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  • I need help with coursework to do with expansion theory.?

    I have to explain what an expansion theory is including what mergers and takeovers are and then I have to link it to Thorpe Park.

    Please help!!!

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  • Who is the best non-american wrestler?

    I think it is Umaga.

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  • Wrestlemania 25 Predictions?

    Edge vs Triple H WWE TITLE

    John Cena vs Randy Orton WORLD TITLE

    MITB: Jeff Hardy, R-Truth, Chris Jericho, Kane, Rey Mysterio, MVP, Kofi Kingston and Shelton benjamin

    JBL vs Shawn Michaels

    Undertaker vs Big Show

    Vladimir Koslov vs Mark Henry

    Carlito + Primo vs Morrison + Miz Winner Takes All match

    Michelle McCool vs Maria DIVAS TITLE (Michelle wins the title back defeating Maryse leading to this match)

    Beth Phoenix and Santino Marella vs Melina and CM Punk Winner takes all match

    Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Ric Flair

    Rate and Star please

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  • Guess the cricketer (No.1)?

    I am no good at solving these so i am gonna ask them.

    I bowl right arm off-breaks.

    I bat right-handed

    I have only played 1 test for Zimbabwe.

    Batted both innings and getting a duck in one of them.

    Played over 80 ODI's scoring _50 runs

    I was born on March 2_ 198_

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (7)/ _ _ _ _ _ _ (6)

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  • WWE FANTASY (RAW WEEK 1) You pick the winners?

    I am keeping same champs as in real life to start off with. The next PPV is Royal Rumble. I will do Smackdown and ECW on the same posts. Lets get started with Raw.

    Match 1

    Chris Jericho vs Kofi Kingston

    RR Qualifier

    Match 2

    CM Punk vs Santino Marella

    IC Title

    Match 3

    Manu vs Cody Rhodes

    RR Qualifier

    Match 4

    Sim Snuka vs Ted Dibiase Jr.

    RR Qualifier

    Match 5

    Rey Mysterio and HBK vs JBL and Mike Knox

    RR Qualifier

    Match 6

    Randy Orton vs Batista

    Winner faces Cena at Rumble for title.

    Cena on commentary.

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  • King of the Ring Final (Pick the winner)?

    Undertaker vs Randy Orton

    Pick the winner

    WQ: What is Kizarny's finisher?

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  • King of the Ring Round 3?

    Pick the winners

    As there were 2 ties in the last round the semi-finals will be triple threats.

    HHH vs Taker vs Jeff Hardy

    Rey vs Orton vs Edge

    WQ: What year was Rey Mysterio born? (First correct answer will be awarded with best answer)

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  • King of The Ring Round 2 ?

    Triple H vs Kane

    Jeff Hardy vs Rey Mysterio

    Edge vs John Cena

    Randy Orton vs Undertaker

    Pick the winners

    Voting closes 5pm GMT tomorrow

    WQ: Who was #1 entrant in the 2002 Royal Rumble match?

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  • King of the Ring (Fantasy)?

    Round 1

    Triple H vs Matt Hardy

    Jeff Hardy vs CM Punk

    Chris Jericho vs Edge

    Randy Orton vs Big Show

    Undertaker vs JBL

    Shawn Michaels vs John Cena

    Rey Mysterio vs Jack Swagger

    Kane vs Vladimir Koslov

    Pick your winners

    p.s. should i start my own fantasy wwe here on yahoo answers where you guys vote who wins?

    7 AnswersWrestling1 decade ago
  • Where can I find a single play online football manager game?

    I am a member of a few multiplayer football management games but I want to play a single player one online. Any ideas?

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  • If I write a story on the computer, how can i see if it is good enough or not to get published?

    please tell me as i think it is good enough to get published

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  • Smackdown vs Raw 2008?

    Do you like it?

    I do

    9 AnswersWrestling1 decade ago
  • Fantasy Soccer?

    I am doing my own fantasy soccer but i don't know how i can simulate the matches. Can you give me some ideas?

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  • Fantasy Royal Rumble Match?


    1. HHH

    2. Morrison

    3. Shannon Moore

    4. Stevie Richards

    5. Undertaker

    6. Hardcore Holly

    7. Chavo Guerrero

    8. The Miz

    9. Finlay

    10. Shawn Michaels

    11. Chuck Palumbo

    12. Shelton Benjamin

    13. Jamie Noble

    14. Kenny Dykstra

    15. Umaga

    16. Mr. Kennedy

    17. Tommy Dreamer

    18. Kane

    19. John Cena

    20. Rey Mysterio

    21. Big Daddy V

    22. Mark Henry

    23. MVP

    24. The Great Khali

    25. Jimmy Wang Yang

    26. Elijah Burke

    27. Batista

    28. Carlito

    29. John Cena

    30. Chris Jericho

    Who will be the last 5 and who will win it?

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  • Smackdown Fantasy Week 2?

    Here is a recap of the last lot of results

    1. Deuce def. Jesse & Brian Major

    2. Festus def. Domino & Brett Major

    3. Mark Henry def. Jamie Noble

    4. MVP def. Matt Hardy & Rey Mysterio US Title

    5. The Miz, John Morrison, Kenny Dykstra & Victoria def. Jimmy Wang Yang, Shannon Moore, Chuck Palumbo & Michelle McCool.

    6. Edge won a 6 way match for World Title

    Now for this show's matches

    1. Jesse & Festus vs Deuce & Domino Tag Titles

    2. Jamie Noble vs Jimmy Wang Yang

    3. Finlay vs The Great Khali

    4. Kane, Rey Mysterio & Matt Hardy vs MVP, Mark Henry & Big Daddy V

    5. Chuck Palumbo vs Kenny Dykstra

    6. Batista, Ric Flair & Undertaker vs Edge & The Major Brothers

    3 AnswersWrestling1 decade ago
  • International Cricket Captain III?

    does anyone know any sites for hints on the new cricket captain game?

    4 AnswersCricket1 decade ago
  • Smackdown Fantasy Week 1?

    I can see people who are doing ecw & raw fantasy so i am doing smackdown.

    Match 1

    Jesse vs Brian Major vs Deuce

    Match 2

    Festus vs Brett Major vs Domino

    Match 3

    Jamie Noble vs Mark Henry

    Match 4

    MVP vs Matt Hardy vs Rey Mysterio US Title

    Match 5

    The Miz, John Morrison, Kenny Dykstra & Victoria vs Jimmy Wang Yang, Shannon Moore, Chuck Palumbo & Michelle McCool

    Main Event

    Edge vs Batista vs Undertaker vs Finlay vs Great Khali vs Kane World Title

    6 AnswersWrestling1 decade ago
  • WWE Fantasy?

    You can join as any WWE Superstar and it works out like I make 6 matches for a show and then the public can say their choice of winners and the wrestler with the most wins wins the match and the best answer will go to the peson who got most of them right. So please join!!

    3 AnswersWrestling1 decade ago
  • Wrestlemania Quiz Part 1?

    There will be a question for each Wrestlemania from 1-12

    1. What move did Ricky Steamboat beat Matt Borne with at Wrestlemania 1?

    2. What type of match did Hulk Hogan retain the WWF Championship against King Kong Bundy at Wrestlemania 2?

    3. Who did Bob Orton team with at Wrestlemania 3?

    4. Who won the tournament for the WWF Championship at Wrestlemania 4?

    5. What title did Rick Rude win when he defeated the Ultimate Warrior at Wrestlemania 5?

    6. Who beat Brooklyn Brawler in the dark match at Wrestlemania 6?

    7. Who won the WWF Tag Team Championship match at Wrestlemania 7?

    8. Who did Undertaker beat at Wrestlemania 8?

    9. How many WWF Title matches were there at Wrestlemania 9? and who won them?

    10. At Wrestlemania 10, who retained the WWF women's title?

    11. What NFL star beat Bam Bam Bigelow at Wrestlemania 11?

    12. Which diva made her debut by supporting Triple H in his match agains Ultimate Warrior at Wrestlemania 12?

    Wrestlemania 13-23 questions will be up later.

    5 AnswersWrestling1 decade ago