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  • Week 15 RBs, T Henry, M Barber, J Jones, R Droughns, A Pinner - need 2?

    Ok, Week 15 playoffs, just lost Kevin Jones, yikes.

    I need to start two running backs from this group:

    Julius Jones (Dallas) vs. Atlanta

    Marion Barber III (Dallas) vs Atlanta

    Travis Henry (TENN) vs Jacksonville

    Reuben Droughns (CLE) vs Baltimore

    Artose Pinner (MIN) vs New York Jets

    I'm literally leaning toward both Dallas backs, since one of them will go off, but who knows which! Droughns and Henry have awful matchups, and Pinner probably will share at least with Chester Taylor.

    Give me your thoughts.

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  • How can I get my dog to only poop in a certain area of my lawn?

    We want to re-do our landscaping, and don't want to worry about picking up all over the large yard. Any tips on encouraging him to go in a certain spot?

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