quickly tone my inner thighs?

    3 AnswersOther - Health1 decade ago
  • On you tube is there a none lyrical version of Hercules- I wont say I'm in love instrumental?

    Im don't my school talent show and i need a version of Hercules- "I wont say I'm in love" in instrumental only with no voices at all not even the muses if you guys out there could find on on you tube (and only youtube please) cause im gonna use to you the video into a mp3 file. so if you all coulds find one with no voices i would be ohhh so happy.

    ~please and thank you :)

    2 AnswersYouTube1 decade ago
  • how can i get this look for my eye?

    i really like the way the eye make up is how can i get it? and what supplies would i need.

    15 AnswersMakeup1 decade ago