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  • How do I deal with my introverted coworkers?

    Why am I starting to dislike my quiet introverted coworkers? I can count about four of them like this in a office of 42 people. I'm not an overly extroverted person, and I don't speak with a loud voice and I never act in a rude disrespectful manner. I'm told that I am friendly, and like to always say hello to people. But when I say hi to them, they seem to ignore or pretend they don't hear me? Also not just to me, but to others they seem to avoid any kind eye contact. And finally, in meetings, they just sit there quietly and never contribute questions or suggestions. How do I handle these type of people?

    3 AnswersPsychology4 years ago
  • My girlfriend's daughter and I don't talk to each other.?

    Is it too late?

    I've been with my girlfriend going on 4 years. Her daughter just turned 17 and we've never had any kind of friendship.

    I don't know if it's a personality clash, a past issue with another male in the home, or she just hates me.

    This is all in front of the mother who doesn't say anything, so it's become normal. The daughter and I never greet or acknowledge each other. I've never heard her same my name and I no longer use hers. I referred to her as "the daughter" or "hey". I don't want to go into anymore details, but is it too late to attempt to talk to her? or should I just say oh well?! And yes, my girlfriend and I have a communication, affectionate relationship towards each other.

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  • Do you or know anyone who works for American Airlines?

    When they put you on their Friends and Family list, does the airlines charge the employee for the flight? If yes, do they take it out of their paycheck?

    1 AnswerAir Travel1 decade ago
  • Has anyone ever seen a lemon tree that grows two types of lemons?

    I have a lemon tree in my backyard that grows two types of lemons. The first is the regular lemon one can buy at the supermarket. The second is one that is 3x to 5x larger than the first. I just find it weird that a tree could produce two types of lemons.

    7 AnswersGarden & Landscape1 decade ago
  • Do you feel getting spanked as a child had a positive or negative impact on you?

    Some of us have been spanked or know someone that has been. Did that affect how you look at life? Do you feel you would've turned out the same if you were or weren't spanked growing up?

    20 AnswersCommunity Service1 decade ago
  • Why does it take so long to buy a car?

    This Labor day weekend I bought a new car and it took so long. I spent a total of six hours at the dealership. There seemed to be enough sales and finance people for the heavy traffic expected for Labor Day, yet I spent more time negotiating my trade, down, and monthly payment than I did picking out a car I liked. I told them my budget and they still wanted more from me? I almost walked out a dozen times until they agreed to my terms. I was wore out by the end and couldn't wait to simply drive my new car home so I could go to bed.

    5 AnswersBuying & Selling1 decade ago
  • I saw a woman spanks her child in a mall. Is it okay to ignore it?

    I was in a mall and saw this woman spank her child repeatedly with her hand. Of course the child cried and made a bigger scene, but the mother kept spanking vigorously. I personally think a parent should have the right to spank their own child. But should I have done something like call security or 911? It just seemed that would have been an over reaction if I had called security or 911. . Both the child and mother gained their composure and went on their way shopping.

    27 AnswersParenting1 decade ago